Chapter 336: The Summoner’s Dignity (4)

In the Karan Empire’s castle, the emperor and a friendly-looking middle-aged man were having a pleasant conversation.
They were clicking their cups now and then with obvious joy.
“De Lan, this son of yours is very promising.” The emperor smiled, and so did the middle-aged man on his opposite side.
The smile made him seem even more friendly.
He was born to be approachable.

“You flatter me, Your Majesty.
My son cannot compare to your children.
All of them have unlimited potential.” De Lan smiled humbly.
The emperor laughed loudly hearing that.
“You think I don’t know my children? They’re nothing compared to your son!”

De Lan smiled and didn’t say anything.
After talking and smiling for a while, the emperor finally approached the topic with glittering eyes.
“You’ve heard about the matter, right?”

De Lan was slightly dazed, and then nodded.
“I didn’t expect the change of schedule.
Are the other empires all fine with it?”

“Humph, why would they object? Liuyun is probably the happiest to hear that.
They think they’ll still be the champion.”

De Lan raised his brows and glanced at the emperor, who smiled mysteriously with suppressed excitement on his face and said, “But this time, the Karan Empire will become the champion! Absolutely!”

De Lan smiled and raised his cup.
“May your dream come true, Your Majesty.”

The emperor laughed and drank up the wine in his cup.
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me.
The Karan Empire’s long wait was worth it.
De Lan, the person I’ve been waiting for has shown up!”

When De Lan heard that, his hands and the cup that he was holding trembled.
“Your Majesty, do you mean…”

“Hahaha, that’s right! A summoner! The Karan Empire’s summoner has emerged!”

De Lan’s heart raced.
He asked without changing his expression, “Is the summoner also from the Yun family?”

The emperor laughed again, apparently in a very good mood.
“Yes, the declined Yun family.
It was truly surprising.
A summoner has risen from the Yun family again…”

De Lan suddenly became gloomy.
He seemed to know what would happen, and simply sat in silence.
The emperor glanced at him, with cunningness in his eyes.
“De Lan, the Yun family is different now.
They may have already forgotten that it was you and the other family that pushed them away.
This is an opportunity for you to make peace with them.
The Yun family is useful for us, at least for now.”

De Lan chuckled.
“What are your instructions, Your Majesty?”

With a smile, the emperor looked out of the transparent window while holding his cup.
His face even seemed somehow deformed.
“Give away the real estate next to your house to the Yun family, so that it can join the circle of nobles.
If possible, send one of your children to the family.”

De Lan’s face slightly cramped, and the emperor gradually put on a smile.
“The Yun family won’t be able to escape even if they want to!”


After Lan Yi flew to the south of the capital, Yun Feng saw enormous buildings on the streets that befitted the rich and the powerful.
She had already seen it coming that the Karan Royal Family would offer the best privileges to the Yun family after it moved to the capital.

Soon, she found where her family’s new house was.
The buildings were too dense for Lan Yi to land, so the four passengers simply jumped off from the sky after it descended a little bit.
Because Mu Xiaojin was relatively weak, Yun Feng held her in her arms during the fall.
After they landed, they saw a splendid house in front of them.

This neighborhood was quite peaceful.
There was no noise at all.
Every house seemed to have a powerful background.
Yun Feng glanced at the building in front of her, and found that the Karan Empire was rather generous.
She knocked on the door.
The old man who opened the door, upon seeing her and Yun Sheng, cried excitedly, “Young Master, Young Lady, you’re back!”

Yun Feng smiled warmly.
Qu Lanyi, who was standing aside, saw her expression, and had glittering eyes.
“Come on in! Come on in! They must be your friends.
Please come in!” Lan Yi had already returned to the Ring of Contract.
Yun Feng and Yun Sheng walked through the door, followed by Mu Xiaojin.
Qu Lanyi stayed at the door, and looked around at the environment.
“Miss, please come in!” said the butler.
Qu Lanyi nodded, and finally came into the building.

After passing through the door, Yun Feng discovered that there was actually a spacious yard behind the door, and that plenty of men were working and plucking weeds in the yard.
They seemed to be… “My lady!” cried a young man excitedly, who had raised his head and seen Yun Feng’s face.
The others all raised their heads too, and walked to Yun Feng when they saw her.
Yun Feng smiled.
As she expected, the Yun Army had moved here too.

Yun Sheng, naturally, was aware of the Yun Army’s existence too.
However, he was quite amazed when he saw the dozens of soldiers who ranged between level 5 and level 6.
Qu Lanyi glanced at them and chuckled in a low voice.
“Fengfeng’s family must not be underestimated.”

Yun Feng smiled and turned her head, asking the butler, “Where is my father?”

Before the butler replied, those soldiers had all started talking.
“My lord was summoned by a bigshot!”

“That’s right! I heard that they were going to a casino, and then somewhere else.”

The other men all started gossiping too, and confessed all the invitations that Yun Jing had received so far.
The butler was rather anxious, but was unable to make them stop.
After they were all done, Yun Feng learned of her father’s itinerary during the past few days.
Had her father already been corrupted by the city life?

“Stay here for now.
I’ll go find father with my brother.” Yun Feng became solemn.
She knew what kind of person her father was.
It must’ve been a noble who came to invite her father and attempted to let her father melt into the circle of nobles.
However, no member of the Yun family would ever join such a dark and corrupted network!

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