Chapter 334: The Summoner’s Dignity (2)

“Who are you? How dare you break into the capital on a Magic Beast?” One of them roared with fury on his face, as if he would burst out at any moment.
Yun Sheng spoke loudly, “We didn’t mean this.
We’re only…”

“You didn’t mean this? Such colossal Magic Beasts are forbidden from entering the capital!” the short-tempered man roared again, interrupting Yun Sheng.
He glanced at the four passengers, with disdain on his face.
“You think you can show off because you can tame beasts? Kids, don’t get too cocky.
The capital isn’t a place where you can do anything you want!”

The man next to him felt that his heart was racing, but didn’t say anything.
In his eyes, those strangers were just teenagers who couldn’t be older than twenty.
They must’ve entered the city on such a huge Magic Beast to show off.
Did they think they were awesome? So childish.

“Now, leave the capital on your mount right now!” shouted the short-tempered man again.
Yun Feng became completely cold, and stopped her big brother, “Sir, you didn’t even let us finish defending ourselves before you made your accusation.
Just who might you be?”

The short-tempered man laughed and looked at Yun Feng scornfully in midair.
“Little girl, you must be the one who’s reining this Magic Beast, right? Do you think you are awesome because you are a tamer? Why don’t you try to become a summoner?”

Yun Sheng, Qu Lanyi and Mu Xiaojin were all amused to hear that.
A summoner? He was quite right.
Yun Feng was exactly a summoner!

“Stupid human beings!” Lan Yi looked at the man who talked in disdain, and commented casually.
Immediately, the man burst out like a firecracker.

“Why do you think you’re qualified to talk to me? Get the hell out of the capital right now, or I’ll show you no mercy! Get lost on the count of three!”

Only two men were standing in front of Yun Feng.
They seemed rather capable, as they were flying in midair.
Generally speaking, only the Commander Level experts, who had grasped part of the laws of space, could fly for a short amount of time.

Only one of the men had been talking furiously, and the other was just watching coldly, without support or argument.
However, the two of them were actually the same.
In their eyes, Yun Feng and her companions were just arrogant kids who must be taught a lesson.
Of course, it might also be because they were jealous.

In this world, mages and tamers were most similar to summoners.
Tamers were often confused with summoners, who could be distinguished by the Ring of Contract they wore.
However, there was not a ring on Yun Feng’s hand.
Obviously, the two men mistook Yun Feng for a tamer, who was usually condescending.
Although they were no summoners, they were capable of domesticating the lesser Magic Beasts, and were gods in the eyes of the ordinary people.

However, in the eyes of the top experts, the tamers were just snobs.
They were no summoners, yet they wanted to be treated as summoners.
They were just counterfeits that pretended to be authentic goods.
The experts did envy the tamers.
After all, it was awesome to have a Magic Beast as a mount, and it was impossible to let a Magic Beast obey without a tamer.

Maybe because tamers and summoners were so similar and the summoners were so rare, the tamers gradually forgot who they were and considered themselves superior.
They were arrogant wherever they went.
The tamers hired by the Karan Royal Family, in particular, were always cocky.
Other experts didn’t like them.

Naturally, Yun Feng’s dramatic entrance as such a young girl made the two experts feel uncomfortable.
Their age and their strength made them despise Yun Feng strongly.
They thought that Yun Feng was only showing off and deserved to be taught a lesson.

“Three…” The short-tempered man started to count.
Yun Feng stood on Lan Yi’s back without moving, and rolled her eyes.
“Two…” Another number.
The two men looked rather impatient.
Yun Feng looked down, and saw a few residents on the street.
She didn’t realize that she had to fight so soon after she returned to the capital.

“No need to count,” said Yun Feng coldly.
They didn’t do anything.
What was wrong with a summoner riding her own Magic Beast? Yet, these two strangers attacked her like rabid dogs without giving her a chance to explain herself.
They simply barked without stop.
The only choice left for her was to fight them!

“What an arrogant girl! I’ll teach you a lesson for your parents!” The furious man took out his weapon and brandished it, causing an ear splitting noise in the air.

Yun Feng sneered.
“You aren’t qualified to do that!”

“You should’ve reconsidered! Check this out!” roared the man.
The other man was prepared to fight too.
Yun Sheng became gloomy.
Although he always had a good temper, he had run out of patience with these two nasty strangers.
When a battle was about to break out, a voice suddenly echoed, and a powerful air current pushed aside the two men who were charging.

“What are you doing? Stop!” The person who just appeared shocked the two men, who put away their weapons and greeted the newcomer prudently and respectfully, “Lord Randal, what brought you here?”

Randal turned around and smiled at Yun Feng awkwardly.
“Yun Feng, my young friend, it’s been a long time.
Welcome back.”

Hearing that, the two men were so shocked that their jaws almost hit the ground.
Seriously? Why was Lord Randal so courteous? Wasn’t he only courteous to the emperor? The two men’s hearts were racing.
Was this girl a person that they couldn’t mess with?

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