e Yun family really thrive here before? Yun Feng thought and watched in silence.
The brother and sister simply watched like that.
This was their first trip to the capital.
Neither of them had seen the Yun family’s splendor, or the Karan Royal Family’s concession.
However, they could totally imagine how glorious their family must’ve been in the old days!

“We’re finally back…” The ancestor’s sigh echoed in Yun Feng’s head.
The sigh seemed to contain a lot of complicated feelings.
Yun Feng smiled.
She could understand her ancestor.
The Yun family had missed the capital for a long time.
Its glories had been buried in the passage of time.
The Yun family was once at the peak of this place, but it had to leave in frustration.
However, at this moment, the Yun family had made an unstoppable comeback!

“The Yun family has returned to the capital!” Yun Feng announced to the city far away.
Lan Yi seemed to share Yun Feng’s feelings, and suddenly flapped its wings.
A blue streak of light crossed the sky, making all the hidden experts open their eyes.
They all had the same feeling: the family that once stood on top of other families in the capital had returned with its summoner!

On Lan Yi’s back, Yun Feng stared at the capital that she was approaching, and remembered something.
She took Meatball out of the bracelet where it had been sleeping.
Meatball seemed drowsy when it was taken out.
It blinked its big eyes and looked at Yun Feng pitifully.
Seeing that, Yun Feng extended her finger and snapped Meatball’s forehead, making it howl in complaint.
After seeing the scenery around, it quickly climbed onto Yun Feng’s shoulder and wriggled quickly, looking in every direction in excitement.

“Nana, nana!” Meatball shouted aloud, no longer lethargic, as if it were a tiger that had just been awakened! Yun Feng chuckled and touched Meatball with her finger, and Meatball nuzzled against Yun Feng’s cheek with its body.
They were almost kissing each other.

“What’s this?” A voice suddenly came into Yun Feng’s ears.
Yun Feng felt that the burden on her shoulder was relieved, as Meatball had been picked up.
It immediately grimaced scarily and looked back at the person who grabbed it.
Qu Lanyi looked at Meatball up and down and asked Yun Feng, “Is it also a Magic Beast that you’ve contracted? For fun?”

Meatball jerked quickly and struck the back of Qu Lanyi’s hand with its furry tail.
“Tsk!” Qu Lanyi immediately let go of it, but her hand was already red and swollen.
She rubbed her hand and tried to approach Yun Feng, but Meatball opened its mouth and bared its fangs, stopping Qu Lanyi from moving forward.

Meatball dashed back to Yun Feng’s shoulder and shivered, as if it felt very uncomfortable to have been touched by someone else.
Mu Xiaojin looked at Meatball and wanted to touch it too, but she eventually gave up the thought.
Yun Sheng, on the other hand, put on a helpless smile.
That little creature remained as close to his sister as before.

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