The level-5 servants immediately sent out level 5 fighting spirits.
The weapons in their hands were also infused with all the power and they were ready to resist the attack from the thing coming towards them!

“Hm? Someone’s here?”

A dramatic scene appeared.
The four level-5 servants stood there like four fools.
They lifted the weapons in their hands up in the air, but didn’t attack.
They looked extremely conflicted, mixed between rejoicing and shock.

Yun Feng found it funny as she glanced at these people who seemed to be frozen into statues.
Their postures… were truly interesting.

None of them had even thought that the thing that came out of the bushes wouldn’t be a Magic Beast or something terrifying, but a little girl who looked slim and weak!

The level-5 servants put down the weapons in their hands one by one with a hint of embarrassment on their faces.
They were in fact a bit frustrated.
Why would they see such a little girl in the Foggy Forest? Was she a child who came in for fun without permission and got lost?

The young boy being surrounded in the middle was also very surprised.
He stood there dumbfoundedly and didn’t know what to say.
A little girl? How would there be a little girl here? Did she not want to live, so she ran into the Foggy Forest alone?

Yun Feng’s appearance was just a nine-year-old girl right now.
She was short and small.
Looking from the outside, nobody would have thought she was a girl with the strength of a level-5 warrior!

“Who are you? Do you know that you can scare people to death?” A shout brought everyone back slightly from the shock.
Yun Feng glanced over and saw a girl who was yelling at her with a furious look.


The Young Lady was a bit embarrassed and angry at the same time right now.
This trip to the Foggy Forest had truly made her simmer with anger.
They even encountered a level-5 Magic Beast back then.
Even though she had no idea why the Magic Beast ran away, her heart sank again because of the strange movements in the bushes before she recovered from the fear.
She originally thought it would be something terrifying.
She had never expected it to be an impolite little girl.
Besides, in the eyes of the Young Lady, Yun Feng’s smile was completely understood as a kind of irony, a kind of mockery at them.

Yun Feng didn’t reply.
She turned her head and walked away.
If it weren’t that they stood in her way here, she wouldn’t have stopped.
Who exactly scared who? Yun Feng originally didn’t want to talk to the group of people, so she had to leave even more quickly and intentionally at this moment.

“Stop! You scared me and you want to leave!” The Young Lady immediately shouted in anger when she saw that Yun Feng was leaving.
The young boy and the servants all looked speechless.
This Young Lady could really make trouble.
Why did it matter to her if the little girl left?


Yun Feng didn’t even bother to look back.
She continued forward and kept walking.
The young boy, who had been remaining silent, finally spoke, “Little girl, it’s too dangerous to walk in this forest alone.
We’re going back too.
Let’s go together.”

“Why should we take her with us? If she wants to go, just let her go!” The Young Lady objected right away after seeing this.
The young boy automatically ignored her opposing voice and still threw an olive branch to Yun Feng kindly.

Yun Feng slightly turned her head to the side and had a look at the clean face of the young boy.
To be honest, his smile was really true and he didn’t make her feel disgusted.
However, that girl who kept yelling next to him was indeed very annoying.

She gently nodded.
Her trip in the Foggy Forest had completed perfectly anyway.
It was fate that they crossed paths.
It should be pretty nice to walk with them.
Besides, with their strength, four level-5 warriors with three at early-level 5 and one at mid-level 5, they were truly lucky to be able to get so close to the central area of the Foggy Forest.


Yun Feng had no idea that she was the reason why these people could get this far safely.
If she didn’t fight with the three level-5 Magic Beasts which made the other Magic Beasts hide out of fear, it would be a pie in the sky for a team like this to come so deep in the forest.
That Purple Electric Leopard back then could totally annihilate them!

The young boy also smiled lightly when Yun Feng agreed.
He also did this out of kindness.
After all, it was too dangerous for a little girl to wander in the Foggy Forest alone.
And yet, his worries were unnecessary.
With Yun Feng’s strength, she could completely run wild in the outermost area of the Foggy Forest.

“My name’s Mei Bing and she’s Murong Ran.” The boy made a friendly introduction.
Murong Ran looked very upset.
She had never looked straight into Yun Feng’s eyes.
Yun Feng nodded.
She was truly puzzled by the girl’s inexplicable hostility.


Murong Ran thought she was a rare beauty and this was indeed the truth.
She was only twelve right now, but had already become a flower in the upper-class society.
Everyone held her high in their hands and many boys were all over her.
And yet, Yun Feng made her feel defeated.
Yun Feng’s gorgeous face made her feel an instinctive threat.
Ever since Mei Bing entered the Foggy Forest with her, he had never been attentive to her, but he was so passionate about this little girl who suddenly showed up.
How could Murong Ran, who had always been chased by boys, accept this?

“Hm! Does she deserve to know my name?” Murong Ran said tactlessly.
The boy’s expression changed slightly and he smiled at Yun Feng with an embarrassed look.
His temple pulsed several times.

The Murong family was one of the top families in Park City.
Murong Ran was only twelve and she had never seen the so-called real noble families at all.
So she naively thought that her family was very impressive.
Park City was only a second-rate city in the Karan Empire.
Putting any family in a first-class city in front of the Murong family, the Murong family already had to lower their head and bow, let alone the Yun family which was once so superior in the Karan Empire.
The Murong family would have to consider if they deserved to know the names of the members of the Yun family.

Even though the Yun family had already declined, their thousands of years old history and background were something this small Murong family couldn’t afford to compare to, and couldn’t compare with at all!

Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change at all, as if what Murong Ran said was like air.
Murong Ran couldn’t help but flush after seeing this.
She felt slightly stripped of her dignity.
In her family, she was the one who was pampered.
Whoever dared to be rude to her would be punished! And yet, this impolite little girl in front of her dared to ignore what she said!

Yun Feng looked at Mei Bing and pondered in her mind.
Mei Bing, the Mei family, one of the three largest families in Chunfeng Town.
They were neither the Yun family’s enemy nor friend, and their relationship with the Lin family was also the same.
They could be said to be neutrals.
When the Yun family declined, the Mei family didn’t knock them down, but didn’t help them either.

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