Chapter 327: Yun Feng, the Summoner (5)

“If you tell anybody else about my master, I’ll rip your throat apart!” declared Little Fire brutally.
Kasa trembled abruptly, with cold sweat in her hands.
She took several steps back.

“Okay, fine.
I won’t tell anyone.
I’m just curious.” Sangqu chuckled, and didn’t seem infuriated at all.
Yun Feng felt that the man carried quite a mysterious aura.
He stood very close to her, yet she somehow felt that he was far away in the sky.

She triggered a thought, and sent Lan Yi and Little Fire back into the Rings of Contract as two streaks of light.
Sangqu noticed the rings that Yun Feng was wearing too.
When he saw the patterns on the rings, he couldn’t help but change his expression.

“Your strength has caused changes on the Rings of Contract?”

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes, and casually took off her Rings of Contract, before she threw them into her bracelet, which stunned both Kasa and Sangqu.
What was happening? Those were the Rings of Contract, symbols of the summoners! So many people would’ve dreamed of wearing them.
Why did she take them off so easily?

“Haha! Hahahaha!” Sangqu laughed loudly, as if he was delighted, and what Yun Feng did was amusing.
Kasa, on the other hand, swallowed hard.
She had never thought that Yun Feng was remarkable before.
However, at this moment, she found that Yun Feng was sophisticated and unpredictable.

“You’re truly special and unique!” Sangqu smiled and said.
“I was dragged here against my wish, but it’s a delightful surprise to meet you.
Kid, don’t forget to come to me when you visit the capital.”

Sangqu said with a smile, and then turned around.
When he was about to leave, he seemed to remember something and then winked at Yun Feng.
“Don’t worry.
I won’t tell anyone about you.”

Sangqu walked away, leaving Yun Feng and Kasa alone.
Yun Feng considered for a long time, frowning.
She found the man who uncannily showed up rather weird.
Sangqu… Who was he? Or rather, what kind of identity did that name represent?

Kasa had been standing behind her, and never had the courage to talk.
At this moment, she had lost all her pride as the royal princess.
When Yun Feng turned around, Kasa anxiously stood straight.
Yun Feng lost interest in her, and was about to walk away, when Kasa raised her head and stared at Yun Feng’s back, squeezing her hands.

“Y-Yun Feng…” Kasa tentatively called out to her.
Yun Feng turned around and said, “Just say whatever you want to say.”

Kasa’s eyes glittered.
After Yun Feng walked out, Kasa took out her Sound Transmission Jade with shivering hands.
A voice came from the jade after a few buzzes.
“What’s wrong?”

Kasa took a deep breath, and spoke to the Sound Transmission Jade with a shivering yet clear voice, “Father, the Karan Empire has a summoner now…”

The Sound Transmission Jade was silent for quite a long time.
Obviously, the emperor found it hard to believe.
Then, the Sound Transmission Jade sounded again.
“Kasa, are you sure? You will be punished in the most severe way if you’re mistaken!”

Kasa slowly closed her eyes, and couldn’t breathe steadily.
“Father, I’m not mistaken.
I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
Yun Feng of the Yun family is a summoner.”

From this day on, a storm would happen to the East Continent, and Yun Feng’s journey was turned to a new page.

The emperor was in a good mood on this day.
To be more exact, he had never been in a better mood in his entire life.
He was so delighted that the servants around him all glanced at him curiously.
Their Majesty seemed to be speaking to someone a moment earlier, and then he became happy like this.
They all knew that the emperor was such a grim man that he never showed any feelings on his face.
Few people could tell whether he was happy or angry.
However, things were different at this moment.
The emperor couldn’t have been more easy going and approachable.

All that the emperor could think of in his head was summoner, summoner, and summoner… His joy was beyond the description of any word.
Had it not been for the presence of his servants, he might even have jumped and exclaimed.
He was very thrilled.
The person that the Karan Royal Family had looked forward to finally showed up, so surprisingly… No, maybe it wasn’t surprising.
It was just that they had never noticed her.

The Yun family… The emperor narrowed his eyes.
The Yun family again.
Two summoners of the Karan Empire had been born in the Yun family.
Then, would the family have more summoners in the future? Thinking of the possibility, the emperor attached more importance to the Yun family, and decided that it depended on the Yun family!

Holding the Sound Transmission Jade, the emperor spoke to it after it flashed, “Kai, come to my place right now.” He then cut the communication without another word.
He then sat on his broad throne and laid his hands on his legs.
Although the Yun family had been a troublemaker, it was crucial to the Karan Empire at this moment, because it had a summoner! The Yun family was still valuable and useful.
At this moment, the emperor hesitated.
When the Yun family declined, the Karan Royal Family had left it alone.
Would it cause any negative influence at this moment?

The emperor smiled, as there was still time to make up for it.
If the Yun family refused to work for the Karan Royal Family any longer, the Karan Royal Family wouldn’t show any mercy to it, and would destroy it completely, even if it had a summoner!

Very soon, Kai arrived in a hurry.
The moment he came, the emperor dismissed everybody else in the room.
Seeing that, Kai stepped forward and sat down next to the emperor, “Big brother, what’s wrong?”

After everybody left, the emperor gazed at Kai, “Now, I need you to go to Chunfeng Town in person, and invite the Yun family to move to the capital!”

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