Chapter 326: Yun Feng, the Summoner (4)

“Bam!” After an enormous explosion, the fiery wolf let out a devastating scream.
The students and teachers who were very far away from the auditorium shivered after hearing the scream.
What was that sound? Why did it sound so miserable?

“Xiao Feng!” Mu Xiaojin ran back without thinking, and Yun Sheng keenly grabbed her.
“Feng will be fine.
Xiaojin, you must believe in her!”

Tears flowed out of Mu Xiaojin’s big eyes.
For some reason, she remembered her brother’s miserable death.
Her heart was filled with uncanny panic and fear that she could not get rid of.

“Brother Yun Sheng, I don’t want anything to happen to Xiao Feng…” mumbled Mu Xiaojin.
Her face, which was full of tears, was quite heartbreaking.
Yun Sheng couldn’t help but hold her in his arms and pet her.
“Feng will be fine.
We must believe in her.”

Qu Lanyi simply stood there.
For a moment, her face was grave, but then she looked ahead with a smile again.
There was no telling what was on her mind.
However, her lips were indeed curled with a vague smile.

Vice Principal!” Ted’s voice came close.
The Vice Principal immediately looked around, and saw Ted running towards him anxiously, holding a drowsy man who was yawning non stop in his hand.

“Lord Sangqu, please forgive us for disturbing you.
This is an emergency,” said the Vice Principal, hinting that Ted should let him go.
Ted immediately did.
The man who had been brought yawned again.
His clothes were a mess, as if he had put them on in a rush, and there were tiny wrinkles on his face.
His hair was partly white, but he didn’t seem old.

“What exactly happened?” Sangqu yawned again.
However, halfway throughout the yawn, he suddenly widened his eyes, with dazzling light flashing in them.

“How can there be such high-level fire elements in that direction?” Sangqu gazed in the direction of the Masang School of Magic’s auditorium.
The Vice Principal smiled helplessly, “It’s a long story.
Even I haven’t quite figured out what happened…”

Sangqu examined the scene remotely, and became even more shocked.
He suddenly turned around and looked at the Vice Principal.
The Vice Principal was almost creeped out by his look.
“Lord Sangqu, what’s the matter?”

Sangqu’s eyes glittered again, with interest and excitement.
“Was the Karan Royal Family’s insistence right after all?”

The Vice Principal frowned, and didn’t quite understand Sangqu.
Sangqu chuckled.
“I’ll go there and take a look.
Be prepared, as anything may happen.”

The Vice Principal nodded solemnly.
Before Sangqu moved out, he said again, “On the other hand, I need to meet that kid.
I’m so curious…”

The Vice Principal was stunned.
That kid? Which kid was Lord Sangqu talking about? Kasa or Yun Feng? After saying that, Sangqu dashed into the Masang School of Magic’s auditorium, leaving the Vice Principal standing there with furrowed brows and wondering what he meant.

Inside the Masang School of Magic’s auditorium, after the deafening explosion a moment earlier, the enormous fiery beast was gone, leaving just a plume of smoke and some lingering fire elements in the air that were still quite powerful.
The low-level people would be burnt into ashes if they entered the place at this moment.

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked at the floor, which had been reduced to smithereens.
A moment earlier, Little Fire had enjoyed the battle so much that it basically destroyed everything in the auditorium that could be destroyed.

“Master, not bad, huh?” asked Little Fire rather proudly.
Yun Feng smiled.
Lan Yi descended and put her on the ground, and then threw Kasa aside randomly.
Kasa trembled, and finally came back to herself.

“You, you, you, you…” Kasa repeated the same world many times, but could not speak a complete sentence.
Yun Feng walked to her, slightly bent her back, and stared at Kasa in the eyes.
“Esteemed princess of the Karan Royal Family, do you think you can defeat me?”

Kasa’s face, which had finally looked healthy again, became paler than ever.
She shook her head, and trembled nonstop.
She was not stupid.
How could she challenge a summoner? She glanced at Lan Yi and Little Fire with fear.
Were both of them Magic Beasts that could transform into human beings? She was not a human being.
How could a human being achieve that?

“Kid, being too aggressive isn’t nice,” a voice came from behind the dust.
Lan Yi and Little Fire became anxious, and stood in front of Yun Feng, one on the left and the other on the right.
Little Fire extended its claws and opened its mouth, howling threateningly.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.
I mean you no harm.” The voice approached quickly.
From behind the dust, a smiling young man revealed himself.
He wore such a big smile that all his tiny wrinkles were accentuated, making him look quite hilarious.

“I am Sangqu.
Kid, I’m not a bad guy.” Sangqu chuckled.
Kasa, who was still sitting on the ground, trembled again, as if she was quite shocked at the name.
Yun Feng didn’t have the time to notice Kasa’s reaction.
She had fixed her eyes upon the man who claimed that he was not a bad guy.

“Kid, you’re right to be vigilant.
The Karan Royal Family, on the other hand, shouldn’t be disgraced.” Sangqu glanced at Kasa with a smile.
Yun Feng turned back and glanced at her too.

Kasa immediately rose from the ground and cleaned her clothes.
She smiled at Sangqu and then at Yun Feng.
She seemed to have turned into an exceptionally obedient kid at this moment.

“Who are you?” asked Yun Feng.
Sangqu chuckled.
“Kid, as I said, I am Sangqu.
You, on the other hand, haven’t told me your name yet.”

Yun Feng stared at him.
Feeling Yun Feng’s vigilance, Lan Yi and Little Fire let out a threatening vibe too.

Sangqu laughed.
“Never mind.
If you don’t want to tell, so be it.
I’ll learn it sooner or later.”

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