Chapter 325: Yun Feng, the Summoner (3)

Yun Sheng glared at Qu Lanyi, and thought that the woman was a jinx.
Nothing would possibly happen to his sister, because unlike other people, he knew that Yun Feng was a summoner! How could anything happen to a powerful summoner?

Inside the auditorium, the rising and spreading steam had been vaporized.
Yun Feng gloomily gazed at the fiery beast whose size had significantly expanded again.
“Kasa, you’re truly trying to get yourself killed!” Her ice serpent had just been bitten through by the fiery wolf.
Kasa was shivering palely, with another bottle of opened Fire Potion in her hand!

Three bottles.
Three bottles of Fire Potion!

Kasa laughed.
Her face was as pale as a ghost.
“Yun Feng, do you see this? Just admit defeat! Hahahaha!”

After absorbing the third bottle of Fire Potion, the fiery wolf had been upgraded to the Commander Level! It had only been two hours, which meant that the simulated beast could remain in the Commander Level for another hour!

“Damn you, woman!” Yun Feng cursed in a low voice.
It seemed that Kasa had completely lost control of the beast.
The fiery beast seemed aware of that too, and tried to break Yun Feng’s space shackles.
Feeling the rising temperature, and seeing Kasa’s ignorant face, Yun Feng sneered, “You think you can defeat me so easily? In your dream!”

“What?” Kasa’s proud smile was frozen on her cheeks.
“I can’t defeat you? Your wretched snake is already gone! It’s gone! My fiery wolf can kill you easily right now.
You…” Kasa could not utter another word, or more precisely, her lips were moving, but she couldn’t make a sound.
What did she see? That was…

Yun Feng closed her eyes and concentrated her attention, taking out the two Rings of Contract.
She put on the green and red Rings of Contract, and then roared in a low voice, “Lan Yi, Little Fire, get out!”

At her command, green and red lights arose in front of her.
When the human and the wolf appeared next to Yun Feng, Kasa couldn’t hold any longer, and collapsed on the ground.
She pointed at Yun Feng with shivering lips, yet she could not say a single word.

Kasa was roaring in her heart, summoner! Summoner! She’s a summoner!

“Master, what’s going on?” Hardly had Lan Yi and Little Fire come out when they discovered the unusual circumstances.
Little Fire, in particular, faced the fiery beast while emitting a cold threat in its black eyes.
Its body was tightened too, and it let out roars.

“Which reckless guy made this?” cursed Little Fire in a low voice.
Yun Feng sneered, “That particular guy seems to have turned mute.”

Kasa was clearly mute, and perhaps even retarded.
She was obviously in a state of bewilderment.
Summoners that the Karan Royal Family dreamed to have existed, and one of them was in the Yun family.
It was truly the Yun family!

“Ho…” The fiery beast felt the enormous threat, and its fire element density rose significantly again.
Little Fire roared, “Master, go to the sky.
Let me take care of this one!”

Flames were rising from Little Fire’s skin.
Its dark red body was athletic and graceful.
There were dark colors inside the flames that carried lethal mysterious power.
Under the pressure, the fiery beast howled and then charged at Little Fire!

“Master!” Lan Yi quickly moved past Yun Feng and unfolded its wings.
The gigantic white-and-blue wings appeared behind Lan Yi’s back and glimmered, making it look like an angel.
Lan Yi flashed to the sky and flapped its wings unhurriedly, causing a rhythm of noises.
Yun Feng saw that Kasa was still lying on the ground with her head raised.
That woman was obviously dumbfounded.

Perhaps, she had never seen anyone who had wings, or a multi-element summoner…

“Bring her up here.
If she dies here, the Yun family will be in great trouble!” roared Yun Feng.
Lan Yi immediately nodded, and dashed towards Kasa in a blue streak of light.
It grabbed her by her collar and then flew back to the sky.

Kasa was shaking in midair while Lan Yi seized her in its hand, whereas Yun Feng was carefully surrounded by Lan Yi’s arms.
They obviously had different privileges.

“Master, forgive me,” said Lan Yi in a low voice.
Yun Feng chuckled.
It was impossible for Lan Yi to reveal its true form as an enormous griffin here without being seen by all the students.

“It’s fine.
Is everything okay with Little Fire?” Yun Feng looked down worriedly.
Beast roars were coming from the ground now and then, indicating a fierce battle.
Little Fire was in the Commander Level, and should be stronger.
However, the fiery beast had absorbed three bottles of Fire Potion, and had risen to the Commander Level too.
It was hard to tell how the battle between them would turn out.

“Brother Fire will be fine.
It has been stuck for a long time.
It’s time to get active.”

Lan Yi wasn’t wrong at all.
Little Fire, who had been hidden for a long time, was almost going crazy.
It finally had the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.
Now that it had run into this stupid beast, it would whet its fangs with the enemy!

“It’s been a long time since I polished my claws.
You will be a great help for me!” roared Little Fire, while it charged at its enemy.
The fiery beast didn’t resist, but simply roared and mauled Little Fire all the time.
The beast only knew several simple moves despite its enormous strength.
After figuring out all of its moves, Little Fire suddenly turned around and opened its mouth, gathering a dark red ball of light inside its mouth.

“Let me send you to the other world!”

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