Chapter 324: Yun Feng, the Summoner (2)

Inside the auditorium, Kasa slowly opened the bottle of Fire Potion.
The moment the flowing bright red fluids appeared, the fiery wolf jumped at them excitedly as if they were the most delicious meat.
It swallowed greedily.
Immediately, the fire elements became even more powerful, and Kasa turned pale.

“You’re really too weak to control the wolf.” Yun Feng glanced at Kasa coldly, and Kasa laughed and stood straight, staring at Yun Feng palely.
The wolf next to her suddenly roared aloud.
Yun Feng examined the power of the fire elements, which rose from the mid stage of level 8 all the way to the peak of level 9!

As if it were a roller coaster, Kasa was able to make use of level 9 fire elements although she was only level 6! As the energy level of the fire elements soared, Kasa became paler and paler.
That was not the energy she could bear.
For a level 6 mage to control level 9 magical elements, it was like for a kid to command an adult.

Kasa bit her lips hard.
The burden on her body had already reached the highest level.
Even though the Fire Potion was powerful, it had great side effects too.
One must pay a price for the power that was beyond one’s level! Kasa bit her lips and glared at Yun Feng.
She didn’t want to lose, and certainly not to the person in front of her eyes!

The power of the fire elements was kept at level 9, but they were highly unstable, and seemed to be still increasing.
Yun Feng found it rather hard to believe.
Such a rapid increase of strength could be an ace card in a battle! It could empower one’s elements to such a high level without improving one’s own level.
Mages weren’t easy to deal with at all!

Yun Feng’s mental strength surged out, and blocked the space.
Although the space was blocked, she wasn’t sure whether or not it would be broken.
After all, the fire wolf was extremely unstable and agitated.
It seemed to be trying to make another breakthrough! If it rose to the Commander Level, then the blockage wouldn’t work on it.

“Try to endure as long as possible!” Her ancestor’s voice echoed in her head.
“Although the Fire Potion is unbelievably powerful, it has a time limit and cannot last for more than three hours.
Don’t be hasty!”

Three hours… Yun Feng thought; three hours wasn’t a short amount of time at all…

Kasa laughed.
“Are you scared? If you admit defeat right now, I’ll give you a chance.”

Yun Feng raised her head.
Admit defeat? She didn’t know what it meant!

“Hiss…” The blue serpent hissed and then slithered towards its enemy with its gigantic body.
Seeing that, the fiery wolf next to Kasa let out a devastating roar too, “Hoo….”

The blue and red creatures collided brutally.
The icy serpent wriggled and tied up the fiery wolf, and the fiery wolf unhesitatingly opened its mouth and bit the serpent’s body.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!” The noises of scorching iron causing steam in water kept echoing.
The collision of fire and water, which were incompatible with each other, was destined to lead to ear splitting noises.

After all, the beasts were magical simulations and not real beasts.
They didn’t have the real beasts’ wisdom, only their appearances.
They couldn’t do anything except mauling and smashing.
The fighting of the two beasts triggered unpleasant noises.
The moment they hit each other, a fog popped up.
Very soon, the entire arena was shrouded in mist and became too fuzzy to be seen clearly.

“Ho…” The wolf’s roar rose to the sky from the inside of the Masang School of Magic’s auditorium.
Hearing that, the crowd outside had heated discussions.

“What’s going on? How is it going inside? It seems that the battle is quite fierce…”

“Who do you think will win? Yun Feng or the princess?”

“It’s hard to say.
You’ve all seen how powerful the fiery wolf was.
It might accidentally burn this whole place to the ground…”

All the students discussed.
They craned their heads and tried to look inside, even though they couldn’t see anything.
“Hoooooo…” An even louder roar came out, with unusual excitement that seemed to have been held back for a long time.
As if something had broken the obstacle and was freed, a hot wave that could burn anything into smithereens moved towards the audience abruptly along with the roar!

“Move back!” someone shouted.
Then, an enormous blue barrier appeared above all the students.
When the hot wave hit the blue barrier, there were seething noises.
It was like a rampant beast that had hit an iron wall.
It immediately stopped.

The Vice Principal stood aside gloomily, with his wand shivering in his hand.
He stared at the school’s auditorium.
Ted, on the other hand, had an indescribable expression.

“Ted, go to the capital and fetch Lord Sangqu immediately!”

Ted’s eyes widened.
“Vice Principal, is it so serious?”

The Vice Principal looked back at Ted more solemnly than ever.
“I can only resist for a short amount of time.
Things are getting out of control.
If you don’t want the Masang School of Magic to be razed to the ground, fetch Lord Sangqu immediately!”

Ted immediately nodded.
He turned around and left quickly without a word.
The Vice Principal looked at the panicked students and said loudly, “Fall back right now.
Nobody approach this place!”

Under the Vice Principal’s instruction, the students retreated and moved further and further away from the auditorium.
Yun Sheng held Mu Xiaojin’s hand and looked at the auditorium worriedly.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, stood aside casually, without the slightest concern on her face.

“Is Xiao Feng alright?” Mu Xiaojin stared at the distance with her big eyes, even though she could no longer see anything.
She moved more and more slowly, as if she didn’t want to retreat any further.

“What are you worried about? Even if Fengfeng isn’t alright, I’m still here for you.” Qu Lanyi chuckled, and looked at the source of the mess with a smile.
This turn of events was quite beyond her expectation.
Kasa had clearly gone mad.
She had definitely paid a lot just in order to keep her face.
That was Fire Potion.
She had definitely spent a lot…

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