Chapter 321: It’s Our Turn ()

How dramatic!” The audience who were watching the game couldn’t help but smile.
In the first two battles between the Constellation Society and the Fire Society, the Fire Society’s representatives had both surrendered.
The Beast didn’t mean it, but Murong Ran was quite open and straightforward.
She didn’t use any trick.

The members of the Fire Society all stood with awful expressions, and Murong Ran looked particularly bad.
Although Kasa had helped save her dignity by telling her to surrender instead of waiting for her to, the failure was still embarrassing.
Yun Sheng leaped off the arena.
The brother and sister looked at each other with a smile.
Yun Feng raised thumb at her big brother.
Yun Sheng smiled and then rubbed her head.

“Now, it’s my turn.” Yun Feng stood up and was about to jump to the arena, when someone suddenly pulled her back.
She turned around, only to discover that Qu Lanyi had a smile on her alluring face.
Yun Feng was dazed.
Could it be…

“Why the rush? I haven’t fought once yet.
I’m feeling that I’m rusting.
Let me do it this time.” Qu Lanyi gently stroked Yun Feng’s chin with her finger, and Yun Feng suddenly moved back.
Qu Lanyi smiled and jumped to the arena.
Her appearance instantly raised a round of exclamations.

“What a beautiful girl…”

“Who is she? Why have I never seen her?”

“I wish I could be with her…” mumbled a guy, who gazed at Qu Lanyi with fascinated eyes.
The other people couldn’t help but roll their eyes at him.
The guy immediately blushed and stopped talking.

Qu Lanyi stood in the arena, and looked at her opponents with charming eyes.
Kasa became cold.
She didn’t expect Qu Lanyi to be the third representative.
Considering the turn of events, she had to participate.
She was the mysterious genius who was at the top of the individual rank.

Kasa’s eyes glittered.
After Qu Lanyi showed up, while others didn’t know who she was, Kasa was well aware of her identity.
What did it mean to be the top of the individual rank? It meant that she was invincible in the Masang School of Magic!

Kasa certainly didn’t want to step up just yet.
She didn’t want to ruin her dignity as the princess.
“Either of you, go fight her,” said Kasa to the two people behind her.
She sounded casual, if not disdainful, as if Qu Lanyi were just a Mr.
Nobody whose strength was not worth mentioning at all.

Mi Lingli glanced at Qu Lanyi, and didn’t feel anything special, except that she was stunningly beautiful.
Mi Lingli always considered herself a beautiful girl, and several guys had pursued her.
However, the moment Qu Lanyi showed up, she became the center of attention.
Mi Lingli keenly noticed two guys in the crowd who had pursued her earlier.

Mi Lingli was quite angry.
She was a double-element mage anyway, and this woman had nothing, but a pretty face.
Thinking about that, Mi Lingli stepped up and said, “Let me.”

Kasa was greatly relieved after hearing that.
She had been worrying what she would do if neither of them were willing to fight.
Now that an innocent lamb had finally stepped up, Kasa nodded.
“Finish the battle as quickly as possible.”

Mi Lingli nodded in satisfaction.
Her identity as a double-element mage gave her such a great advantage that even the princess thought highly of her too.

Mi Lingli leaped onto the arena.
She found Qu Lanyi so attractive that she could hardly move her eyes away from her.
She bit her tongue hard to wake herself up.
“What a woman.”

Mi Lingli mumbled, and Qu Lanyi’s red lips curled.
Her eyes were filled with coldness.
Mi Lingli was as good as garbage in Qu Lanyi’s eyes even though she was a double-element mage.
Qu Lanyi ignored her arrogance too.
She found it demeaning to actually fight such a worthless opponent.

Qu Lanyi snorted and put on a helpless expression.
Seeing that, Yun Feng covered her lips and chuckled.
Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin both looked at her curiously.
Yun Feng shook her head, showing that everything was fine.
She stared at Qu Lanyi with a smile.
She had never seen such contempt on Qu Lanyi’s face before.

Obviously, Mi Lingli’s pride had been seriously challenged.
The helplessness and contempt on Qu Lanyi’s face made Mi Lingli wonder if the double-element mages had become cheap these days.
Were double-element mages everywhere to be seen, like weeds off the road? She had such a special identity.
How come her opponent didn’t know her?

“Let’s begin!” After the referee gave the order, Mi Lingli was the first to cry aloud.
“Don’t underestimate a double-element mage!”

Qu Lanyi sneered and waved her hand, launching a dazzling pillar of light from her palm.
After Mi Lingli made the declaration, and before she could catch her breath, she had felt such overwhelming pressure in front of her that she didn’t even have a chance to retreat!

What’s… that?

With her eyes widened, Mi Lingli looked at the glowing pillar of light that had approached her in the blink of an eye.
It smashed into her body, and she felt like she was a falling leaf that had been torn apart and thrown away.
Just like a falling leaf, she dropped from the height!

“Bam!” A deafening explosion came close.
Mi Lingli had no clue what happened.
She didn’t even launch an attack.
She had only uttered a few words, and didn’t even have the time to express her pride, when she had already been thrown to the ground!

“Ugh!” Mi Lingli held her chest in pain, feeling that her windpipe was stuck and she could hardly breathe.
She raised her head and became pale, as she was already a hundred meters away from the arena.
The ground around her had sunk by a few inches.
The pit underneath her body was full of cracks!

One attack.
Only one attack.
Everybody saw nothing but a dazzling pillar of light.
Then, Mi Lingli was raised high and smashed into the ground.
Judging from Mi Lingli’s appearance, it was highly unlikely that she could rise and fight again.

A few drops of sweat appeared on Kasa’s forehead and dripped along her hair.
Qu Lanyi, the top-ranking genius, had crushed this double-element mage with only one attack.
Also, she had used the light element magic, which was even rarer than double elements! Besides, judging from her attack, she was even more skilled than before.

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