“Let’s go back…”

“No! If I don’t see a living level-5 Magic Beast, I’ll never go back!”


The boy’s face immediately darkened and the anger that had been suppressed in his mind also started burning fiercely after hearing what she said.
A level-5 Magic Beast? Did she think that she had a few lives? Did she want to rely on her ability as a level-3 mage or the strength of a few level-5 servants?

“We’re returning!” The anger suppressed in the boy’s heart for a long time finally burst out.
He had had enough of this ignorant and arrogant girl! The few servants couldn’t help but look thrilled after hearing this.
They thought their Young Master finally made a good decision.

“Mei Bing! How dare you command me! I’m the Young Lady of Park City.
No one dares to order me!” The girl’s face flashed with anger, but the boy’s ice-like look indicated that today’s trip was over!


“Master, be careful!” Suddenly, the expressions of the few servants changed abruptly.
The four of them immediately formed a circle around Mei Bing and the girl.
This sudden alert made Mei Bing’s face turn dark.
When they were about to retreat, he felt an energy covering his head, which made it difficult to breathe!

An elegant figure slowly stepped out from deep in the bushes.
The toned body had an elegant purple color and its golden yellow eyes were full of viciousness and cruelty!

The young boy’s pupils shrank immediately and the four servants also turned pale.
They saw… a level-5 Purple Electric Leopard.
This girl indeed jinxed it!

“Mei… Mei Bing, what… what should we do?” The girl, who was still yelling loudly earlier, instantly became a gentle sheep, hiding behind the boy obediently.
Looking at this fierce level-5 Magic Beast before her, the girl’s face also turned pale.


What should they do… The young boy couldn’t wait to punch this arrogant, foolish girl to the side.
If it weren’t for her, how would they encounter such a dangerous situation and have to face this level-5 Magic Beast?

The Purple Electric Leopard was in a pretty good mood right now.
Its self-esteem had been greatly lowered because of Yun Feng.
The thing was, there had only been humans running away from the claws of Magic Beasts, but not Magic Beasts escaping from the hands of humans.
Therefore, facing the fear and panic of this group of humans, the Purple Electric Leopard’s traumatized dignity was slightly comforted.
Humans were still afraid of it.
Humans were still that weak!

The Purple Electric Leopard didn’t attack immediately.
Just like a cat that played with a mouse in its paws, it looked at the frightened and fearful look on the faces of its prey, which made this predator feel delighted.


It was quite surprising that the Purple Electric Leopard didn’t attack, but they dared not let down their guards at all.
The young boy’s brain spinned quickly.
What should they do to run from this Purple Electric Leopard? It would be better if there was just him and his servants.
After all, they were all warriors and they had excellent physical fitness and running speed.
And yet, this Young Lady was here as well! A level-3 mage! A great burden!

She couldn’t help with attacking and would drag them down if they ran.
The young boy’s black eyes glanced at the girl whose face was a bit pale with a hint of ridicule and anger.

The Young Lady, who had never experienced any battle and was spoiled by her family, saw that the Purple Electric Leopard wasn’t attacking and she thought the level-5 servants frightened it.
Her pale face from earlier looked slightly better and she stepped out from behind the young boy.
The boy was a bit shocked and he then heard something that almost made him spurt out blood.

“You! Deal with this leopard immediately! It’s apparently afraid of us, that’s why it doesn’t attack us.
Use this opportunity to take it down!”


The girl’s swaggering command made everyone want to scream up to the sky.
How dumb could this woman be? Was she a fool or mentally retarded? How did she see that the Purple Electric Leopard was afraid of them?


The Purple Electric Leopard was apparently enraged because of what she said.
Its original thought of playing them was also gone completely.
A level-3 mage dared to talk nonsense in front of it and said it was afraid of them?

The leopard’s roar spread with the fierceness of a level-5 Magic Beast.
The air even seemed to be vibrating slightly.
The expressions of the level-5 servants immediately changed and their muscles tightened, getting ready to fight the Magic Beast before them with their lives!

Both parties were on the verge of a battle.
Suddenly, the Purple Electric Leopard seemed to sense something terrifying.
A glint of fear flashed through its golden yellow eyes.
After that, it ran away in front of everyone’s extremely shocked look!

“It… It ran…” The few servants and the young boy felt their hearts in their throats.
They thought that they wouldn’t be able to escape from the disaster today.
They didn’t expect such a strange twist to happen.
A level-5 Magic Beast ran away in panic.
What did it see that made it so terrified?

Either way, everyone was relieved.
When the Young Lady saw that the Purple Electric Leopard ran away, she immediately grunted in disdain, “A level-5 Magic Beast? It ran away after all…”

The boy’s face turned cold.
He had truly had enough of this idiotic girl! “Let’s go.
We’re returning to Chunfeng Town!” He immediately yelled with a low voice as he walked outside with the servants, ignoring the girl’s look.
The Young Lady wanted to say something, but when she saw that everyone ignored her, she could only follow them furiously.
She was just a level-3 mage, so she dared not wander around in the Foggy Forest.
She knew her strength.
She was just thinking about complaining to her father after going back.
How dare the Mei family disrespect her!

After walking just a few steps, they heard some noises in the bushes.
The few of them, who had just wandered on the edge of death, couldn’t help but feel their hearts in their throats.
they suddenly thought about the Purple Electric Leopard that had just run away.
It must have sensed a more terrifying being, which was why it escaped so fearfully.
Perhaps… they were about to encounter that creature!

The boy was very frustrated and angry.
All this happened because of the girl next to him.
Without her, he wouldn’t have to come here and would never fall into such a dangerous situation! Even though they escaped death, they might be facing a much greater trouble!

They became nervous and the servants surrounded the young boy and the girl again.
Those few pairs of eyes stared somewhere extremely anxiously.
As the sounds in the bushes became louder, their faces also turned paler.
Cold sweat on their foreheads rolled down along their faces.
Some of them couldn’t help but gulp.
They held their breath and waited…

The sounds became louder and got closer.
Their hearts also beat faster.
Soon, very soon.
Their distance kept shrinking.
A hundred meters, fifty meters, thirty meters, ten meters… Arrived!

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