Chapter 318: Fight (2)

Mu Xiaojin chuckled.
Staring at the ice on the floor, she said casually, “I’ve only counterattacked, disgusting man.”

The Beast felt that the arena was getting colder and colder.
His limbs were fully stiffened.
At this moment, he was even slower than anyone who was incapable of using magic.
Mu Xiaojin condensed water elements in her other hand.
The water elements, which were always considered warm and gentle, were freezing cold in her hand, making the audience shiver.

Looking at the Water Arrow in Mu Xiaojin’s hand, the Beast knew that it was impossible for him to dodge this strike.
He suddenly fell on his knees, which stunned Mu Xiaojin.
Kasa was so angry that she almost gritted her teeth into pieces.

“Please stop.
I was wrong.
I shouldn’t have done that…” On his knees, the Beast trembled constantly, which was a result of the cold air.
Mu Xiaojin stared at the Beast, and the water elements in her hand were gone.
The freezing coldness faded away too.
The audience finally felt better, and couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

Mu Xiaojin stared at the man who was kneeling before her.
Disgust flashed in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything.
She turned around and walked out of the arena.
Right then, the Beast, who had been on his knees, suddenly raised his head with a twisted expression on his long face.
While the coldness on the stage was disappearing, the Beast leaped and stabbed at Mu Xiaojin’s back with the blade that he had been holding in his hand all the time!

“Little girl, did no one teach you that you shouldn’t let your back face your enemy?” roared the Beast.
The blade in his hand that was made of wind elements darted towards Mu Xiaojin quickly.
Mu Xiaojin turned around, but didn’t have any time to react.
She stared at the blade that was flying towards her at a high speed.
All the audience palpitated!

Mu Xiaojin closed her eyes in fear.
She knew that it was impossible for her to survive.
Maybe, like her brother, she would lose her life very shortly.
Thinking about that, Mu Xiaojin was somewhat relieved.
Would she come to the world her brother was in?

Nothing happened.
Someone laid their hands on Mu Xiaojin’s shoulder and then pulled her behind their back.
Feeling the warmth on her shoulders, Mu Xiaojin opened her eyes, and saw Yun Sheng’s handsome face that had turned sullen.
Yun Sheng had jumped into the arena and protected Mu Xiaojin.
The wind element blade that had been darting at her was frozen into ice in midair and dropped to the ground with a crisp sound.

Looking at Yun Sheng who had appeared out of nowhere, the Beast cried out at the referee, “Violation! It’s a violation! I’m the winner! I won!”

The audience all cursed out aloud, “F*ck you.
What do you mean by you’re the winner?”

“Damn it! What a shameless scoundrel! How can the Fire Society have such a member?”

“Luckily I’m not in the Fire Society, or I’d be so ashamed that I’d have to kill myself!”

The audience all cursed and scolded the Beast for his lack of honor.
While listening to their remarks on her seat, Kasa couldn’t help but stand up.
“Why are you yelling? In a real battle, keeping yourself alive is what matters most! To lower your enemy’s vigilance by fake surrender is one of the strategies! A person like her who has too much mercy and shows her back to her enemy is destined to be the loser.”

The audience lowered their voices, as Kasa did have a point.
In a real life-and-death battle, to stay alive was the key.
While what the Beast did was demeaning, it also indicated Mu Xiaojin’s shortcomings.
Mercy and benevolence weren’t allowed in a battle against an enemy.
Showing mercy to one’s enemy would mean one’s own death.

Mu Xiaojin stood behind Yun Sheng.
What happened just now was so close.
Hearing what Kasa said, Mu Xiaojin reflected on herself.
She was born innocent and kind hearted, and always assumed the best in other people.
If she remained like that, she would be useless in this cruel world no matter how strong she was.
Without a mature personality, she would always be a weakling!

Yun Feng also jumped to the arena, and covered Mu Xiaojin with her coat.
She gazed at Kasa and said, “You do have a point.
However, don’t forget that this is the society ranking contest in the Masang School of Magic, which isn’t the life-and-death battle that you described at all! Yet, you resorted to such a trick in this contest.
It seems that the Fire Society is really trying.”

What Yun Feng said rendered Kasa’s speech pointless.
The students finally thought it through and yelled, “This is not a f*cking life-and-death battle, its just a contest! Did you have to be so unscrupulous? The Fire Society is no good!”

To think that she’s a princess of the Royal family! Does everybody in the royal family use such a move?”

“If the Karan Royal Family is like that, I think we should immigrate as soon as possible!”

Kasa stood there palely and listened to the audience’s remarks that were crossing the line.
She waved her arm and pointed at Yun Feng, “Yun Feng, are you only good with your tongue?”

Yun Feng smiled, and hinted that Mu Xiaojin should leave.
Mu Xiaojin nodded.
Without replying to Kasa’s question, Yun Feng simply asked the referee, “Did the Constellation Society violate the rule?”

The referee nodded.
Then, Yun Feng nodded too.
“Very good.” Hardly hard she said that when she drifted to the Beast at a weird speed.
The Beast, as a wind element mage, clicked his tongue, feeling shocked at Yun Feng’s speed.
He was about to speak, when his neck was clutched.

Yun Feng clutched the Beast’s neck and exerted strength with her fingers.
Immediately, the Beast’s long face became red and scary.
Seeing that, the referee cried in surprise, “Yun Feng, what are you doing? Stop!”

Yun Feng smiled.
Yun Sheng stepped forward, with blue water elements popping out of his hand.
He waved at the Beast, whose neck had been clutched.
The water elements darted at him in a beautiful pattern.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, stuck her finger into the Beast’s jaw and forced him to open his mouth, so that the water elements darted into his body precisely.

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