Chapter 316: Duel: First Round (4)

Yun Feng was dazed.
In the previous competitions, she had always been the first representative to fight, yet Mu Xiaojin proposed to fight first this time.
Yun Feng looked at her big brother, who was about to say something, but Qu Lanyi said, “Fengfeng, it’s not right to quench other people’s enthusiasm.
Just let her fight first.”

Yun Feng didn’t quite understand what she said, but Mu Xiaojin blushed and stood up.
“Let me fight first.
I can do it.”

Yun Sheng smiled and didn’t insist.
Yun Sheng petted Mu Xiaojin with his big hand and said, “Xiaojin, go for it.”

Mu Xiaojin’s face was even redder.
She walked to the arena.
Seeing her, Kasa put on a smile and pointed at a boy behind her.
“Beast, your favorite type.
She’s yours.” Kasa suddenly put on a creepy smile.
“As the first person to fight, you must savage her!”

After Mu Xiaojin walked to the arena, a guy emerged from behind Kasa.
He was very tall, like a piece of rubber that had been lengthened.
His face was so long that it looked like a horse’s.
His eyes could hardly be seen on the long face, and were just like a few dots on a piece of paper.

What Kasa said made a lot of people rather scared.
He was asked to savage her? Also, she was the favorite type to the guy whose nickname was Beast? What could this Beast do?

The guy who was called Beast stepped up and sized up Mu Xiaojin with his tiny eyes as if she were delicious food.
His eyes made Mu Xiaojin rather anxious, and gave her the urge to run off.
Despite the nausea, Mu Xiaojin managed to calm herself down and stood where she was.
She simply let the disgusting man observe her.

After the Beast observed her for a long time, he unhurriedly stuck out his tongue, which was much longer than normal people’s too.
He licked his lips and even swallowed, before he chuckled.
“Little girl, let me caress you.”

All the students who were watching the game had goosebumps all over their body.
This man was truly sickening… “Ah! I know who he is!” A student suddenly thought of something, and cried out aloud as he stared at the tall slender man.

“Who is he? Do you know this disgusting fellow?”

“Do you remember the individual ranking contest a few years back? He’s the guy who challenged the twelfth on the rank!”

The other students were all deep in thought, and searched their memories for the last individual ranking contest, which was held once every two years in the Masang School of Magic.
It was a long time ago and they had to think very carefully.

Kasa sat down proudly, and glanced at the Beast on the stage.
That man was truly rather disgusting, and she didn’t want to get in touch with him either.
The man’s appearance and behavior were flabbergasting.
Kasa didn’t understand the stuff he liked either, but in any case, he was a brutal and strong man even though he was disgusting.
Kasa liked this type of person.
Only those who were brutal could make great achievements without causing trouble to her.

“I remember him now!” cried a student, who pointed at the Beast and shouted, “He challenged the twelfth on the rank, and eventually…”

The other students all found the memory of the bloody and brutal scene too.
“In the end, the guy who ranked twelfth was deranged because of this guy… His way of attack is truly disgusting!”

All the audience looked rather awful.
They could accept brutality, but disgust was a whole different matter.
Besides, it was said that this man had some special quirks.
Was it possible that Mu Xiaojin, who was in the arena, happened to be something he liked!

“Bring it on!” Mu Xiaojin shouted, and gathered water elements in her hand.
Seeing that, the Beast let out nasty laughter and seemed excited.
His tiny eyes were curled.

“Alright, little girl.
Let’s begin.” The monster cackled, and then flashed, approaching Mu Xiaojin at an amazing speed.
He seemed to be touching Mu Xiaojin with his hand.
Mu Xiaojin changed her expression and jumped away, before she launched the water elements to him.
The Beast, on the other hand, dodged them, and presented a green blade!

Wind element! Yun Feng looked at the green blade in the Beast’s hand, which was made of wind elements.
The Beast was a wind element mage, who was famous for their speed.
As a water element mage, Mu Xiaojin had a great disadvantage in terms of speed!

Mu Xiaojin quickly stepped back, and saw the weird laughter on the man’s face.
She quickly laid her hand on her chest.
None of the other students knew what was going on, but the next moment, while everybody was watching, Mu Xiaojin’s clothes fell apart from her shoulder, revealing a large part of her skin.

“Xiaojin!” Yun Feng changed her expression, and was about to rush forward.
However, Qu Lanyi pulled her back, with an unhappy expression.
“Don’t go there.
If you go there, Mu Xiaojin will automatically fail.”

Yun Feng gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.
Eventually, she held back her fury and sat down.
Seeing Mu Xiaojin’s skin, the Beast laughed hard and then licked the green blade in his hand.
His tongue, which was twice as long as a normal one, disgusted all the students who were watching the game.

Mu Xiaojin’s face turned pale too.
The Beast chuckled.
“Your skin tastes great.
I like it…” His tiny eyes were twisted as he put on an extremely hideous smile.
While holding her clothes with one hand, Mu Xiaojin gathered water elements into an arrow in her other hand.
She roared palely, “Water Arrow!”

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