Chapter 315: Duel: First Round (3)

“Did you see that? The ma’am took action.” The brawny man chuckled, and so did his slim brother.
Why didn’t the ma’am kill him?”

Brutality flashed in the brawny man’s eyes.
Every Magic Beast was born for killing.
“Who knows? The ma’am is never predictable.”

The brothers mumbled something else, and were relieved.
A moment earlier, they had been terrified by the sullen ma’am, and thought that she might kill them.
Fortunately, someone came here for the ma’am to vent her fury on.

The brothers looked up at the sky again, but there was already nobody to be seen.
“Ah… I’m so sleepy.
Let’s go to bed.”

This night seemed mysterious in the Masang School of Magic.
Many students were still puzzled about the deafening explosion.
The next morning, when Yun Feng opened her eyes, she saw Qu Lanyi on the other bed in the room.
When did she come back?

Yun Feng rubbed her eyes and sat up.
She looked at the destroyed floor in the spacious room and smiled helplessly.
Hardly had she got up when Qu Lanyi turned around and put on an alluring smile.
“Fengfeng, good morning.”

Yun Feng smiled awkwardly and said good morning back to her.
Then, she freshened herself up as quickly as possible, and rushed out.
Qu Lanyi sat up and stared at the destroyed floor, narrowing her eyes.


The second day of the society ranking contest began.
The ten advanced teams would fight each other.
Every team would receive a number by drawing lots.
The teams with numbers 1 to 5 were in Group 1, and those with numbers 6 to 10 were in Group 2.
The five teams in each group would fight each other, until there were two winners.
Then, the four winners would fight again, to decide the top three teams.

As the previous day, only four representatives of the Constellation Society came.
Ling Xiaoyun was still nowhere to be seen.
Some ignorant students thought that the missing contestant of the Constellation Society was its trump card.
Yun Feng was quite amused by that theory.

Yun Sheng stepped up to draw lots.
Soon, the result came out.
The Constellation Society got No.
5, and the Fire Society got No.
One of them was in Group 1 and the other in Group 2.
They didn’t have an opportunity to fight yet.
However, the students thought it would be better, as the most wonderful match should come last.

Five teams fought in different regions.
Kasa was rather satisfied with the result.
Heated matches were going on in both groups, with cheers bursting out.
The Constellation Society was No.
5, so it wasn’t their turn yet.

Yun Feng and her companions watched the other societies’ matches.
None of the top ten societies were easy to deal with.
Their matches weren’t really spectacular, but they were definitely worth watching.
Finally, it was the Constellation Society’s turn.
Yun Feng finally realized that their opponent was the team who voluntarily admitted defeat in the first round!

Seeing that, the students all burst into laughter.
The captain who admitted defeat blushed, but stood with his head held high.
“This time, we won’t admit defeat again.
We will try our best to defeat you!”

Yun Feng smiled.
She admired this opponent for their valiant declaration.
“If so, we will try our best to fight too!”

A round of cheers burst out.
While everybody cheered for them, the Constellation Society defeated its opponent with dominating advantages.
Its opponent was clearly not strong enough, but it had tried its best.
They probably wouldn’t feel bad about the failure.

Very soon, the winners of both groups emerged.
Naturally, the Constellation Society and the Fire Society advanced.
When the captains of the four teams stood together, ready to draw lots, Kasa smiled at Yun Sheng and said, “Don’t disappoint me.”

Yun Sheng smiled at Kasa gently, which raised the exclamations of many girls.
“Don’t worry.
You won’t be disappointed.”

Kasa pursed her lips and turned her head around.
The other two captains, seeing their vibes, knew that it was impossible to beat them.
They might as well try their best to become the third best team.

“Draw lots!” At the teacher’s instruction, the four captains extended their hand into a big box and fetched a note.
They unfolded the notes at the audience at the same time.

One, two!

Seeing Yun Sheng’s and Kasa’s numbers, the students all shrieked.
Yun Sheng and Kasa looked at each other, and Kasa tossed the note away.
This is exactly what I want.”

Yun Sheng folded the note and put it back in the box.
He ignored Kasa and simply left the stage.
Kasa stood there awkwardly, and eventually snorted and walked away.
The Fire Society and the Constellation Society finally encountered each other in this round!

“It’s finally on! We’ve waited for a long time!”

Their battle will surely be splendid.
There will be so much we can learn!”

You haven’t forgotten the deal between Yun Feng and the princess, right?” asked a student, and many gave a positive reply.
Everybody knew the deal.
The loser between them would run around the campus naked.

Naturally, Kasa heard the students’ discussion, and blushed angrily.
She roared at the teammates behind her.
“Whoever loses will be automatically removed from the Fire Society!”

Mi Lingli wasn’t anxious at all.
She always felt good about herself.
Murong Ran was gloomy.
She was still scared of Yun Feng’s previous attack, and would rather not endure that terrible experience again…

“The match begins now!” The referee gave an order.
Both societies would send their first representative.
All the students couldn’t help but widen their eyes and watch, with insuppressible excitement on their faces.
It’s on! It’s finally on!

Yun Feng rose and was about to walk to the arena, when someone pulled her with a tiny gentle hand.
Yun Feng looked back, only to find that it was Mu Xiaojin, who winked at Yun Feng with her lovely big eyes and said, “Xiao Feng, let me do it this time.”

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