Chapter 311: Absolutely Strong (3)

After the matches on the first day, the students all looked forward to the upcoming matches on the next day.
Everybody discussed the matches enthusiastically afterwards.
The Fire Society and the Constellation Society, naturally, attracted the most attention, since the Fire Society and the Constellation Society were the most heated topics.
The Fire Society was as dominating as always, and the Constellation Society, as a dark horse, caught even more attention.

The three instant victories, and especially Yun Sheng’s performance, shocked a lot of people.
The mocking titles that had been given to Yun Sheng were all shattered.
He was no longer a useless loser!

The people who had mocked Yun Sheng in the past were so shocked that their jaws almost hit the ground.
Those who had scorned Yun Sheng before all shut up.
Yun Sheng had shown part of his strength in the matches, and it was enough to shut everybody up!

He didn’t explain himself, or laugh back at those people.
He didn’t say or do anything.
He simply proved what kind of person he was with his own strength!

Yun Sheng became a popular figure very quickly.
He attracted the curiosity of many girls too.
Yun Sheng was very handsome.
He was only mocked because of his weakness.
So now that he had shown his strength, it was only natural that girls swarmed to him.
It would be weird if a man who was handsome, strong and gentle wasn’t liked!

After the first day of the society ranking contest, Yun Sheng became a popular name among the girls.
Many of them had even become his supporters! The Constellation Society caught enough attention with their instant victories on the first day, and gained more reputation, even though Qu Lanyi hadn’t even fought yet.
It inevitably became popular in the Masang School of Magic.
Anyone who didn’t know about the Constellation Society would be mocked in the Masang School of Magic.


The society ranking contest on the first day was over.
In the evening, Yun Feng lay down quietly in her dormitory and focused her attention on cultivation.
There was no telling where Qu Lanyi was.
Yun Feng didn’t ask.
She would rather not know her roommate’s secrets, of which her roommate obviously had many.

In the dark forest at the edge of the Masang School of Magic, there were three people seated on stumps.
The brawny man among them looked at the person next to him with an adulating smile, “Ma’am, are you feeling good?”

The person chuckled.
That’s why I’ve come to you.”

The brawny man managed an awkward smile, with beads of sweat on his forehead.
The slim young man on the brawny guy’s opposite side also smiled awkwardly.
“Well… Has everything been going well?”

“Of course it is.” The person chuckled again.
The two guys looked at each other, and saw the panic in each other’s eyes.
Why was this lady here? She usually came several times a year.
Yet, she had visited them twice in a month!

“Right, where are the things I asked for?” asked the person.
The brawny man managed a hideous smile.
“Ma’am, it’s really difficult to get those things.

“Oh? It’s really difficult?” The person raised her brows and glanced around at the woods.
“Huh, let’s see.
Those woods are too precious to be kept here.
I think it’s best to chop them and turn them into firewood.”

Both of the men were panicked.
“Ma’am! We’re telling you the truth! It’s really hard to acquire what you asked for.
If we could get them, we would’ve offered them!”

The slim young man quickly nodded.
“My big brother is right.
We dare not lie to you.”

The person glanced at them, and didn’t say anything.
It seemed that she had dropped the idea of chopping the woods.
Right then, the two brothers who talked both shivered coldly.

“What’s wrong?”

They looked at each other with unusual coldness.
The brawny man unconsciously looked up at the sky, only to see nothing except the glittering stars.

“What’s wrong?” asked the person, frowning and staring at the brothers.
The brawny man tried to smile, and so did his brother.
However, both of them seemed rather awkward.

“N-Nothing…” replied the brawny man, shivering.
The visitor quickly narrowed her eyes.
“You’re not telling the truth?” A powerful aura erupted from her.
The brothers didn’t know what to say.
It was truly impossible to disobey her!

We just sensed a great power…”

“A great power?” asked the visitor in confusion, before she examined the environment, only to find nothing.
“You should know that I don’t have a good temper.”

The brawny young man almost cried.
“It’s true.
As Magic Beasts, we’re naturally sensitive to great powers.
It’s sort of a sixth sense you can say.
Just now, it was just our feeling.
There’s no telling if it is valid.
Maybe it was just our illusion.
After all, you didn’t feel a thing…”

“Where did you feel the power go?” asked the visitor.
The brawny man looked at her and replied, “The Masang School of Magic.”

“Swoosh…” A breeze blew at the brothers.
They blinked their eyes, and the person who just stood in front of them was gone.
They looked at each other and quickly hid themselves in the depths of the woods.

The Masang School of Magic this year was so strange.
There was not just one ma’am, but two ma’ams.
To make things worse, an even greater expert had arrived.
If what they sensed was right, the stranger must be unimaginably strong.
They had cold sweat even when they just recalled the feeling!

Something would definitely happen to the Masang School of Magic! Both of the brothers held the same opinion.
They should probably just keep a low profile here.

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