Chapter 309: Absolutely Strong (1)

The Constellation Society had never been known until it challenged the Fire Society.
However, as it turned out, the Constellation Society was strong enough to challenge the Fire Society.
Besides, it seemed to be united and harmonious, and its leader wasn’t arrogant at all.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, also carried the vibe of leadership that made the members of the Constellation Society want to obey her.

As time went by, the Fire Society lost its brilliance, and the Constellation Society became a rising star!

“It’s begun.
Those people are unimportant.
If they want to watch, just watch!” All the other students moved their eyes away, and the Fire Society’s spies couldn’t help but lower their heads.
Had the Fire Society ever been so ignored? When the Fire Society was in its heyday, even its regular members received other people’s envy! However, at this moment, they were subjects of despise and derision!

They stood there, holding back the discomfort in their heart.
On the arena, four members of the Constellation Society stepped up.
Yun Feng glanced at her opponent’s team and moved forward.
Cheers burst out consecutively.
Region C was likely the most heated region of all.

Yun Feng glanced at the crowd, and soon saw the frustrated spies of the Fire Society.
She put on a smile.
It seemed that the Fire Society had successfully become the top of Region A.
It would be unacceptable if the Constellation Society didn’t become the best of Region C unstoppably!

Yun Feng warmed up her wrist, with determination all over her face.
Her opponent stepped up.
The referee raised his arms and was about to announce the beginning of the match, when her opponent suddenly said loudly, “Wait! I admit defeat!”

Everybody was shocked.
Then, curses and yells echoed in the region.

“Damn it! Seriously? You’ve admitted defeat even before the battle starts?”

“Exactly! Don’t you think it’s humiliating?”

The students who were expecting a spectacular game never thought that one party would voluntarily admit defeat.
The contestant who admitted defeat stood there with a red face.
The referee was rather awkward too.
He slowly put his arms down.

“Are you sure you want to admit defeat?” asked the referee again.
At this time, a guy who seemed to be the captain of the team walked close solemnly and bowed to all the audience.

“I know you want to watch a spectacular game, but I know we’re too weak to beat the Constellation Society.
It’s impossible for us to reach the top.
Therefore, we admit defeat.”

After the captain said that, the audience booed him.
The referee nodded in approval and then announced loudly, “The Constellation Society is the top of Region C!”

The unexpected submission made Yun Feng chuckle.
That captain seemed like a smart guy.
It was right to dodge foes that were too strong to resist.
In particular, in the society ranking contest, one failure didn’t mean doom.
They might achieve better rankings if they preserved their strength.
Besides, they were already the second best of Region C, and qualified to advance.
If they hadn’t been qualified, they probably would’ve tried their best to fight.

The members of the Fire Society looked at the scene in shock.
Admit defeat? They had admitted defeat? The Constellation Society became the top without even fighting.
Even the Fire Society never awed its opponents like that, and had to fight to reach the top!

The spies looked at each other in bewilderment.
They didn’t acquire much intelligence, but were rather shocked.
They immediately squeezed through the crowd and walked to Region A.
Although the audience at Region C were rather bummed, they realized that the captain was right not to take the risk of fighting the Constellation Society.
After all, even if the battle was fought, the Constellation Society would still win easily.
Its instant victories so far had intimidated a lot of people, and made its opponents feel threatened.

The members of the Fire Society quickly ran back to Region A, where Kasa was seated anxiously.
She resumed her calm expression when she saw them, and asked unhurriedly, “How did it go?” She knew that the Constellation Society must be the top, but she wanted to know the details about how it reached there.

Those members were silent for a moment, before they finally said, “It won.”

“Of course! I know it won! I want to know how it won!” shouted Kasa anxiously.
Then, she immediately changed her attitude.
She had lost her cool.
As a princess of the royal family, she must keep her grace and manners all the time.

“Your Highness, there are no details.
The Constellation Society didn’t do anything.
Its opponent voluntarily admitted defeat.”

Hearing that, Kasa could hardly remain cool.
She looked awful, and waved her hand to dismiss the spies.
Then, she rose and walked to a dark corner, hiding herself in the shadow.
Glancing at Region C, Kasa walked out of the auditorium silently.

On the rear mountain in the Masang School of Magic, Kasa stood along with a Jade amulet, which glittered and emitted a voice.
“Kasa, what’s the matter?”

Kasa was rather nervous, even though she couldn’t see the person who talked and could only hear his voice.
“Father, the Yun family has changed.”

The person whom Kasa called father was none other than the emperor of the Karan Empire!

The Sound Transmission Jade glittered again.
“It has changed? Tell me about it.”

Kasa frowned and told her father about Yun Feng and Yun Sheng, how Qu Lanyi took Yun Feng’s side, and the progress of the society ranking contest.
After that, Kasa continued, “Father, the Yun family is already a great problem for us.
Why don’t we…”

The jade was silent for a long time, before the emperor finally said, “Leave the matter alone for now.
The Yun family is still useful to us.
Both of the Yun family’s kids in this generation are mages.
If either of them grows into a summoner…”

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