“The Ring of Contract is a symbol for summoners.
Only summoners can have the Ring of Contract! Once you successfully enter a contract with a Magic Beast, the Ring of Contract will be formed.
The color and appearance of the ring are determined based on the element type the Magic Beast belongs to.
The Ring of Contract is also a medium for summoners to summon their Magic Beasts and the Magic Beasts usually live inside the Ring of Contract.”

Yun Feng nodded and carefully digested the ancestor’s words.
The Ring of Contract was like an identity.
People who had a Ring of Contract were undoubtedly summoners.
Looking at the ring on her hand, Yun Feng made a decision in her mind.

“Fire Cloud Wolf, I’ll call you Little Fire from now on.
That’s it for now.
Take a rest first.”

“Yes, Master.”

The body of the Fire Cloud Wolf flashed and it turned into a beam of flaming red light, disappearing in Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract.
After the Fire Cloud Wolf got inside, Yun Feng surprisingly pulled the ring off her finger and casually threw it into the bracelet! The ancestor was shocked by this move and the eyes of the old man who had been watching her in the air also popped out.

“What an interesting kid…” The old man mumbled.
Watching Yun Feng, he only felt that this child was truly interesting.
She put the Ring of Contract away.
No summoners had ever done this throughout history.
Being able to become a summoner was something that made people crazy.
Nobody had ever thought about hiding their identity like this, except for Yun Feng!

Facing the ancestor’s surprised look, Yun Feng smiled.
She certainly had considered it and didn’t do such a move randomly.
The identity of a summoner was indeed superior, but she didn’t want everyone to know about it right now.
She was too weak at the moment.
Although she already had very few rivals among her peers after reaching level 6 at this age, when facing those real powerhouses, she was a weak being who could be smacked to death with a single slap!


The Yun family had once been glorious, but Yun Feng had no idea how much danger was hidden under the glory.
However, it didn’t mean that she was ignorant.
The Yun family suffered from an unprecedented blow after they declined.
They moved back to Chunfeng Town from the Imperial Capital, which showed how many enemies they had.
When they were glorious, the enemies wouldn’t be foolish enough to face them, but once they declined, those vile faces all appeared.

She had to carry heavy responsibilities along her journey.
She must bring the Yun family back to the peak again, or even higher than before.
However, this was under the premise that she survived, so she had the life and time to grow sufficiently!

An eaglet wasn’t terrifying.
What was terrifying was a grown male eagle! Yun Feng had no idea what many disasters it would cause if her strength was exposed, but she did know that it was best for her to lay low at the moment.


The identity of a summoner was her biggest trump card.
The later she used this trump card, the better.
Perhaps when she encountered some truly powerful enemies, she would also be able to catch them off guard!

The trip to the Foggy Forest ended perfectly.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth also curled up slightly into a smile.
She flashed away and disappeared, speeding towards the outermost area of the Foggy Forest.

After Yun Feng left, the old man in the air slowly appeared.
He looked at the direction where Yun Feng left with his eyes that were full of vicissitudes of life, then a smile flashed through.
“The East Continent is about to be lively…”

In the outermost area of the Foggy Forest, the crazily running Purple Electric Leopard stopped a bit messily and kept panting.
It huddled on a giant tree, still feeling a bit frightened.

Three level-5 Magic Beasts, one was dead and one was injured in a blink.
The Purple Electric Leopard was a bit terrified just thinking about it.
If it escaped one step slower, it wouldn’t have ended up any better than the Gale Wolf!

Thinking of the miserable look of the Gale Wolf when it was swallowed by that fire beast, nothing was left, not even a hair! Only the Magic Core!

The Purple Electric Leopard shivered.
It only felt like it was truly unlucky and lucky at the same time.
There were only three level-5 Magic Beasts in the outermost area of the Foggy Forest.
The others were all under them.
And now, one of them died and one was injured.
Only the Purple Electric Leopard was safe.
Thinking of the half-dead Fire Cloud Wolf, Purple Electric Leopard was thrilled.
It looked like it was going to become the boss of the outermost area of the Foggy Forest!


In this regard, the Purple Electric Leopard should thank Yun Feng.
It was already difficult for the Purple Electric Leopard to catch up with the Fire Cloud Wolf, which had reached the peak of level 5.
If Yun Feng didn’t attack then, the Purple Electric Leopard might never be able to become the leader of the outermost area of the Foggy Forest its entire life.

While the Purple Electric Leopard was feeling emotional for surviving a disaster and feeling happy for becoming the leader, it suddenly narrowed its eyes.
The sound of grass moving came from a few hundred meters away.
The Purple Electric Leopard lightly jumped down from the giant tree with its soft paws, making no noise when it landed on the ground.
A hint of viciousness flashed through its eyes.
It was a group of humans!

The Purple Electric Leopard already felt upset losing to Yun Feng today.
It was also embarrassed and angry after being scared away by a human.
Now that a group of humans suddenly appeared in front of its muzzle, its Magic Beast’s bloodthirsty character rolled out and its desire for killing surged.


Among this group of humans, the strongest one was only at mid-level 5.
They couldn’t pose any threat to the Purple Electric Leopard at all.
A Magic Beast was much more powerful than humans of the same level.
Unless the humans had higher levels, they wouldn’t have the power to fight back at all.

Weak humans, you’re right about time! I’ll vent my anger on you!

“What? There are only some level-1 or level-2 Magic Beasts.
How boring!” The girl’s complaint sounded in the forest.
The eyebrows of the young boy walking next to her pulsed several times and he remained silent, while the few servants smiled wryly and had no idea how they should explain to this Young Lady.
The Foggy Forest was truly fucking weird today!

The Magic Beasts seemed to have become cowards.
They only saw a few low-level Magic Beasts along the way.
Apart from that severely injured Fire Cloud Wolf, those usual level-3 and level-4 Magic Beasts couldn’t be seen at all!

“Master, let’s go back.” One of the servants felt something wrong.
All the Magic Beasts seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden.
The entire outermost area of the Foggy Forest was weirdly quiet.
This was definitely not a normal situation!

The young boy frowned.
He had been really vigilant along the way and he felt that there was something wrong with the Foggy Forest today.
After hearing what the servant said, the young boy also nodded and said to the bored girl, “We should get back.
The condition of the Foggy Forest is a bit abnormal.
It’s usually not that quiet and there are normally not that little Magic Beasts…”

“What? Go back? I came all the way here thinking I can have a look at the mysterious and dangerous Foggy Forest people talk about.
It turns out it’s just a normal forest.
What kind of shit is this? I came here for nothing!” The girl lost her temper and the others could only smile.
They really had no idea what to say.
The most important thing right now was to take her out of there.

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