Chapter 308: The Society Ranking Contest Begins (3)

Yun Sheng looked at the number in her hand.
It was the Constellation Society’s turn now that the last pair had finished.
A teacher shouted, “The Constellation Society, go up!” All the students in Region C waved their arms and roared excitedly.
They all gazed at the arena with passion all over their faces.
The Constellation Society’s opponent was an unknown small society.
Without the new members such as Yun Feng, it probably couldn’t even beat this small society.

Yun Feng was the first to leap to the arena.
Her opponent stepped up too and glanced at Yun Feng.
“You’re the guy who challenged the Fire Society? You’re quite bold and courageous.
I wonder how strong you are.”

Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
She waved her hand, and flowing blue water elements appeared in her hand.
They seemed gentle and harmless, but there was something unusual about them.
Her opponent became solemn and waved his hand too, summoning yellow elements, which suggested that he was a mage of the earth class.

“You’ll find out how strong I am very shortly,” said Yun Feng with a smile.
She narrowed her eyes and slashed her hand.
The Constellation Society’s first battle hence began!

The matches in Region A were all finished quickly, and the Fire Society was particularly fast.
It beat all its opponents with several moves.
None of its opponents hoped to beat it either.
Soon, the Fire Society became one of the advanced societies in Region A, whereas the other teams fought for the other opening.
The person whom Kasa asked to watch the Constellation Society’s game returned with an awful expression.

“Tell me.
How is it going there?” Kasa sat on her chair at ease, with her four teammates by her side.
The reporter took a deep breath and then said in a low voice, “Three consecutive victories.”

Kasa frowned.
“I know the result; I want the details!”

The reporter couldn’t help but gasp.
He glanced at Kasa.
“T-They defeated all of their opponents in only one round.”

Kasa suddenly raised her head.
“Did it happen in all three of the games?”

The reporter nodded heavily.
“Who fought in those games?” Kasa’s heart palpitated ill at ease.
She tried to soothe herself, telling herself that instant victories were no big deal.
It was possible that they had been fighting Mr.

The reporter opened his mouth with shivering lips.
“Yun Feng, Mu Xiaojin and… Yun Sheng.”

Kasa’s heart raced the moment she heard that.
The others were rather startled too.
They knew that Yun Feng would win easily as a strong double-element mage.
It was understandable that Mu Xiaojin defeated her opponent fast too.
However, about Yun Sheng… How could he have won so easily even though he was only level 3? It didn’t make sense!

Kasa sat there in silence without saying anything.
Her companions were deep in thought too.
The reporter, seeing that, quickly moved away.
Cheers suddenly burst out of Region C, which woke Kasa up and made her furrow her brows.

Yun Sheng, Yun Sheng… Was it possible that Yun Sheng had been hiding himself this whole time?

Kasa felt ill at ease when she thought about that.
The Yun family was no normal family.
The Karan Royal Family needn’t have wasted so much time dealing with it if it were.
A summoner had emerged in this family in the past.
It was like a fish bone that was stuck in the Karan Royal Family’s throat.
It would be fine if the family declined, but it would be a disaster to the Karan Royal Family if the family rose.
Since there was no way that the family would give in, the Karan Royal Family had to completely erase it! That was the royal family’s philosophy.

Kasa thought carefully.
Yun Feng’s growth had already made the Karan Royal Family vigilant.
If Yun Sheng grew strong too, then… Kasa became solemn.
If that was true, it seemed that they would have to attack the Yun family in advance.

After the Fire Society became the top in Region A, the matches there started coming to an end.
All the audience moved towards Region C, where rounds of cheers were bursting out.
It seemed that many other societies presented splendid performances besides the Constellation Society.

Soon, only two teams were left of the ten teams.
As the students cheered more and more loudly, the battle between the Constellation Society and another society was about to begin!

“Keep it up, Constellation Society!”

“I have high hopes for you! Become the top of Region C and let the Fire Society see!”

The students all shouted enthusiastically.
In the cheering crowd, there was a small group of people who remained cold and silent.
They all had the emblems of the Fire Society on their chest, indicating that they were members of the Fire Society.

“Aren’t you from the Fire Society?” A student keenly noticed this group, who didn’t join the cheers of the crowd at all, making it easy to notice them.
The other students all turned their heads.
The group of students thought that nobody would see them, but they had ended up as the center of attention.
They all blushed.
“So what? Can’t we watch the matches in Region C because we’re from the Fire Society?”

“Haha, of course you can! You’re here for reconnaissance, aren’t you?” said a student unconsciously, making those students even more embarrassed.
They had truly come here for reconnaissance at Kasa’s instruction.
They weren’t happy about her instruction either, because she could’ve come here and watched, instead of asking them to report all the details to her.

“Stop spouting nonsense! The Fire Society is the best of Region A.
We’re only here to check if the Constellation Society will be the top! Otherwise, it won’t be capable of challenging the Fire Society!” The members of the Fire Society all held their heads high.
Although they spoke aggressively, they seemed rather anxious in a way.
All the students around them burst into laughter, making them rather scared.
They looked at the laughing students, wondering why they were laughing so loudly.

“Then just stay here and watch how the Constellation Society reaches the top.”

The students of the Fire Society looked pale and sullen.
The other students all glanced at them in disdain.
At this moment, the Fire Society had lost most of its reputation in the Masang School of Magic.
Chu Kuangren’s incident and Kasa’s cruel attitude towards him changed people’s impression of the Fire Society.

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