Chapter 304: The Fire Society’s Humiliation (5)

Qu Lanyi’s speed astonished Yun Feng.
She had only waited for about one minute, when she saw Qu Lanyi walking out of the Trial Tower, with a messy and unkempt man in her hand, who was none other than Ling Xiaoyun.

“What are you doing, crazy woman?” The moment they came out, Yun Feng heard Ling Xiaoyun’s furious cry.
The contempt on Qu Lanyi’s face amused Yun Feng.
The moment they came out, Qu Lanyi threw Ling Xiaoyun aside and waved her hands in disgust.
She looked at Ling Xiaoyun and asked, “Fengfeng, is this filthy garbage the person you’re looking for?”

Ling Xiaoyun rose from the ground quickly.
“What did you say, woman? I dare you to say that again!”

Yun Feng frowned.
Ling Xiaoyun turned out to be quite angry.
Judging from his messy look, he must’ve been cultivating wholeheartedly, until Qu Lanyi interrupted him.
What caught Yun Feng’s attention was Ling Xiaoyun’s strength.
This man had already reached level 5.

He had advanced by one level in only half a month.
What kind of speed was that? How had he been cultivating? Yun Feng was quite astonished.
The man cultivated even faster than she did.
Was he… a genius?

“You’re as filthy as garbage.
Am I not right?” Qu Lanyi coldly stared at Ling Xiaoyun, and then turned her head aside, as if she couldn’t bear looking at him any longer.
“Fengfeng, I’m leaving,” said Qu Lanyi, before she left as quickly as the wind.
Yun Feng blinked her eyes and walked to Ling Xiaoyun, before she raised her head and looked at the messy man.

“Ling Xiaoyun.” Yun Feng slowly opened her mouth.
Ling Xiaoyun turned back and gazed at her, as if he was searching his memories.
“Ah, I remember you.
You were the girl who bought my stuff.
What’s your name?”

Yun Feng sweated hard.
It had only been half a month, yet the guy had completely forgotten her! “I am Yun Feng.”

“Right, Yun Feng.
I remember you.
What can I do for you?” Ling Xiaoyun scratched his hair, which was messy and dirty.
Yun Feng stared at him for a long time, before she finally asked, “You haven’t forgotten your promise, have you?”

Ling Xiaoyun was stunned.
“My promise? What’s it about?”

Yun Feng couldn’t help heaving a deep sigh.
Good thing that she had come here to confirm the matter with Ling Xiaoyun, or the Constellation Society would suffer a huge loss… “I asked you to join the Constellation Society, and you accepted my request.
I signed up for you.
You’re now a member of the Constellation Society.”

Ling Xiaoyun was stunned again.
Then, he waved his hand.
“It doesn’t matter.
Every society is the same to me.
Anything else? I’m going back if that’s all.” Ling Xiaoyun was about to return to the tower, when Yun Feng extended her hand and grabbed his arm.
Ling Xiaoyun angrily tried to throw her off, but Yun Feng turned out to be much stronger than he thought!

Ling Xiaoyun suddenly turned his head around, and looked at Yun Feng with glittering eyes.
Yun Feng wasn’t in the best mood.
She stared at Ling Xiaoyun coldly.
“You don’t seem to be a man with any sense of responsibility.
I don’t have any hope for you either.
I’m simply here to tell you that the society ranking contest is about to begin and you’re one of the representatives.
That’s all.” Yun Feng then let go of Ling Xiaoyun, who stood there in a daze and stared at Yun Feng’s back as she walked away.
He lowered his head and looked at his wrist, which had a dark mark around it.
Ling Xiaoyun looked at the mark and mumbled, “What’s the matter with that girl? She’s so strong…”

Yun Feng walked angrily.
The form that had been submitted couldn’t be changed.
Those representatives were likely the only members of the Constellation Society when it signed up for the contest, otherwise her big brother wouldn’t have written Ling Xiaoyun’s name.
However, Ling Xiaoyun might not come at all, and the Constellation Society would only have four representatives.
Although it would be easy for them to secure three victories, she still felt that something was wrong.

After Yun Feng left, a person emerged from the corner.
She looked at Yun Feng’s back and gradually put on a smile, before she walked to Ling Xiaoyun who was still in a daze.
“Cough, cough.
Are you Ling Xiaoyun?”

Ling Xiaoyun raised his head, and saw a totally strange woman smiling in front of him.
He lowered his head and asked, “Who are you? Why do you know my name?”

The stranger was dazed.
“Well… I certainly know you.
You don’t know who I am?”

Ling Xiaoyun didn’t even bother to bat an eye.
Why should I know who you are?”

the stranger blushed.
“You…” She took a deep breath and continued, “I’m Princess Kasa, from the Karan Royal Family.
Everybody calls me Her Highness!”

Ling Xiaoyun glanced at Kasa as if she were a lunatic, scaring her with his expression.
“What the f*ck are you talking about? Princess? Are you done bulls*iting? If you have, get the hell out of here.”

Kasa’s face turned completely red, as if it was about to drip blood.
She looked at the man with embarrassment and fury all over her face.
She had never been insulted like that in her entire life! How bold of the man!

“Ling Xiaoyun, just who do you think you are? You dare to yell at me? I’ll have your family destroyed for that!’

Ling Xiaoyun couldn’t help but laugh aloud.
You can’t stop bull*iting? I don’t have enough time for you.
You’ll have my family destroyed? Be my guest,” said Ling Xiaoyun coldly, before he turned around and walked to the Trial Tower.

Kasa almost bit her own tongue off.
Wasn’t she supposed to be here to attract him? Why did she burst into fury?

“Hold on a second! If you’re willing to quit the Constellation Society and join the Fire Society, I’ll give you ten high-level ores!”

Kasa’s voice stopped Ling Xiaoyun from moving forward.
She smiled proudly.
She had obtained the list of the Constellation Society’s representatives through a special method.
It was hard for her to work on the other four representatives, but she could still start with this one.
Also, she saw that Yun Feng was angry with him a moment earlier.
This person would be the best point of breakthrough!

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