Chapter 303: The Fire Society’s Humiliation (4)

In the Constellation Society’s office, Yun Feng was reading the forms that her big brother submitted.
The rules of the society ranking contest were attached to the back of the forms.
Every society could send five representatives for the contest.
The societies would draw lots before they fought each other in best-of-five matches.
The representatives couldn’t fight continuously, meaning that they could only fight once.
The order of the representatives wasn’t fixed.
It could be changed according to the circumstances!

In the first round, ten teams would be picked.
In the second round, five teams would be picked.
In the third round, every two teams must fight until two teams were eliminated.
The remaining three teams would fight each other, and the team that had two victories would be the champion!

Yun Feng read the rules carefully, and checked the rewards.

First place: the five representatives would each receive one mid-level ore, while the rest of the society would each receive one low-level ore.

Second place: the five representatives would receive three mid-level ores between them, while the other members of the society would receive ten mid-level ores between them.

Third place: the five representatives would get one mid-level ore between them, while the other members of the society would get five mid-level ores between them.

The societies that ranked lower wouldn’t be rewarded.
Yun Feng clicked her tongue after reading this.
The Masang School of Magic was rather generous.
Every member of the champion society would receive one low-level ore.
Considering the number of students the Fire Society had, a lot of low-level ores must’ve been given away!

The second and third best societies were much less generously rewarded.
It explained why the Fire Society had to stay on the top all the time.
After reading the back of the form, Yun Feng turned it around, and there were five names on it.
They were the Constellation Society’s representatives in this contest.

Yun Sheng, Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi, Ling Xiaoyun and Mu Xiaojin.
Mu Xiaojin smiled when she read the list.
They were almost all the most important members of the Constellation Society.
Although more and more students joined the Constellation Society, not all of them could represent the Constellation Society.
Yun Feng read the names and glanced at Qu Lanyi and Ling Xiaoyun.
She was confident in her brother and Xiaojin, but she had to reconsider the other two representatives, especially Ling Xiaoyun, who didn’t even know what the society was.

Yun Feng put down the form and considered.
Ling Xiaoyun must’ve cultivated in the Trial Tower with her high-level ores since she gave them to him half a month earlier.
If she didn’t sign up for him, the Constellation Society would have one fewer representative for no good reason.

While thinking, Yun Feng rose and intended to talk to him, when her office was suddenly opened and someone jumped at her.
Yun Feng keenly stepped aside, but the person changed her trajectory precisely towards her new place.
Her warm body touched Yun Feng, who immediately turned sullen.

“Qu Lanyi, get off of me!”

Qu Lanyi, who had wrapped herself around Yun Feng, moved her face away and stared at Yun Feng with alluring eyes.
“Fengfeng, why didn’t you tell me that you were leaving? Did you miss me in the past days?”

Yun Feng’s lips cramped.
She couldn’t hold it any longer, and pushed Qu Lanyi away from her.
Yet, Qu Lanyi grabbed Yun Feng’s neck and simply refused to get away from her.

“Fengfeng, you didn’t miss me at all.” Her complaining tone, which sounded like a lonely wife’s, made Yun Feng shiver uncontrollably.
What was wrong with this woman? Why did she keep sticking to her?

“Qu Lanyi, I don’t like being so intimate with anyone else!” roared Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi was stunned.
Right when Yun Feng thought that she would get off, she said, “That’s alright.
You’ll get used to it, Fengfeng.”

Yun Feng was so angry that she narrowed her eyes.
Not caring whether or not Qu Lanyi would get hurt, she was going to throw her away.
However, Qu Lanyi stepped back agilely before Yun Feng did anything.

She gazed at Yun Feng with her charming eyes, and unhurriedly combed her black hair.
“Where are you going, Fengfeng?”

Yun Feng sorted her clothes.
“To talk to Ling Xiaoyun.”

“Why do you want to talk to him?” Qu Lanyi seemed rather gloomy and unhappy.

“Why do you care?” Yun Feng raised her brows and looked at Qu Lanyi, who chuckled and moved closer to her again.
She quickly dodged her and turned the doorknob, about to run away…

“You can’t get into the Trial Tower.
Did you forget?” said Qu Lanyi unhurriedly.
She looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
Yun Feng stiffened.
She had indeed forgotten that, but that was fine.
She could let her brother talk to him.
Yun Feng ignored Qu Lanyi and simply walked out.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi followed her and put on a big smile.

“I’ll help you fetch him, Fengfeng.
There’s no need to thank me.”

Yun Feng looked rather gloomy.
This person was truly rather voluntary.
So be it.
Since she said that there was no need to thank her, it was fine.
Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t turn her down, Qu Lanyi put on a smile and looked at Yun Feng with an unusual light in her eyes.

The two of them reached the Trial Tower, and unsurprisingly, caught a lot of people’s attention on the way.
Many people couldn’t help but look at them and follow them.
They didn’t even realize it when they bumped into trees.

Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng didn’t notice any of them.
They simply walked forward, until they reached the Trial Tower.
Then, Qu Lanyi smiled at Yun Feng.
“Just wait a moment.
I’ll be right back.” After that, Qu Lanyi entered the Trial Tower.
When she showed her Trial Card, Yun Feng keenly noticed fear on the face of the teacher at the door.

Fear? Even if the Masang School of Magic’s teacher wasn’t as strong as talented students, he shouldn’t have feared her.
Who was Qu Lanyi? Looking at Qu Lanyi’s back, Yun Feng was deep in thought.
It seemed that this Qu Lanyi couldn’t be a simple person, could she?

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