Chapter 302: The Fire Society’s Humiliation (3)

The other students remembered Yun Feng’s shocking attack a moment earlier, and the humiliation of the Fire Society’s deputy leader.
They were all excited.
The result of the Constellation Society and the Fire Society’s competition wasn’t certain yet! With Yun Feng’s help, the Constellation Society might win!

“I’d like to join too!”

“Me too! Me too!”

The Constellation Society’s supporters all shouted.
Looking at the students who sincerely wanted to join the Constellation Society, Yun Feng was quite delighted.
She had indeed imposed the fear of death on Chu Kuangren and demeaned him in public on purpose.
She always treated others the way they treated her.
Since the man went back on his word, she certainly wouldn’t let him walk away easily.

Remembering the expressions of the Fire Society’s members, Yun Feng put on a smile.
It was time to suppress the Fire Society’s arrogance.

Chu Kuangren’s spectacular show made a lot of people laugh so hard that they had a stomach ache.
Many other people were regretful, and the Fire Society suffered an unprecedented strike.
The spar between him and Yun Feng was spread wide, especially the part where he peed his pants.
Most members of the Fire Society found it embarrassing.
How could such a man be the deputy leader of the Fire Society?

An unprecedented number of students were quitting the Fire Society, including many new members and many old ones.
The phenomenon made the Fire Society’s leaders ill at ease.
At the same time, the Constellation Society, which few people had been interested in earlier, became increasingly popular at the registration office in the society building.

Chu Kuangren had already hidden himself from the public.
This time, he had humiliated himself so badly that he wouldn’t be able to hold his head high again.

“Bastard! Idiot! Loser!” In the Fire Society’s office in the society building, Kasa roared furiously and hit the table.
The other members at the meeting were all anxious and silent!

“Remove his position as the deputy leader immediately! Separate him from the Fire Society as quickly as possible!” Kasa coldly gave an order.
The other members of the Fire Society couldn’t help but feel chilled.
Even though Chu Kuangren was indeed an idiot and had failed his duty as the deputy leader, causing a huge loss to the Fire Society, many people found it hard to accept Kasa’s decision to get rid of him the moment the accident happened.

Although Chu Kuangren was useless, he had stayed in the Fire Society for many years, and made his own contributions.
He respected Kasa wholeheartedly, and carried out her every instruction.
He actually did a lot of things for the Fire Society.
Now that he had made a mistake, it wasn’t wrong to remove his title as the deputy leader, but it seemed outrageous to separate him from the society completely…

“Your Highness, Chu Kuangren made a lot of contributions.
Why don’t we…”

“Just do what I say! Do you want to quit too?” Kasa glared at him with flaming eyes.
What a bunch of losers! They couldn’t accomplish anything, and caused all sorts of problems for her!

“Yes, ma’am!” The person who talked lowered his head, not daring to say another word.
Everybody else looked gloomy too.
What happened to Chu Kuangren might happen to all of them later!

“The contest forms have been submitted.
Let the representatives try their best! If they don’t get a good ranking, they’d better consider moving out of the Karan Empire!” declared Kasa furiously, before she walked out.
The leadership of the Fire Society that were left in the office looked at each other in bewilderment, and saw fear and helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“What Chu Kuangren did was truly not worth it.
He did so many things for her, yet she isn’t grateful at all…”

The others all heaved a soft sigh.
They all seemed rather helpless.
“In my opinion, we won’t end up any better than him.”

Many people agreed with him, and all heaved a sigh at the same time.
They were all deep in thought.
Kasa was a royal princess.
She had a glorious title, yet she was cold and heartless.
Chu Kuangren had followed her for a long time, yet she kicked him away the moment he made a mistake.
Everybody else felt chilled.

The leaders of the Fire Society looked at each other.
One of them organized the documents in his hand and said jokingly, “Why don’t we join the Constellation Society too? If we stay in the Fire Society, we’ll only end up just like Chu Kuangren.
Kasa won’t give us a hand at all if anything happens to us!”

It was supposed to be a joke, yet the person who talked saw that everybody considered the proposal seriously.
He quickly said, “It was just a joke! Don’t take it seriously!”

The others managed a smile, and then dispersed and went back.
However, the same idea occurred to all of them: should they start looking for other options?

Things were looking good for the Constellation Society.
At the registration office in the society building, many people asked for the Constellation Society instead of the Fire Society, unlike before.
This change made the student who was responsible for the registration curious.
When he learned of the battle between Chu Kuangren and Yun Feng, he completely understood the students’ decision.

Perhaps because the society ranking contest was drawing near, more and more students who hadn’t decided which society to join took action.
What surprised the student who was responsible for registration even more was that a lot of Fire Society’s members were quitting.

“I’d like to quit!” Dozens of such voices occurred on a daily basis.
The Fire Society had plenty of members, but it still couldn’t suffer the loss of dozens of members every day.
Although the Fire Society separated itself from Chu Kuangren as quickly as possible, it didn’t stop the students from quitting.

Kasa came up with all sorts of ways to restore the Fire Society’s attraction.
She even offered low-level ores to every new member of the Fire Society, which was a method that probably only she could afford.
Some students were indeed attracted.
Although some members were quitting, many new students joined the Fire Society every day.
Therefore, the number of members of the Fire Society was stabilized in the end.

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