Chapter 301: The Fire Society’s Humiliation (2)

Chu Kuangren waited excitedly.
However, his exuberant fire elements disappeared all of a sudden!

“What’s… going on?” Chu Kuangren’s eyes widened.
He looked at where Yun Feng was standing in disbelief.
His fire elements were nowhere to be seen.
A gigantic red wolf was standing next to her, closing its big blazing mouth.
His fire elements had all been swallowed by the wolf!

The wolf burped, and then glared at Chu Kuangren intimidatingly with its red eyes.
Chu Kuangren trembled, and looked at the fiery beast in disbelief.
“M-Magic simulation… The level 6 spell…”

All the students were shocked.
Many looked at the beast next to Yun Feng jealously.
The level 6 magic simulation! Yun Feng had already reached level 6!

The Fire Society’s members were shocked too.
They had been proud of the Fire Society because of its reputation that it had accumulated over the years, and because of its leader, Princess Kasa who ranked second on the individual rank! It was said that other than the mysterious top of the rank, Kasa was one of the few students who had reached level 6, and she was the strongest of them!

However, the girl before them had reached level 6 too, which meant that Kasa, whom everybody in the Fire Society was proud of, would be challenged!

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Now that you’ve greeted me with your so-called strategy, it’s my turn to greet you back.”

Hearing that, Chu Kuangren couldn’t help but step back, and so did the members of the Fire Society.
Yun Feng raised her hand high, and the wolf next to her flexed its claws and let out a roar.
When Chu Kuangren heard that, his blood curdled and he wanted to run.
However, under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to run.
His legs had already turned soft, and he could only stagger back.

Yun Feng’s lips curled, and she waved her hand abruptly.
The wolf that had been eager for action, receiving her permission, dashed forward and opened its bloody mouth.
It lunged towards Chu Kuangren with coldness flashing in its eyes!

Some of the audience couldn’t help but close their eyes.
This gigantic, fiery wolf was so ferocious that it would probably bite off Chu Kuangren’s head.
Chu Kuangren retreated, and wished that he could fly.
However, the fiery wolf was still pressing close aggressively.
Its scary eyes and mouth caused Chu Kuangren mind-blowing fear!

“Don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me!” Chu Kuangren staggered and fell on his knees, with his hands covering his head.
He emitted a foul smell, which made the members of the Fire Society change their expression.
The Constellation Society’s supporters all laughed.

Did you see that? The Fire Society’s deputy leader just peed his pants!”

I can’t stop laughing.
I really can’t.
He peed his pants! Good for him!”

Laughter came closer and more loudly, but Chu Kuangren could no longer hear any of it.
He simply knew that he wanted to live.
He didn’t want to die! The members of the Fire Society looked at their deputy leader with utmost contempt.
The man had peed his pants because of fear, and was begging for mercy.
It was so demeaning…

“I quit! This is humiliating!” A student mumbled and immediately walked away.
Another student also looked at Chu Kuangren with loathing.
“The people of the Fire Society must’ve been blind.
They chose him as the deputy leader.

Most of the members of the Fire Society walked away, determined to quit, but Chu Kuangren was still on his knees, perhaps too frightened.
He was still holding his head, and didn’t quite understand his situation.

The gigantic, fiery wolf disappeared when it was several millimeters away from Chu Kuangren, which shocked everybody.
However, Chu Kuangren failed to notice it in time.
He was so scared that he fell on his knees right away and begged for mercy, while peeing his pants.
His behavior was indeed rather surprising.

Yun Feng looked down at him coldly.
“This is just a practice.
I always value my promise, so I won’t kill you.”

Chu Kuangren’s head trembled when he heard that! How come he forgot what he said! This was a practice, and it was impossible for Yun Feng to kill him! He suddenly raised his head, and saw Yun Feng’s mockery and the other people’s expressions.
He also realized that he had soiled himself, and blushed!

“Yun Feng…” Chu Kuangren gnashed his teeth.
That fiery wolf was truly a great actor! It retained the offensive gesture until it almost hit him, and it emitted such a vibe of bloodlust that he thought he would get killed the next second.
That was exactly how Chu Kuangren felt a moment earlier.
While his head was occupied by fear, he completely forgot the deal between him and Yun Feng!

She did this on purpose! Chu Kuangren raised his head angrily.
She had publicly humiliated him by attacking him in a way as if she were going to kill him! Was that really appropriate in a spar? As a result, he even wet himself…

Chu Kuangren rose from the ground, while Yun Feng looked at him mockingly.
Chu Kuangren blushed and walked away with wet pants.
The remaining members of the Fire Society were so embarrassed that they also walked away in frustration after Chu Kuangren left.

Did you see him? If he’s the deputy leader of the Fire Society, then what’s the Fire Society like?”

“Yun Feng, you’re so awesome! It would’ve been strange if he weren’t frightened by that attack.
You’re both smart and bold!”

“The Constellation Society seems great.
I’ve decided to join the Constellation Society!” shouted a student.
The Constellation Society’s supporters were all stunned for a moment.
Yun Feng smiled at the student who spoke, making him blush.

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