Chapter 300: The Fire Society’s Humiliation (1)

Chu Kuangren shut his mouth and stood there quietly.
All of the Constellation Society’s supporters looked at her excitedly.
“It’s Yun Feng! I knew she wouldn’t run! Why would she possibly run?”

Only the people with malicious intentions would think like that…”

The Constellation Society’s supporters all glanced at Chu Kuangren, who was rather solemn.
The Fire Society’s members behind him didn’t look happy either.
They had been delighted when Yun Feng was gone, as she was critical to the Constellation Society’s unity.
However, she had returned before they had the time to celebrate.

“Chu Kuangren, you want to meet me?” Yun Feng walked close and looked at Chu Kuangren coldly.
Chu Kuangren moved his lips awkwardly, but didn’t come up with anything.

“You’ve been gone for days, and now you’re back? If you had come a few days later, I would’ve really thought that you’re a coward who escaped!” Chu Kuangren could only keep his condescending attitude.
He had already mocked her earlier.
If he changed his attitude so quickly, he would be humiliated as the deputy leader of the Fire Society!

The Fire Society’s members all felt horrible and didn’t say anything.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“I’m a coward who escaped? That’s a good reason, and one that’s particularly suitable for you.”

“Yun Feng is right! He’s such a coward that he doesn’t have the courage for a fight!”

If you think you’re good, fight Yun Feng right now!”

Didn’t you want to meet her? Why don’t you fight her if you think you’re capable?”

The Constellation Society’s supporters were all infuriated, and urged Chu Kuangren to fight Yun Feng.
Chu Kuangren wasn’t an idiot.
He knew that Yun Feng was much stronger than him even though he had never seen Yun Feng fight, thanks to his sensitivity to danger.
He knew that Yun Feng was too strong to be his opponent.

“Stop making noise! Whether I fight her or not is none of your business!” Chu Kuangren roared loudly, and the Constellation Society’s supporters immediately laughed.
Yun Feng put on a mocking smile too.

“Coward! You are the runner here! The Fire Society’s deputy leader is a coward!”

“How humiliating! If I were a member of the Fire Society, I would quit! Such a deputy leader is truly humiliating!”

“You…” Chu Kuangren blushed when he heard all the mockery.
He truly didn’t have the courage.
After all, even the princess was rather scared of Yun Feng.
He was too weak to fight her!

If Chu Kuangren were capable of fighting Yun Feng, he would have.
However, he knew that he was to Yun Feng what an ant was to an elephant.
He would never do such a stupid thing.
However, the students’ mockery made the Fire Society’s members change their expressions.
They all looked at Chu Kuangren, who felt such overwhelming pressure that he couldn’t dodge at all!

“Deputy leader…” mumbled a Fire Society member behind him.
Chu Kuangren shivered.
Damn it! He had been pushed to a corner! If he left just like this, the Fire Society’s reputation would be ruined, and the princess would punish him.
The Fire Society might lose its attraction because of him, and the Constellation Society might gain more popularity!

Usually, Chu Kuangren would never do anything that would benefit others at his own cost.
However, he didn’t have another choice at this moment.
Even if he lost, it would be better than running.
His dignity as the deputy leader would be preserved!

Making up his mind, Chu Kuangren changed his attitude and held his head high.
“Why are you shouting? As the deputy leader of the Fire Society, I must accept this challenge.
There are no cowards or losers in the Fire Society!”

The Fire Society’s members all cheered in a low voice.
Yun Feng changed her expression.
Chu Kuangren’s insinuation had invoked her fury.
Her big brother wasn’t a loser.
He was much more brilliant than this idiot!

Yun Feng curled her lips and smiled.
If you want to fight, let’s.” Yun Feng slowly stretched her arms.
Seeing that, Chu Kuangren shouted loudly, “For the record, this is just a practice, not a life-and-death duel!”

Stunned for a moment, Yun Feng laughed.
“So, you don’t want to die.
Got it.
I won’t kill you.” There was even more mockery in Yun Feng’s smile.
Chu Kuangren’s face turned red.
It was true that he was scared of death.
It would be a huge loss if Yun Feng killed him with this opportunity.
He would rather resign as the deputy leader of the Fire Society than get killed!

Hearing what Chu Kuangren said, the Fire Society’s members all felt humiliated.
They found the Fire Society’s leaders indecisive and cowardly.
Yun Feng of the Constellation Society, on the other hand, seemed confident and righteous, as if she was the queen of the world!

Chu Kuangren swallowed and stared at Yun Feng.
“We’ll begin on count of three.
One, two…” Chu Kuangren’s eyes glittered.
He attacked crazily when he counted two!

“What a shameless scoundrel!” The Constellation Society’s supporters all roared.
Chu Kuangren’s advance attack that violated his deal gave him all the advantage.
He threw out the fire elements in his hand towards Yun Feng, and he laughed cunningly.
Since he was weaker than her, he had to do everything to take over the initiative!

“What do you know? It’s called strategy!” cried Chu Kuangren.
Everybody on the Fire Society’s side lowered their heads.
They were even more embarrassed than a moment earlier.

“Damn you! This is what the deputy leader of the Fire Society does! The Fire Society is an unscrupulous society!” roared everybody excitedly.
Chu Kuangren turned cold.
“If you keep shouting, I’ll burn you to the ground!” Chu Kuangren’s voice appeased the furious roars.
He stared at Yun Feng, whom he was attacking fiercely with his fire elements.
He was in the mid-stage of level 4.
He was using all his magic power and had taken the initiative.
He believed it was enough to cause damage to a level 5 expert!

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