Yun Feng stood aside quietly and watched the Fire Cloud Wolf being trapped by her Array of Contract.
The corners of her mouth finally lifted.
She yelled with a low voice, “Array of Contract, open!”

Beams of light shot in all directions! Terrifying mental strength gushed out and swept the Foggy Forest like huge waves.
In a blink, all the high-level Magic Beasts lifted their heads in fear and looked in one direction with glitters of astonishment and panic in their eyes!

In the deepest place of the Foggy Forest, an old man sitting cross-legged on the ground like a stone statue slowly opened his eyes.
He looked at a direction in the Foggy Forest with a glint of confusion in those eyes that were full of vicissitudes of life and wisdom.
The old man slowly stood up.
“A summoner…”

“Sir, you…” A brawny middle-aged man suddenly rushed over.
When he saw that the old man was focusing and staring at a distant place, his throat couldn’t help but tighten and he couldn’t even say a word.

A hint of interest flashed through the old man’s sentimental eyes.
In the end, his body swayed gently under the middle-aged man’s stunned gaze and he immediately vanished like air.

“Sir, sir!” The middle-aged instantly looked terrified when he saw this and yelled anxiously.
He was about to move and chase after the old man, but an old voice came.

“It’s alright.
I’ll have a look.”

The body of the middle-aged man froze abruptly and he didn’t move anymore for a while.
He only bowed deeply to the air with a respectful and fearful look.
“Okay, sir.

Meanwhile, Yun Feng had no idea that her contracting had caused a panic in the Foggy Forest and had also stirred someone deep in the forest.
The five-color Array of Contract in front of Yun Feng was spinning with beams of light and colors, shining with five dazzling lights.

“Five colors? This kid is pretty impressive…” A voice sounded right above the space where Yun Feng was, but Yun Feng didn’t hear it and didn’t notice that someone appeared above her head studying her Array of Contract with interest.

“Fire Contract, appear!” As Yun Feng yelled with a low voice, four colors in the five-color Array of Contract gradually disappeared.
Red fire energy filled the Array of Contract and the Fire Cloud Wolf in the center of the array was like a trapped beast.
The flame-like red fire elements surrounded its body, as if they were an invisible net that blocked all of its exits.

“Roar! Roar!” Although the Fire Cloud Wolf, which was unwilling to surrender, was enveloped by the fire elements, it still didn’t give up.
It couldn’t resign itself to being chained up by a human! It was a mutated Magic Beast.
How could it just give into it? This damn human!

Watching the Fire Cloud Wolf struggle in the array, Yun Feng sneered.
She had a deal with it.
If she withstood three attacks from it, it would volunteer to be contracted.
She had never thought this thing would run away!

Since the gentle way didn’t work, she would do it the hard way!

Yun Feng waved her hand fiercely.
Some red chains then burst out of the five corners of the Array of Contract, flashing towards the Fire Cloud Wolf in the center of the array like fire dragons.

“Aowooo!” Following a wail, the Fire Cloud Wolf was surrounded by five fiery red chains.
Its body couldn’t help it as well and it was pressed on the ground.
Even if it had some strong powers, it wouldn’t be able to escape its fate of being contracted, unless someone obstructed the process.

The old man watching in the air was very interested.
Yun Feng’s five-color Array of Contract was one of the things that astonished him, but what was more shocking was that he smelled a familiar energy on this kid.

Lights burst out of the old man’s sentimental eyes, sweeping Yun Feng’s body up and down.
His eyes carried a sense of excitement.
In the end, he started chuckling.

“Kid, you seem to have a very powerful fortune.
This is truly surprising…” The old man whispered as he looked at the kid who was only nine years old.
He couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.
Thinking of that familiar energy, the interest in the eyes of the old man became deeper, even with a hint of ridicule.

The Fire Cloud Wolf in the Array of Contract had already been pressed onto the ground by the red chains.
This powerful mutated breed among the Magic Beasts also seemed a little messy at the moment.
Yun Feng looked at those shameful black eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf coldly.
She focused and closed her eyes, as if she was communicating with the Fire Cloud Wolf’s consciousness.

“I’m drawing up a contract.
From now on, you’ll be my beast.
Contract!” Yun Feng murmured at the bottom of her heart as she opened her black eyes.
A glint of red light flashed through her black eyes like a fiery red shooting star.

There were two kinds of contracts, the master-servant contract and the equality contract.
Yun Feng chose the former one.
Originally, Yun Feng didn’t plan to choose the first one, as humans and Magic Beasts were all equal in her mind.
And yet, after fighting with the Fire Cloud Wolf, Yun Feng found that some Magic Beasts couldn’t be treated with an equal identity.
When both parties were equally treated, it was only because the strong pitied the weak.
Only a strong person was qualified to do so and she didn’t have such a qualification right now.

Besides, the Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf was a mutated Magic Beast, which should be in the most outstanding group among the fire-element Magic Beasts.
There would rarely be Magic Beasts that could surpass it, so it wouldn’t be necessary for Yun Feng to replace it so the master-servant contract was the best choice for Yun Feng.

As the final step of contracting was completed, the original vicious and unbending energy of the Fire Cloud Wolf slowly became gentle.
The resentment in those black eyes also dissipated gradually.
A plume of fire energy slowly flowed out of the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body, coming towards Yun Feng with a hint of darkness.

Once the fire energy mixed with some darkness touched Yun Feng’s finger, it immediately twined around the finger and formed a ring.
The red ring had a hint of faint black and it was firmly put on Yun Feng’s finger.

“This is…” Yun Feng looked at the ring on her hand.
The Array of Contract slowly disappeared.
And as the chains also disappeared, the Fire Cloud Wolf stood up from the ground and walked to Yun Feng obediently.

The contracted Fire Cloud Wolf didn’t lose its original intelligence.
It just didn’t have the thought of disobeying Yun Feng.
This was the mandatory function of the master-servant contract.
The Magic Beast would obey the summoner’s orders completely.
Even if the summoner asked it to kill itself, it wouldn’t have any doubt.

Yun Feng nodded.
Her gaze was still focusing on the ring on her finger.
There were six flame marks engraved on the surface of the ring.
“Kid, this is the Ring of Contract.” The ancestor’s joyful words sounded.

“The Ring of Contract?” Yun Feng was shocked.
There was even a ring after contracting a Magic Beast?

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