Chapter 298: Yun Feng’s Return (1)

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“Are you alright?” asked Yun Feng casually.
The man whom she supported suddenly put a delightful smile on his handsome face.
His long eyes were like peach blossoms, and his face that was half covered by his black hair made him look mysterious.
The man bowed at Yun Feng and asked, “Beautiful lady, do I have the honor to know your name?”

Yun Feng stood there coldly.
Was the man trying to hit on her? Thinking of that possibility, Yun Feng walked away.
The man quickly caught up to her.
“Beautiful lady, it’s fate’s arrangement that we meet each other in such a crowd.
We should not refuse fate’s arrangements.”

Yun Feng glanced at him coldly, and his smile remained unchanged.
He seemed absolutely impeccable.
Yun Feng said, “Fate’s arrangements may be terrible.”

The man choked at what Yun Feng said, and looked at her in surprise.
No girls had ever reacted to a handsome guy who tried to hit on them like Yun Feng did.
However, Yun Feng seemed to have not grown up yet when it came to romance.
She found the man’s flirtation rather disgusting.

“Beautiful lady, you have a unique way of saying things.
No one that I have seen is like you.
There’s no way that I’ll let go of the opportunity of getting to know you.
Why don’t we…” The handsome man wanted to continue, but Yun Feng would rather not waste her time on him any longer.
She moved weirdly and passed through the crowd like a breeze.
In the blink of an eye, she had vanished, leaving nothing but the trace of the wind.

The young man, who was about to say more, stood there with his eyes widened.
He blinked his eyes and looked at the place where the girl had been standing.
He laid his hand on his cheek, combing the hair that had been messed up by the wind.
“Ah… What a surprising girl.
Interesting, interesting…” The young man laid his hand down, and resumed his previous mysteriousness.
He flashed and disappeared like the wind too.

“Huh? There was someone else, wasn’t there?” A passer-by looked in his direction in confusion.
The others did the same.
They were all puzzled.
There was a person a moment earlier, wasn’t there?

After getting rid of the young man, Yun Feng was in a better mood.
She searched the four hotels in Park City for her poker-faced father, and finally found him seated in the lobby of the last one.
“Father!” Yun Feng called out to him.
Yun Jing was reading something with his head lowered.
He couldn’t help but raise his head when he heard the voice, and was surprised to see Yun Feng.

Yun Feng walked to him with a smile, and sat down.
Yun Jing was holding some files in his hand.
Yun Feng looked at them and said, “Father, there’s something I need to say to you.”

At first, Yun Jing was surprised to see Yun Feng here.
Then, seeing Yun Feng’s solemn expression, he knew that it must be an important matter.
He immediately put away the files and took Yun Feng to his room.
Both of them sat down after they entered the room.
Yun Feng gave the Sound Transmission Jade and the storage container to her father, which surprised him even more.
Her daughter turned out to be more capable than he expected.

After giving the items away, Yun Feng finally told her father everything that happened in the Masang School of Magic except for Yun Sheng’s accident.
Her brother had told her that they shouldn’t let their father worry.
After she told him about her deal with Kasa, Yun Jing sat in silence, and Yun Feng slightly lowered her head.
“I know I was too reckless.”

After a few seconds of silence, Yun Feng slowly opened his mouth.
Just like Yun Sheng said, the Karan Royal Family will attack the Yun family sooner or later.
If the Yun family remains what it used to be, it won’t raise the royal family’s attention.
It doesn’t care about a small local family.
However, now that the Yun family has risen and the royal family invited us, they can’t accept us declining them.
They must be angry that the Yun family, which has always supported them, turned them down.”

Yun Jing’s analysis was reasonable, and Yun Feng listened quietly.
“Maybe, things aren’t as bad as I expected.
Although Kasa is a royal princess, she isn’t the only one.
If the Karan Royal Family truly declares war on the Yun family because of this matter, they won’t be justified.”

For a thousand years, the Yun family had done a lot for the Karan Royal Family.
The summoner that was born in the family fought diligently for the royal family and even let the Karan Empire dominate the East Continent for a while! The Yun family had always been loyal to the royal family, yet when it declined, the Karan Royal Family didn’t offer any help and simply let it perish.

Yun Feng didn’t blame the Karan Royal Family for not helping.
After all, it was the Yun family’s fate, and the transformation between rise and decline was inevitable.
She never blamed the Karan Royal Family for her family’s misfortunes.
However, what Kasa said shattered Yun Feng’s impression of the Karan Royal Family that wasn’t great to begin with.
In her eyes, the Yun family was the royal family’s slave!

Yun Feng was infuriated.
The Yun family that she deeply loved, after devoting everything, only received such an acknowledgment.
So, that was how the Karan Royal Family thought of the Yun family!

Ever since then, Yun Feng had sworn that she wouldn’t let the Karan Royal Family take advantage of the Yun family again.
The Yun family wouldn’t be anybody’s slave! She lost her confidence in the royal family too.
The royal family was a congregation of the most selfish people who would sacrifice others for their own interests!

“Father, the Karan Royal Family might not do anything, because it would look bad if it attacks the Yun family who is a major contributor to its rise.
However, it will attack our family sooner or later.
By then…”

Yun Jing looked at Yun Feng.
“By then, I will listen to you.
Even if we must break free from the Karan Empire, it will be your call.”

Yun Feng’s heart palpitated.
After all, the Yun family was based in Chunfeng Town.
If it wanted to break free, it had to take Chunfeng Town away with them!

“Feng, what do you plan to do this time?” asked Yun Jing worriedly.
Yun Feng smiled..
“Father, don’t worry.
I’ll do what I should, and let others do what I shouldn’t!”

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