Chapter 297: Meatball’s Fury (4)

That weirdo! The idea suddenly flashed in Yun Feng’s head.
That mysterious weirdo in the Dragon Palace owned the item in the past.
Then he must know what it was…

Yun Feng put the black item into her bracelet.
It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to get the answer to her question anytime soon.
She could only enter the tenth level of the Dragon Palace, which that weirdo couldn’t access.
She couldn’t find him until she completely refined the Dragon Palace…

Yun Feng thought for a long time.
Before she completely figured out everything, a white ball had jumped out of her bracelet.
Yun Feng quickly grabbed Meatball, and saw that it seemed exasperated, and it was seizing the protection piece!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
“Meatball, put it down!” She had a bad feeling when Meatball held the protection piece so tightly.
Meatball’s cute face suddenly became scary, and brutality flashed in its big round eyes as it gazed at the black protection piece.
Yun Feng had never seen Meatball like this, and was rather stunned.
Exactly at this moment, Meatball opened its mouth that was full of sharp fangs, and bit the piece brutally!

The moment Meatball bared its fangs, Yun Feng felt that something was wrong.
Her heart palpitated when she saw Meatball bite the protection piece with its sharp fangs.
She had paid two high-level ores for this item, and she couldn’t allow it to be destroyed!

“Don’t you dare!” shouted Yun Feng loudly.
Meatball’s mouth stopped at the edge of the protection piece.
Its sharp fangs were only several millimeters away from the protection piece! Yun Feng grabbed its nape and dragged it to herself.
Then, she reached for the protection piece.
However, that little thing was unwilling to let it go.

Yun Feng was rather baffled to see Meatball behave like this.
However, the most important thing at this moment was to secure the protection piece.
She suddenly chuckled, and Meatball looked at her.
She said, “If you don’t give it to me, you won’t have any ores in the future…”

Meatball’s tiny body trembled abruptly when it heard that.
It patted Yun Feng’s back with its tail, and there was no brutality and only complaint left in its grape-like eyes.
Yun Feng was stunned at its cute look, and almost changed her attitude.
Fortunately, she contained herself and stared at Meatball, before she curled her finger at it.
“Now, give it to me.”

Meatball looked at Yun Feng reluctantly, and then furiously looked down at the protection piece, as if the item was its nemesis.
However, there was no telling why this unknown protection piece would be the pet’s enemy.
Yun Feng couldn’t possibly figure out why Meatball was acting so weird even if she had multiple brains.

The two of them confronted each other for a while, and Yun Feng finally won.
Meatball reluctantly loosened its jaw, and the protection piece fell to her leg.
She was relieved, and put the item in a ring that her master offered.
Meatball couldn’t enter her master’s rings, which suggested that her master was much stronger than Meatball.
The ring would be a safe place to store the protection piece.
Meatball angrily turned around, with its buttock against Yun Feng.

Yun Feng smiled and turned Meatball around.
“Tell me, why were you so sensitive about that thing?”

Meatball cried after hesitating for a while.
Then, Yun Feng smiled awkwardly.
“Hehe… I forgot that I don’t understand you.”

Meatball seemed infuriated by what she said.
It suddenly turned its back against Yun Feng again, before it flashed into her bracelet.
It never came out again no matter how she consoled it.
It seemed that it was quite angry.

Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
That protection piece caused Meatball’s reactions.
It was so brutal as if the item was its nemesis.
What would’ve happened if it really bit the piece? Yun Feng frowned.
Forget it.
It was not time to consider that stuff yet.
She needed to talk to her father about the future development of the Yun family.

Yun Feng patted her clothes and walked out of the VIP room.
Most of the buyers had already left since the auction was over.
She was alone when she came back to the lobby.
The receptionist put on an exceptionally warm smile when she saw her.
“Miss, are you leaving?”

Yun Feng almost tripped herself over because of the receptionist’s nauseatingly sweet voice.
She looked back at her, and felt chilled all over her body.
The waiter who was standing at the door blushed when he saw her, and opened the door respectfully for her.
When Yun Feng glanced at him, he lowered his head in embarrassment.
Yun Feng walked out without saying a word.
Relieved, the waiter wiped his sweat.
“Phew… I must keep my eyes keen next time.”

Yun Feng left the Auction House.
It was already dusk.
The clouds had turned yellow.
There were a lot of passers-by on the street.
Planning to search the hotels for her father, Yun Feng joined the crowd.
Suddenly, a man, who seemed to be in a rush, was about to bump into her.
She narrowed her eyes and subtly dodged him.
However, to her surprise, the man hit her in the end anyway.

When they hit each other, Yun Feng wasn’t hurt at all.
After all, she was no ordinary girl.
Although her skin and body figure were just like anybody else’s, the internal structures of her body were already as solid as a Magic Beast’s!

Yun Feng had never stopped modifying her body.
As her level advanced continuously, the upper limit of the modification had been improving.
The vitality from the Array of Life had caused her body to be reborn again and again.
Yun Feng had never tested which level of warriors she should compare to.
Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to fight warriors.

Yun Feng didn’t fall; the stranger who bumped into her did.
She extended her hand to help him regain his balance.
The man was rather surprised too.
He had crashed into this seemingly weak girl.
How come he was the one who fell in the end?

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