Chapter 295: Meatball’s Fury (2)

Yun Feng was rather curious to hear that.
Was the seller a mage?

Hardly had the auctioneer said that when another round of heated bidding began.
Everybody bit crazily and gazed at the level 6 Magic Core.
Yun Feng casually took out a level 7 Magic Core and played with it, amused at their passion.
She threw the level 7 Magic Core back in.
In the end, the level 6 Magic Core was sold for 350 mid-level ores.
The auctioneer clearly wasn’t very happy, as the price was much lower.

The level 6 Magic Core was taken away.
Next, the staff brought up another item, which must be the most important item at this auction.
The moment the item was presented, the people, including Murong Shuli and Murong Ze, who knew what it was, changed their expression.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but glance at the item, wondering what it was.

A box the size of a palm was picked up carefully.
When the auctioneer opened its box, everybody gasped, and even Yun Feng uncontrollably leaned forward.
Inside the box was a black item that had light on its surface.
Yun Feng didn’t recognize what it was, but her ancestor’s voice echoed in her head.
“A protection piece!”

Yun Feng was dazed.
A protection piece? Seeing how curious the buyers were, the auctioneer said proudly, “You might not know what this is.
It’s actually a protection piece, which allegedly can absorb one third of the damage dealt by anyone below the Commander Level!”

Everybody breathed heavily after hearing that.
One third of the damage below the Commander Level! How powerful must the item be? “This protection piece can absorb one third of the damage, no matter whether you’re attacked by a warrior, a mage or a summoner’s Magic Beasts, as long as they’re below the Commander Level! It’s one of the most valuable treasures in battles!”

Hearing the auctioneer’s explanation, Yun Feng became passionate too.
It could absorb one third of the attack below the Commander Level? In such a case, she would be able to ensure her advantage with this item if she were to confront an enemy who was as strong as herself!

“Kid, this item will benefit you greatly.
You must get it!” The ancestor’s voice echoed in Yun Feng’s head.
Yun Feng clenched her fist quickly.
She certainly had to buy it! Through the transparent glass wall, she saw Murong Shuli and Murong Ze.
Both of them seemed hopeful and excited.
Who were they buying this for? Murong Yuntian? Or more likely, Murong Ran.

Whoever they were buying it for, the Murong family would not have it!

The auctioneer talked for another while, giving the buyers some time to consider and making the atmosphere even more heated.
“The seller said that the bottom price is four hundred mid-level ores.
The bidding begins!”

When he said that, many people were scared off.
Four hundred mid-level ores! Ores were rare to begin with.
The exchange rate between gold and ores on the market was quite unbelievable.
One mid-level ore was worth a thousand gold coins! Four hundred mid-level ores were worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins!

Noticing the other buyers’ expressions, Murong Shuli and Murong Ze were relieved.
Murong Shuli dropped a hint at Murong Ze, who nodded and raised his sign.
“450 mid-level ores.”

The other buyers all backed off when they heard the offer.
The auction had come to the most exciting moment, when the competitive bidders, including the Murong family, were the stars of the show.
Some other famous families in Park City made their bids too.

Yun Feng heard that their offers had risen to 700 mid-level ores.
“720!” Murong Ze gritted his teeth and raised his sign again.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but raise her brows.
Was the Murong family so rich after losing the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group? It seemed that the Murong family hadn’t invested everything in the Evil Wolf.
It was truly smart.

The other families, seeing that the Murong family bid with 720 ores, couldn’t help but grit their teeth, but they didn’t give in either.
Three families were competing at the beginning, and gradually, there were only two left.
The price had risen to 900 mid-level ores!

The auctioneer stood there with a smile.
The higher the price, the better.
Nine hundred mid-level ores… The auctioneer glanced in Yun Feng’s direction.
That big shot hadn’t taken any action yet.
He could still wait…

“950!” shouted someone.
Murong Ze and Murong Shuli both looked gloomy.
950… The rich bidder didn’t join the competition, and they thought that the Murong family would get the item.
However, they had an unexpected challenger!

“Murong Ze, let’s keep bidding!” shouted the bidder arrogantly.
Murong Ze awfully raised his sign.
“970!” He looked at the Murong family’s challenger with brutality in his eyes.

“Tsk! You’re truly bold! 970 mid-level ores are all that you have, right? I’m not as crazy as you.
I forfeit!” The man who provoked him earlier cursed and put his sign down angrily.
Murong Shuli was relieved.
The man was quite right.
The Murong family truly didn’t have any more ores left… It was bidding for this item for Murong Ran and the following contests in the Masang School of Magic.
Of course, there was also the important thing…

Murong Ran had to be distinguished in the Masang School of Magic! Murong Shuli and Murong Ze both agreed on that.
Since the Murong family couldn’t make a way out in the mercenary world, it had to look for another solution.
It couldn’t be caged in Park City forever!

The Murong family had truly spent a fortune, just so that Murong Ran could rise above others!

Yun Feng’s red lips curved as she saw how relaxed Murong Shuli and Murong Ze became.
What the Murong family was paying a fortune for happened to be the item that she needed.
Tsk, tsk.
It seemed that the Murong family and the Yun family were destined not to be friends.

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