Chapter 294: Meatball’s Fury (1)

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Yun Feng became curious.
Whatever attracted both of them couldn’t be ordinary.
There were a lot of people at the auction, but very few raised their sign, as if they were all waiting for something.
Yun Feng was quite interested.
It seemed that good stuff would be sold in this auction.

In the final step, the auctioneer was greatly relieved.
None of the items so far had excited the buyers, and the atmosphere was rather chilly.
The staff brought a box to the auctioneer, and the auctioneer smiled and said to the buyers, “You’re no stranger to these items, which are symbols of identity and position! Every bigshot boasts a lot of these things.
They’re the safest and the most private space where you can store unportable things you need.
They are storage containers! Also, more than one of them will be sold today.
The seller has announced that if you buy all of them, you will enjoy a discount!”

The auctioneer opened the box, showing the exquisite storage containers to everybody.
They were a beautiful belt, two rings, and a unique pin.
They were different in looks, but their style and color were the same, making them enjoyable as a group.
They attracted a lot of attention and made many people exclaim.
Some raised their sign immediately.

The auctioneer added with a smile, “The items that you’re bidding for are the ultimate treasures in this auction.
The seller has announced that they only accept ores.
If you want them, make a bid with ores! The bottom price is fifty mid-level ores.
The auction begins!”

The buyers at the auction were dazed.
Then, someone shouted, “Sixty mid-level ores!”


The price rose all the way to three hundred mid-level ores.

When the price was announced, everybody gasped hard.
The person who made the bid was a middle-aged man.
He seemed determined to get the treasures.
His bidding was indeed quite astonishing too.
The auctioneer looked at him with a smile.
“Three hundred.
First time!”

Yun Feng put on a smile on the couch.
Three hundred mid-level ores were a fair price for four storage containers.
However, she had to get them!

“One high-level ore.” Yun Feng’s words silenced all the buys for a couple of seconds! Everybody couldn’t help but look at the source of the voice, only to see nothing but an empty wall!

“A VIP has bid with one high-level ore.
Anyone with a higher price?” The auctioneer’s voice shivered.
Three hundred mid-level ores were already a high price, and someone was offering one high-level ore! That customer was truly rich! Did they have so many high-level ores?

Murong Ze’s face darkened.
He looked at Murong Shuli and said, “What do we do, father? Will they ruin our business?”

Murong Shuli sat there gloomily too.
Supposedly, the Murong family was capable of bidding for the last batch of items.
Although they suffered a huge loss after the disappearance of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, it had a lot of savings.
This time, the family heard that a great item was to be auctioned in Park City, and was determined to get it one way or another.
Little did they expect to see such an extravagant person!

That person had directly offered a high-level ore, which made Murong Shuli look rather awful.
Would the Murong family have to pay a fortune this time?

“Let’s just wait for it.
If there’s no choice, we can always…” Murong Shuli dropped a hint at Murong Ze, who nodded and looked at the wall in frustration.

The man who offered three hundred mid-level ores almost choked when he heard the new bidding.
He coughed with a reddened face, while the auctioneer shouted, “One high-level ore, first time!”

The first bidder cursed angrily, “One high-level ore? What’s wrong with you?” He didn’t raise his sign again.
Everybody knew that high-level ores were much more precious than storage containers.
In their eyes, Yun Feng was just a spendthrift.
Yun Feng noticed their expressions, but wasn’t bothered at all.

She offered such a high price, simply to prevent others from bidding against her.
Her insurmountable price discouraged the other bidders.
The auctioneers announced three times and knocked his hammer.
“One high-level ore, third time.

The set of storage containers was taken away and delivered to Yun Feng’s room soon after.
Yun Feng paid a high-level ore, and the waiter accepted it respectfully and left the room quietly.
Yun Feng put away the box.
She had enough storage containers, and could already leave.
However, the attitude of the two people from the Murong family made her wonder what they wanted in this auction.

The storage containers were sold at an unexpected price, which delighted the auctioneer.
Then, the staff presented another delicate box, and the auctioneer bragged about it again.
When the box was opened, a level 6 Magic Core was revealed!

Yun Feng couldn’t help but yawn.
A level 6 Magic Core? That was indeed enough to excite the buyers.
It was good stuff, and rare on the market.
Most Magic Cores on the market were level 3 or 4.
Few Magic Cores above level 5 could be seen.
The level 6 ones were even rarer.

As expected, the level 6 Magic Core raised a round of exclamations.
Many people’s eyes turned bloodshot.
A level 6 Magic Core would significantly improve a weapon if it was embedded on one! However, excited as the buyers were, they weren’t stupid, as the Magic Core would be useless if they didn’t have a mage to help embed it!

The auctioneer waited for a long time..
All the buyers were excited, but nobody bid at all! The auctioneer became rather awkward, and cursed in his heart.
What a bunch of shrewd people! At this moment, someone walked forward and whispered something to the auctioneer, who immediately smiled and said, “The seller said that he will do the embedding for the buyer for free!”

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