Chapter 292: Yun Feng’s Decision (3)

Now that Yun Sheng had come out, he naturally took control over the society again.
Yun Feng asked for leave with an excuse.
A few days before the society ranking contest, Yun Feng left the Masang School of Magic for her hometown, Chunfeng Town.

She left some ultimate ores for her brother, and significantly strengthened his weapon.
At this moment, it boasted seven holes and seven crystals, and would astonish anyone! After everything was done, Yun Feng left for home without saying goodbye to anyone.
When she flew across the forest at the edge of the Masang School of Magic on a bat, the two guys in it were finally relieved.

“Big brother, she’s gone!” A young man patted his chest hard, and the brawny man next to him wiped his sweat too.
“I hope that the person who left is what you think.

“Hey, what are you talking about?” said a familiar voice.
The two brothers were stunned to see the newcomer.
The brawny man pulled a long face and managed a smile.
“M-Madam, you’re still here?”

The newcomer smiled.
“What’s the matter? You don’t welcome me?”

The two brothers both shook their heads quickly and looked at each other.
Oh my god.
This madam is still here.
Then who was the person that left?

Riding the bat to the suburbs of Park City, Yun Feng jumped off.
After Masang’s bat flew away, Yun Feng summoned Lan Yi, which resumed its Magic Beast form the moment it appeared.
Yun Feng leaped to its back, and it flapped its wings and soared into the sky.
Suddenly, Yun Feng felt nervous, as if someone was peeping at her.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Lan Yi could feel what was on Yun Feng’s mind.
“Go back!” Yun Feng gave an order.
Lan Yi immediately changed its direction and flew back to where they set off.
Yun Feng jumped off and scanned the soil and trees within a radius of several kilometers, only to discover nobody.
Was it her illusion?

The enormous griffin stood there and waited.
Yun Feng frowned for a long time, and eventually shook her head.
Was she being paranoid? She jumped back to Lan Yi and patted it.
Lan Yi understood her intent, and flapped its wings again, flying towards Chunfeng Town.

A couple of hours after Yun Feng flew away, a sigh came out of a bush that had been absolutely empty.
“Tsk, tsk.
Her senses are truly keen.
I was almost spotted.” As the void spread out, a young man rose from the bush.
He had a tall body and a handsome face.
His long eyes were as appealing as peach blossoms.
The vague smile on his face was somewhat wicked.
His black hair dangled on his neck.
Half of it had been tied, showing his wonderful cheek, and the other half covered his other cheek.

The young man raised his head and looked at the empty sky, as if he could see Yun Feng despite the infinite distance between them.
“So, she’s a summoner… Another summoner has emerged in the Karan Empire? That’s exciting news…” The young man smiled and withdrew his gaze.
He patted his clothes and walked out of the bush, before he brushed his chin softly.
“She’s truly a gorgeous woman…”

The young man laughed and casually walked into the noisy Park City, disappearing into the crowd.


Yun Feng was seated on Lan Yi’s back.
The feeling of being peeped at lingered in her mind.
Whoever looked at her made her feel uncomfortable.
She shook her head quickly.
She had carefully examined the place and didn’t find anyone.
Maybe she had been too anxious during these days… Yun Feng tried to comfort herself.
Lan Yi suddenly flapped its wings, and Yun Feng saw the familiar town in front of her.
She was back home.

She could only be away from the Masang School of Magic for three days.
It was very easy to ask for leave in the Masang School of Magic.
She would’ve asked for a few more days if the society ranking contest weren’t going to be held so soon.

She returned home, but didn’t find her father.
As it turned out, her father had gone to Park City for business.
Yun Feng was rather amused.
She wouldn’t have come home if she had known that.
She remembered the Sound Transmission Jade in her bracelet, which could’ve prevented this waste of time.
Seeing that Yun Feng was leaving, the old butler quickly asked, “Miss, where are you going?”

Yun Feng waved back at him.
“There’s something urgent that I need to talk about with my father.
I’m going to meet him in Park City!” After saying that, Yun Feng left home.
The old butler felt happy as he watched Yun Feng’s back.
The lady of the Yun family was its greatest support.
His master had talked about her a few days earlier, and she was back home already!

Without any delay, Yun Feng flew towards Park City.
She was in such a hurry to meet her father that she forgot to ask where her father went.
It was not until she landed on the street of Park City that she finally realized she didn’t know where her father was.

Yun Feng chuckled.
What was wrong with her these days? She was no longer herself.
Looking at the crowd, Yun Feng remembered that the butler told her that her father would stay in Park City for the night, so he would definitely live in a hotel.
There were only a couple of hotels in Park City.
She could check them one by one.

Yun Feng made the decision.
Remembering that she still needed storage containers, she thought she could buy them by the way.
Her father and brother probably needed them… Yun Feng then walked to the Auction House.
Such items couldn’t be found anywhere except the Auction House.

The moment she entered the Auction House, someone came to receive her, but when he saw that Yun Feng was alone, he said, “Young lady, we don’t welcome visitors here.”

Yun Feng glanced at him, it looked like there were snobbish people everyone.
“I know exactly what this place is for.

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