Chapter 290: Yun Feng’s Decision (1)

Who was Yun Feng? She was a member of the Yun family.
Through various sources, the students had learned how fast the Yun family had been rising.
Although they didn’t know the details, they did know that the Yun family was powerful.
Besides, a summoner had emerged in the Yun family before.
Yun Feng was also a double-element mage, who was not to be underestimated!

In addition, they had made the deal that whoever lost must run around the campus naked.
No matter which one of them lost, it would be shocking news! Therefore, the Masang School of Magic was seething with excitement.
The society ranking contest this year was much more attractive than previous years.
Almost all the students were looking forward to the contest and waiting for the thrilling moment!

The students had been discussing passionately every day, and gradually formed two factions: those who supported Kasa and those who supported Yun Feng.
The two factions attracted more and more students, and even had conflicts with each other.
The hot blood in the students seemed to have been ignited.
As mages who were supposed to be poised, they fought as easily as the headstrong warriors!

Although there were no big fights and the teachers remained optimistic, they were still worried that the Masang School of Magic was divided, which wouldn’t be good for its future development!

In the Vice Principal’s office in the Masang School of Magic, an old man was taking a nap in his comfortable chair, when someone broke into the room.
The old man said lazily without opening his eyes.
You forgot to knock on the door.
What happened?”

Ted walked in anxiously and then closed the door.
“Vice Principal, have you heard the big news that’s been spreading all over Masang?”

The old man on the comfortable chair crossed his arms comfortably with a smile.
“As you said, it’s been spreading all over the school.
How can I not know?”

Hearing that, Ted immediately asked, “Yun Feng and Kasa’s deal is that the loser between them will run around the campus naked.
That’s unacceptable!”

The old man chuckled again comfortably.
“Young people are always competitive.
It doesn’t matter…”

Ted’s eyes widened.
“Vice Principal! Kasa belongs to the royal family.
If she runs naked, then the Karan Royal Family…”

The old man on the chair slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ted keenly.
“So, in your opinion, Yun Feng will surely win.”

Ted didn’t know what to say.
“I’m not saying that.
I just want to be safe.
If Kasa loses, it will be too late for us to do anything.” Ted frowned after saying that.
Was the princess going to run naked if she lost? That would humiliate the Karan Royal Family in front of everyone! How would it react? It couldn’t do anything to the Masang School of Magic, so it would vent all its fury on Yun Feng!

If the Karan Royal Family was going to punish Yun Feng, could she resist? The royal family definitely had trump cards.
If Yun Feng suffered any destructive strikes, her great potential would be wasted!

Truth be told, Ted wasn’t worried about Kasa.
He was more concerned about Yun Feng.
Kasa, supported by the Karan Royal Family, could try to regain her honor even if she lost.
However, Yun Feng had nothing behind her back except the Yun family.
Where could she hide if the royal family took action against her?

The old man on the chair chuckled and closed his eyes again.
“What happened has happened.
It cannot be stopped.
Since the two kids voluntarily made the deal, let them be responsible for all the consequences.”

Hearing that, Ted became even more solemn.
The Vice Principal was clearly implying that the Masang School of Magic would remain neutral, and wouldn’t offer any help if anything happened to Yun Feng!

“Vice Principal.
About that…” Ted was going to continue, when the old man suddenly interrupted Ted.
“Ted, I know you always cherish students who have great potential.
But don’t forget that you’re the Head of Student Affairs in the Masang School of Magic.
Should you really be so biased?”

Ted blushed.
The Vice Principal had noticed how he took care of Yun Sheng in the past three years, although he never said anything about it.
Ted’s lips moved, but he didn’t come up with anything.
He heaved a long sigh after he left the office.
Kids shouldn’t make deals whose consequences were too severe.
She would feel great after insulting Kasa, but was she prepared for the consequences?

Ted’s concern was well grounded.
Although the Yun family had risen, it wasn’t strong enough to make the Karan Royal Family concede yet.
It had the Yun Army, but the Karan Royal Family had troops too, and a School of God of War under its control.
Their armed forces weren’t to be underestimated!

Although Yun Feng was also backed by the Red Maple Mercenary Team, the Mercenary Union had its own rules and wouldn’t intervene with the affairs in the empire.
If it did, there would be nothing that Mr.
Zheng Ran could do.
Red Maple would be sanctioned by the General Mercenary Union on the East Continent!

So in conclusion, Yun Feng had nothing to rely on except the underdeveloped Yun family and her own strength.
If she infuriated the Karan Royal Family, could she really keep herself safe and turn things around?


In Room 753 of the Masang School of Magic, Yun Feng quietly sat on her bed and considered the deal that she made with Kasa.
The more she thought about it, the gloomier she became.
She had considered all factors, and concluded that the deal was indeed rather outrageous.

The door was opened at this moment.
Yun Feng raised her head and saw Qu Lanyi’s alluring face.
Her tall body was accentuated by her blue clothes.
She came in and glanced at Yun Feng.
Seeing Yun Feng’s gloom, she chuckled.
“What’s the matter? Do you regret your recklessness?”

Yun Feng was dazed for a moment.
Qu Lanyi walked in and sat down next to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng snorted, “I should’ve let Kasa talk first.
If so, I would’ve been the person who accepted the challenge, and the situation would’ve been more favorable.”

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