Chapter 289: War Declaration (3)

Ted laughed aloud.
“It’s rumored that Yun Feng is going to challenge the Fire Society.
Kasa has finally got herself a worthy opponent.”

Light glittered in the old man’s eyes.
He didn’t say anything and simply stared at Yun Feng with a smile.
A worthy opponent? Hehe.
Kasa wasn’t worthy enough to be her opponent!

While walking, Yun Feng suddenly raised her head and looked up.
She sensed that someone was examining her from the window in the tower… She frowned suspicious.
Her reactions were all seen by the smiling old man, who unhurriedly left the window and sat down on the comfortable chair.
Ted stood in silence, and felt that the Vice Principal seemed to be in a good mood.

The old man was quite delighted.
He was caught by the girl… Hehe.
That was the first time…

Yun Feng slowly withdrew her gaze.
A lot of people had gathered in front of the society building.
When Yun Feng walked closer, they looked at her with various different expressions, and she accepted their gazes with a smile.
It seemed that her challenge had been spread.
Not bad.
It was exactly what she hoped for.

The people in front of the society building were all members of the Fire Society, who had gathered under Kasa’s instruction.
They were all wearing the same badge, which allowed Yun Feng to recognize their identity easily.
The crowd slowly dispersed, and Yun Feng saw a few familiar people, including Chu Kuangren, who looked at Yun Feng condescendingly again and snorted, but this time, he kept his mouth shut.

In the end, the person who emerged from the back of the crowd was the high and mighty princess.
After Kasa showed up, all members of the Fire Society said respectfully, “Your Highness.”

Kasa slowly strutted closer with undisguised pride, as if she was inspecting an army.
Seeing that, Yun Feng simply put on a mocking smile as she watched Kasa come close.

“The news has spread quickly.
Now that you’re here today, it’s probably real.
You want to challenge the Fire Society? Yun Feng, you’re rather bold.
Isn’t it embarrassing to make a war declaration with such a girl? Where are the other members of the Constellation Society? And where is your brother Yun Sheng?”

Some members of the Fire Society were already chuckling when Kasa said that.
Some looked at Yun Feng, ready to make fun of her.
Yun Feng smiled casually.
It was just a war declaration.
She could’ve done it again.

“I’m just here to declare war on you.
There won’t be any contest today.
I don’t have time for all this panache,” said Yun Feng casually.
The members of the Fire Society didn’t look great, and Kasa seemed even gloomier.
Yun Feng chuckled.
“Today, I’m here on behalf of the Constellation Society.
Although the Fire Society has been at the top for a long time, it’s going to be different this year!”

Her powerful declaration wasn’t weakened because she was outnumbered.
Rather, it accentuated her courage and confidence because she was alone.
She was almost shrouded in a halo, making all the students that were watching the drama admire her.

She was confronting the members of the Fire Society and its princess leader by herself, yet she challenged them in such an intimidating way.
It was truly exciting!

Kasa’s lips curled.
“The Fire Society accepts your challenge.
Let’s find out which of us is stronger in this year’s ranking contests!”

Kasa didn’t flinch at all, and accepted Yun Feng’s challenge promptly.
All the members of the Fire Society exclaimed in joy.
Chu Kuangren said mockingly, “The losers should run around the campus naked.”

Yun Feng smiled and looked at Chu Kuangren.
It’s a deal.
If the Constellation Society doesn’t win the ranking contest, all of us will take off our clothes and run around the campus.
Similarly, if the Fire Society loses its position, all of you will do the same.”

“Wait!” Kasa glared at Chu Kuangren, who knew that he had caused trouble again and immediately shut up.
“The contest is for the people who participate in it.
It has nothing to do with other members!” Hearing that, the members of the Fire Society were all glad that they had such a leader who defended them at this critical moment!

Yun Feng smiled.
It has nothing to do with other members.
So, the deal is between you and me.
How does it sound?”

Kasa changed her expression, and seemed rather awkward.
She only defended the members of her society because she wanted their support, but it seemed that she had fallen for Yun Feng’s trap.
Yun Feng smiled and waited for Kasa’s reply.
Kasa was caught in a dilemma.
Hundreds of people were watching her! If she were to refuse, they would all know that she was scared!

“Alright! It’s a deal!” Kasa gnashed her teeth.
Yun Feng laughed, as if she wasn’t done yet.
As expected of a princess.
I like it! I trust that you won’t go back on your word.
There are so many witnesses today.
Whoever goes back on her words will be mocked by everyone and punished by her opponent.” Yun Feng put on an exceptionally sweet smile at Kasa and slowly walked away.

Kasa stood there, clenching her fists and biting her lips.
Yun Feng was so cunning! The matter had been spread out.
It concerned not just Kasa herself but also the entire Karan Royal Family!

Yun Feng challenged the Fire Society on behalf of the Constellation Society.
However, the contest between the two societies somehow evolved into a fight between her and Kasa.
The news changed a lot during the dissemination.
The contest between the two societies was described to be a personal duel.
The news spread so quickly inside the Masang School of Magic that there was not a single person who was unaware of it.

The very first thing that the students of the Masang School of Magic said to each other when they met was, “Did you hear about Yun Feng and Kasa?” It had almost become a catchphrase.

Everybody was shocked for a good reason.
The Fire Society had been challenged before, so why was Yun Feng’s challenge so surprising? Because Kasa was the princess of the Karan Royal Family.
Although there was no telling her position in the royal family, she was a member of the royal family anyway.
Kasa being challenged meant that the Karan Royal Family was being challenged.
Yun Feng must be the first person who dared to challenge the Karan Royal Family in a hundred years!

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