“Kid, take down your shield and I’ll take down my elemental force.” The Fire Cloud Wolf first removed the elemental force that enveloped its body, but its body was still covered with dark red glitters after taking down the elemental force.
The red and black fur was very shiny and charming.

“Okay.” Yun Feng nodded and also took down the water element shield in front of her.

A human and a beast abandoned all their magic and were about to fight with their bodies in the most primitive way!

Once the Fire Cloud Wolf saw Yun Feng take down the light blue water element shield, a hint of darkness flashed deep in its eyes.
The little girl was destined to pay a price for underestimating her enemy and for her stupidity as well!

“Wait!” The Fire Cloud Wolf, which was about to attack, was a bit shocked.
It looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng said slowly, “Please remember, if I withstand three attacks from you, you’ll have to contract with me voluntarily.”

Hearing what she said, the Fire Cloud Wolf felt a bit strange in its mind, but after a second thought, this little girl before it was a mage.
With that weak body, a mage would be killed under its claws after one attack, let alone three.
By then, it would be able to smack the little girl to death and this condition would certainly not stand anymore.

“I’ll keep my promise!” The Fire Cloud Wolf said as it tightened its back legs.
Its strong muscles immediately bulged, and filled the beast’s body with wild power! “Kid, take this!”

A gust of wind blew in front of Yun Feng.
She only felt a heat wave coming towards her, but she couldn’t open her eyes.
When she could see clearly, sharp claws with glitters of coldness were already pouncing on her!

The body of the Fire Cloud Wolf jumped from its original spot like an arrow and sped towards Yun Feng fiercely, like a flash of light.
Following a howl, its five sharp claws appeared in the air with glints of coldness!

Kid, go to Hell!

The sharp claws of the Fire Cloud Wolf smacked down with fierce power.
It looked at Yun Feng with a hint of pity in its eyes.
This little girl was destined to become meat sauce under its claws!

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened slightly.
She didn’t move her body or dodge.
She stood right there to face the attack like she wasn’t scared of death at all.
The fire in the heart of the Fire Cloud Wolf burnt more fiercely when it saw this.
What an arrogant human.
She thought that she could withstand this attack with her own body.
Since she couldn’t wait to die, it would make her dream come true!

“Bang!” A muffled noise exploded in the air.
The claws of the Fire Cloud Wolf had already smacked down and Yun Feng’s body was pressed into the ground by the fierce force!

“Poof!” Blood sprayed out of Yun Feng’s mouth and splashed onto the scorched ground.
The dots of dark red blood were eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Yun Feng’s black eyes were full of stubbornness and persistence.
Her body shook vigorously and her organs almost shattered.
A level-6 mutated Magic Beast was indeed something.
If her body wasn’t transformed by that mysterious power which made it unusually strong, she would have become mashed meat after this attack, even if she was a level-6 warrior!

“Kid, how are you feeling?” The ancestor’s caring voice came.
Yun Feng reluctantly twitched the corners of her mouth.
How was she feeling? She only felt like her body was about to crack.
She could barely take the first attack from the Fire Cloud Wolf, but there were two to go.
It looked like she had overestimated her power.

Even so, Yun Feng wasn’t planning to give up.
She was determined to get this Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf!

The black jade pendant around Yun Feng’s neck suddenly released dots of light.
When Yun Feng thought that her body was overwhelmed, she felt that the mysterious energy went into her body again, as if it was the most powerful potion that healed all the injuries on her body caused by the attack!

Yun Feng was thrilled and her confidence rose a hundred times.
Her black eyes even carried a smile.
When the Fire Cloud Wolf saw that its attack didn’t hurt her a bit, it couldn’t help but become enraged.
This kid was indeed a little strange.
Its attack didn’t injure her at all! There was no need to rush.
Two attacks to go.
It could definitely finish her!

Without giving Yun Feng any time to take a breather the Fire Cloud Wolf attacked from the side.
Yun Feng’s body flashed.
The completely healed body moved at a high speed and she blocked the Fire Cloud Wolf’s sharp claw when it was about to touch her body.

After the second attack, she still wasn’t injured!

The wolf eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf widened immediately and its pupils narrowed.
Its eyes carried a sense of viciousness.
Apparently, this Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf felt greatly stripped of its dignity since Yun Feng wasn’t harmed at all.

“Still one more attack.
Please proceed.” Yun Feng smiled lightly.
With the strong healing power the black jade pendant gave her, she wouldn’t be worried at all even if she had to fight with it for a whole day, not to mention three attacks! This battle, she, must win!

Yun Feng had truly gone through something very unusual.
If it weren’t for her transformed body, if it weren’t for that black jade pendant, she would probably have been smacked to death by this Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf.

“Roar!” The completely furious Fire Cloud Wolf roared to the sky.
Its dark red tail swept fiercely, creating gusts of wind.
This swept the dust on the ground up into the sky.
Yun Feng’s sight immediately became blurred and she lost her vision, but her other senses were still clear.
Yun Feng gently stepped forward with her toes and her body danced in the wind nimbly like the sand flying in the air.
Once the Fire Cloud Wolf saw her avoid the third attack easily, its heart sank and it immediately knew that it caught a Tartar1.

It narrowed its eyes slightly.
In the end, it pressed into its back legs and turned into a beam of dark red light, flashing forward! What a joke.
It wouldn’t give its own freedom away for that ridiculous condition and be contracted by a human.
No way!

Yun Feng looked at that beam of light as the corners of her mouth curled up and she sneered.
It wanted to run? The wind elements immediately merged with Yun Feng’s mental strength and her body also rushed out of the sand fog, chasing after the flash of light!

The Fire Cloud Wolf kept running.
It was so fast that its body almost couldn’t be seen.
It ran as it felt astonished at the same time.
Who exactly was that little girl? How could a mage have such a strong body? It was a pie in the sky! She was a freak!

Feeling the energy chasing behind it, the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body froze and its limbs that were about to speed up again gradually became slow.
“Roar!” It roared with reluctance to admit defeat.
The Fire Cloud Wolf only saw a dazzling light slowly emit from below it and some powerful mental strength gushed out from an array with complicated patterns, enveloping the Fire Cloud Wolf’s entire body tightly preventing it from moving at all!

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