Chapter 288: War Declaration (2)

“Fengfeng, I think I’ve seen your jade pendant before…” Qu Lanyi mumbled.
Yun Feng, however, became anxious.
She had seen it? Yun Feng never knew to whom this mysterious black jade pendant belonged.
The Array of Life inside the pendant suggested that its owner was in the Lord Level! Yet, Qu Lanyi claimed that she had seen it before.
Had she met this Lord Level expert?

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Where exactly did Qu Lanyi see it? In her hometown, or somewhere else? It required a lot of luck to meet a Lord Level expert! Yun Feng stared at Qu Lanyi, yet Qu Lanyi extended her finger and turned her black jade pendant around!

“Don’t touch it!” When the other side of the black jade pendant, where a scary dragon head was engraved, was revealed, Yun Feng knocked Qu Lanyi’s arm away and backed off.
She quickly put the jade pendant back into her clothes, while she looked at Qu Lanyi vigilantly.
Qu Lanyi, however, smiled.
“It looks so familiar that I thought there was the same thing on its back.
But they’re different…”

While talking, Qu Lanyi reached for her clothes and took out a jade pendant too.
Her jade pendant was entirely white, and had been penetrated by an invisible thread for her to wear.
The moment the jade pendant appeared, Yun Feng realized that it was having significant reactions with her black jade pendant!

“Fengfeng, I have a jade pendant too.
Yours is very similar to mine…” Qu Lanyi walked close and handed over the white jade pendant in her hand.
Yun Feng vividly saw that there was a strange bird on one side of this white jade pendant.
The bird was flapping its wings and seemed about to fly away from the pendant.

“You…” Yun Feng mumbled in confusion.
This black jade pendant had appeared inside her ancestor’s bracelet for no good reason.
It didn’t belong to her ancestor.
Why was there an Array of Life in it? Who was its previous owner? At this moment, Qu Lanyi turned out to wear a jade pendant in the same style, except that the two jade pendants were in different colors and their engravings depicted two different creatures.

“The jade pendant is rather strange…” said Qu Lanyi causally.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
Strange? She naturally felt it too.
When the white jade pendant approached her, the black jade pendant seemed to be seething, as if something inside the jade pendant was reverberating with the approaching white jade pendant.

Qu Lanyi put on a smile and grabbed Yun Feng’s hand.
“Fengfeng, maybe we were meant to meet each other.
Don’t you agree?”

Yun Feng’s throat was dry.
Were they really meant to meet each other? How could there possibly be such a thing?

“How romantic.
If I was destined to meet Fengfeng, then I’m grateful for my fate,” said Qu Lanyi with a smile.
She put back the white jade pendant, returned to her bed, and took off her clothes.
She seemed ready to sleep.

“Fengfeng, are you still not going to bed?”

Dazed for a moment, Yun Feng nodded.
She didn’t take off any of her clothes, and simply lay down on the bed.
Her heart had been pounding because of what Qu Lanyi said.
Were she and Qu Lanyi meant to meet each other?

The next morning, Qu Lanyi was already gone when Yun Feng woke up.
She had thought that Qu Lanyi would sleep late again, but that woman had got up earlier than she expected.
Yun Feng freshed herself up.
She didn’t sleep well the previous night, as her mind was stirred by Qu Lanyi’s white jade pendant.
She didn’t fall asleep until she decided to drop the matter.

Refreshing herself, Yun Feng didn’t forget what she needed to do on this day.
She was going to the Fire Society to declare war on it.

Opening the door, Yun Feng walked downstairs.
A lot of people looked at her on the way.
All the girls were whispering to each other.
Some even pointed their fingers at her.
Yun Feng expressionlessly walked to the third floor, and saw Mu Xiaojin waiting for her.

Yun Feng walked to her, and they went out of the building side by side.
More and more people gossiped about them on the way.
Yun Feng simply ignored them.
While Mu Xiaojin was slightly uncomfortable, she gradually became accustomed to their eyes thanks to Yun Feng’s influence.

Many students were following Yun Feng.
Some asked why they were following her, and a person replied, “This will be a great drama.
You’ll be a fool if you miss it! Besides, the one who’s going to challenge the Fire Society is Yun Feng!”

Everybody’s eyes glittered, and they immediately followed Yun Feng, mostly to watch the drama.
The Fire Society had dominated the Masang School of Magic for more than two years, and ranked top every year.
No challengers had ever defeated it.
The Fire Society was the unquestionable boss! Besides, Princess Kasa was its leader.
In other words, the Fire Society was backed by the Karan Empire!

Nobody would challenge the Fire Society for no good reason.
If they infuriated the Karan Empire, then there would be dire consequences! Ever since Kasa became the Fire Society’s leader, it had seen no challengers at all, and it had been steadily on the top.
Nobody dared to challenge it except for Yun Feng!


In a high tower not far from the society building of the Masang School of Magic, two people could be vaguely seen from an opened window.
Ted smiled and watched everything that was happening on the ground.
He turned around and said to the old man who was seated in a comfortable chair, “Vice Principal, she is the kid I mentioned.”

The old man opened his eyes abruptly, and they were as clear as those of a young man.
He rose and quickly walked to the window, before he looked at the mass of students down below.
He easily saw the beautiful girl, whose long hair fluttered behind her head softly.
Her face that was half mature was quite adorable.
There was no weakness of a girl inside her black eyes at all; just unstoppable confidence!

The old man nodded.
Seeing that, Ted chuckled again.
The old man examined the situation again and asked, “Ted, is she having a conflict with Kasa?”

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