Chapter 286: Yun Sheng’s Transformation (4)

When Yun Feng came to Mu Xiaojin’s room on the third floor, she was rather ill at ease, and was relieved to see Yun Feng.
Although she meant to ask if Yun Feng had made peace with Yun Sheng, she didn’t ask as there were other people in her room.
Yun Feng glanced at Mi Lingli’s spot, only to find that it was vacant.
Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin talked for a while.
Then, as Yun Feng was going to leave, the door was opened and she ran into Mi Lingli.

“Get out of the way,” Mi Lingli said to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng looked at her side.
There was enough space for her to pass, yet she demanded that Yun Feng get out of the way.
Yun Feng smiled, unwilling to argue with her.
She made way for her, and Mi Lingli said when she passed her, “I’ve heard about your loser brother.
If I were you, I would rather not have such a big brother.”

Yun Feng’s eyes turned cold.
She quickly extended her leg, and Mi Lingli, who didn’t really notice it, was tripped, falling to the ground.
Mi Lingli rose from the ground furiously and roared, “You should know what’s best for yourself.
It was a piece of good advice!”

Raising her brows, Yun Feng suddenly asked, “Are you in the Fire Society?”

Mi Lingli was stunned by Yun Feng’s question that was completely irrelevant.
She nodded, and Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
“Tell Kasa that the Fire Society will no longer be the top-ranking society!”

Mi Lingli gazed at Yun Feng for a long time, and eventually burst into laughter.
It won’t be? Why will the Fire Society no longer be the top? I heard that you joined the Constellation Society, which is one of the bottom-ranking societies.
You think you can change it by yourself? Yun Feng, aren’t you too confident in yourself?” Mi Lingli was quite blunt.
She admitted that Yun Feng was quite strong and stole all of her thunder.
Still, that woman’s declaration was hilarious! Did she think she was an omnipotent goddess?

The other two girls in the same dormitory all opened their mouths when they heard Yun Feng’s declaration.
Then, they realized their lack of manners and covered their mouths.
They simply peeped at Yun Feng dozens of times.

They merely felt that the girl was confident, not arrogant.
If someone else had said that, then they would be downright stupid.
However, when Yun Feng said that with her casual and confident smile, she gave everybody the feeling that it was not empty talk, and that the Fire Society’s position would be challenged this year!

“Xiao Feng, go for it!” Mu Xiaojin grabbed Yun Feng’s hand and said in a low voice.
Mi Lingli looked quite awful when she heard that.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Just relay my words to her.
There’s nothing you can really do to help her, is there?”

Mi Lingli burst into fury when she heard that.
“Why do I have to follow your instructions? You can speak to her on your own.
Don’t ever try to turn me into your errand girl!” she announced with anger.
Then, she went to her bed and stopped talking to them.

Yun Feng chuckled.
It was true that Mi Lingli was too unimportant a figure to cause panic in the Fire Society.
She might as well go to the Fire Society and declare war on it by herself.

Yun Feng nodded and left after saying a few words to Mu Xiaojin.
After she left, the two girls who had been watching the drama rose quickly.
“Well, excuse us…” they said in a low voice, before they went straight to the neighboring dormitory.
After they opened the door and entered the dormitory, both of them gasped hard.
“Oh my goodness.
The Fire Society will be challenged! Someone declared war on the Fire Society!”

The girls in that dormitory were excited too, and all asked what happened.
The visitors vividly described what they had seen.
Yun Feng’s casual yet intimidating words left a deep impression on all the girls.
Some thought she was simply stupid, and some thought she was awesome.
They spread the news to their friends.
By the time Yun Feng returned to her dormitory, the news had already been spread to the fifth floor, where Kasa lived.

Kasa had been taking care of her facial skin in her room.
Although she was still young, she always took good care of her skin.
Every woman wanted to be more beautiful.
Kasa was sticking something to her face, when someone pushed the door and walked in hastily.
She asked, “What’s the matter? Everybody seems excited.”

The newcomer chuckled.
“How can they not be excited? Kasa, your Fire Society has been challenged.”

Kasa laughed and wasn’t bothered at all.
“Oh? Who’s so courageous as to challenge the Fire Society? Are they not afraid of death?”

The girl smiled again.
“Trust me.
You don’t want to know who she is.”

Kasa, who had been sitting comfortably, stiffened.
A name flashed in her head, and her facial muscles twitched.
“Who is she?”

The girl walked to Kasa and said to her, one word after another, “It’s been confirmed.
Yun Feng challenged you.”

Kasa suddenly rose to her feet from the chair.
Her facial masks all fell to the ground.
Her eyes widened with fury.
Yun Feng again! She seemed to be her nemesis.
Her first invitation was declined by that woman.
Murong Yuntian became increasingly cold to her.
Qu Lanyi’s attitude to her was uncanny too.
And at this moment, Yun Feng even publicly challenged her!

Kasa clenched her fist so hard that sparks of fire elements erupted from her palm, scaring the girl next to her.
She suddenly chuckled.
“Inform all the members of the Fire Society to gather tomorrow!”

Hearing that, the girl nodded quickly and walked away in a hurry.
Kasa stood there with glittering eyes.
She gritted her teeth so hard that they were clattering.
“Yun Feng, you dare to challenge the Fire Society? If you do, then I certainly dare to accept the challenge!”

Yun Feng returned to Room 753, whose door was as annoying as before because a perverted monster lived in it.
She heaved a soft sigh and turned the doorknob to open the door.
Hardly had she stepped inside when she saw a blue person moving quickly and straight at her body.
She tried to dodge, only to find that the person was following her and couldn’t be gotten rid of, like a sticky candy.

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