Chapter 284: Yun Sheng’s Transformation (2)

“A phase body?”

“Kid, most people have normal bodies.
However, there are people who have special bodies.
There are a couple types of special bodies, but I only know two.
One is Yun Sheng’s phase body, and the other one is the absolute body.”

Yun Feng was rather stunned at the explanation.
This world was truly full of wonders.
It was just like how there were different blood types in her original world.
There were special bodies here too!

“Judging from what has happened, the phase body hasn’t benefited my big brother at all,” Yun Sheng concluded.
Her ancestor, however, chuckled.
Kid, you’re too pessimistic.
I haven’t finished yet.
It’s quite unusual.
You’re the first unusual genius of the Yun family.
Then there’s Yun Sheng.
Yun Jing does have a lot of distinguished heirs!”

“Ancestor, please finish!” Yun Feng mumbled angrily.
Her ancestor finally explained, “The phase body is exactly what the name signifies.
The people with such bodies cultivate in different phases.
Yun Sheng is a good example.
When he reached level 3 and hit the ceiling of the intermediate level, his phase body was activated, and he’s been stuck in level 3.
However, his mental strength has been growing.
He will be stuck between two levels until he meets the requirements for the next major level.
Then, he will change significantly!”

Yun Feng nodded and understood.
“So, when my big brother’s mental strength reaches the peak of level 6, he’ll jump to level 7 from level 3?”

The ancestor nodded in delight.
It’s very easy for such people to hide their strength, and they often cause misunderstanding.
Of course, they may astonish others too.”

Yun Feng grinned.
Yun Sheng had been watching her frown and considered.
Seeing her grin, he asked in confusion, “Feng, why are you so happy?”

Yun Feng laughed and she held Yun Sheng’s hand tightly.
“I should be happy! My brother is an amazing man! How can I not feel happy?”

Yun Sheng was rather bewildered.
Holding back her excitement, Yun Feng relayed what her ancestor said to him.
The more Yun Sheng listened, the wider his eyes became.
In the end, he looked at Yun Feng with disbelief and delight!

“Feng, are you sure that’s the reason? Not anything else?”

Yun Feng nodded quickly.
“Yes, I’m very positive! Big brother, you’re not garbage or a loser; you are an unusual genius that nobody else can compare to! Even I envy you, big brother!”

How could she not envy him? He was the type of person that could easily startle others.
He had been stuck in level 3 for three years, and when his mental strength reached the peak of level 6, he would jump to level 7.
A lot of people’s eyes would pop out by then!

The Magic Beast’s assault was an accident, and Yun Sheng had naturally ascribed his misfortune to it.
He never considered that it was because of his special body.
His body was so rare! The Yun family was truly fortunate!

Yun Sheng’s lips shivered, and his eyes were filled with excitement too.
Although he had never abandoned himself and had been working as hard as always during the three years, he never thought that he was not really hopeless at all.
All of his misfortune was just an inevitable process that he must complete.

His greatest concern was resolved.
Although Yun Sheng wasn’t stuck because of the Magic Beast, Yun Feng remembered Kasa who caused trouble for him.
She would get back at her in good time, but not yet.
The Yun family wasn’t strong enough to challenge the Karan Royal Family yet, but she could deal with Kasa.
The individual ranking contests would be the best opportunity!

The brother and sister’s moods turned from gloomy to sunny.
Yun Sheng was no longer frustrated.
Although he was still uneasy and couldn’t fully believe what he just heard, the new theory did rid him of his depression.
Yun Feng told her brother the amazing things that happened to her during the last three years, making him exclaim.
She skipped the details, as her brother would’ve worried sick for her if she had told him every detail of the adventures.

She told her brother that she had contracted a new Magic Beast.
Hearing that, Yun Sheng raised his thumb at her.
When she told him about her master and the Dragon Palace, Yun Sheng said exactly what their father said.
When Yun Feng became strong enough, she had to rescue that strange senior to return his favor!

When they talked about the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng suddenly remembered the elemental density on the tenth floor.
The phase body was very special, and her brother could only cultivate on the ground floor for now.
To reach the peak of level 6 on the ground floor, it would take a lot of time.

I wonder if outsiders are allowed to enter the Dragon Palace… An idea occurred to Yun Feng.
She had already refined the channel to the Dragon Palace, and it shouldn’t be a problem to send her brother into it… Accessibility to the palace was no longer a problem now that its channel had been refined.
With a thought, Yun Feng summoned the dragon-shaped pendant.
“Big brother, this is the channel to the Dragon Palace that I’ve refined.
Hold onto the pendant.
I’ll try to send you there.
The elemental density there is multiple times higher than that in the Trial Tower.
It’s the perfect place for your cultivation.”

Yun Sheng nodded, and laid his hand on the dragon-shaped pendant, which trembled softly.
He was immediately enshrouded in light and disappeared.
On the secret tenth floor of the Dragon Palace, Yun Sheng reappeared.
When he saw the items on the tenth floor, Yun Sheng couldn’t help but click his tongue.
It was true that Feng’s master was an extraordinary person! Besides the surprisingly copious ores and magic crystals, Yun Sheng had sensed that the elemental energy in the air here was much greater than that in the Trial Tower! The senior who owned this place must be a great expert!

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