e abundance of mental strength in it.
It was much more than what a level 3 person should’ve had.
Yun Feng examined it carefully, and found that his mental strength was level 6! Yet, his mental strength was completely confined in his spiritual space and couldn’t be unleashed.
Yun Feng slowly withdrew her mental strength, and was greatly puzzled.

“You never gave up cultivation in the past three years, big brother, did you?”

Yun Sheng nodded.
Although he knew he was stuck in level 3, he didn’t want to give up just like that.
Yun Sheng was a stubborn person too.
He had been insulted many times in the Masang School of Magic.
Some even called him a loser right to his face.
He had endured all the sneers and mockeries, but he never gave up hope.
He had been cultivating nonstop during the three years.
Thanks to Mr.
Ted’s help, he was never short of energy points in his Trial Card either.

After learning of that, Yun Feng appreciated Ted even more.
He had truly taken good care of her big brother, and given him a lot of help during the three years.
Yun Sheng was quite grateful, yet he was still stuck in level 3 and never made any progress.

He never informed his family of his condition.
He was a disgrace to the Yun family that was on the rise… Yun Sheng had been living a depressing life stubbornly.
However, after his sister arrived, it was impossible to keep the matter a secret anymore.
He didn’t want to cause trouble to Yun Feng.
After all, Kasa might not be to blame for what happened to him.
He was afraid that Yun Feng would challenge the Karan Royal Family in fury, which could be very dangerous.
It wouldn’t be worth it at all for a brother who was only in level 3.

However, he was touched by his sister’s genuineness, and stopped worrying after learning that Yun Sheng was already in the Commander Level.
He was afraid that Yun Feng was too weak to challenge the Karan Royal Family.
However, his sister gave him a big surprise.
There were no more than five Commander Level experts in the Karan Royal Family!

He was even more touched by her saying “I’m the master of my own fate”.
His sister brought honor to the Yun family, their father, and him!

“Brother, I’ve just examined your spiritual space.
You’re actually not in level 3 at all, but level 6!” Yun Sheng was quite shocked to hear that.
Level 6? He was actually in level 6 rather than level 3? What was going on?

“I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s absolutely true that you’re in level 6.
What should I do…” Yun Feng frowned.
The anomaly in her brother’s spiritual space made her realize that the world was more complicated than she thought.

“Ancestor, what do you think caused my brother’s condition?” Yun Feng asked in her heart.
Yun Lan, who had been living in Yun Feng’s spiritual space, frowned for a long time and finally said, “His condition is very rare, but not unknown.
It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Magic Beast’s attack.
He is the cause of the problem.
If my guess is correct, Yun Sheng must have a special phase body.”

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