Chapter 282: Weaker Than a Loser (4)

The battle in the Trial Tower was soon disseminated.
Murong Ran was still on the sickbed in the infirmary.
It was said that she wouldn’t recover in another one and a half months.
During the one and a half months, many students of the Masang School of Magic visited her in the infirmary, and saw her misery.
Some of them weren’t there to watch the battle, but after checking Murong Ran’s condition, they could totally imagine how brutal Yun Feng’s attack was.

A layer of ice formed inside Murong Ran’s body every day.
The doctors helplessly commented that she wouldn’t be healed until the water elements were gone from her body.
When they examined Murong Ran, they mumbled, “It turns out the water elements can be so ferocious…”

Murong Ran had become famous, and so had Yun Feng, who was the first new student to have been banned from the Trial Tower.
Yet, as a central figure of the event, she wasn’t bothered at all.
After getting even with Murong Ran, they sat on the rear mountain for a while.
Mu Xiaojin wasn’t afraid that she might be punished too for being too close to Yun Feng.
She would always stand on her side no matter what Yun Feng did!

In the evening, they came back to the Trial Tower, and saw Yun Sheng who seemed anxious in the distance.
Yun Feng rushed to him.
“Big brother!”

Yun Sheng quickly turned around, and saw Yun Feng.
Gloom flashed on his face as he quickly walked back and grabbed her arm.
He said angrily, “Come with me.
Xiaojin, you can go back first.”

Mu Xiaojin blinked her big eyes, nodded, and walked away.
Seeing how sullen her big brother looked, Yun Feng knew that he must’ve heard the news that was spreading all over the campus.
Yun Sheng pulled her to a corner, and looked her in the eyes.
“Feng, apologize to the teacher!”

Dazed for a moment, Yun Feng looked angry.
“No, I won’t.”

“You…” Yun Sheng was rather infuriated.
How could his sister be so stubborn?

“I didn’t do anything wrong.
Why should I apologize? Murong Ran provoked me and attacked me first.
Should I have just waited to be hit by her?”

“Feng, if you can’t enter the Trial Tower, how can you improve yourself? Let’s go.
You’ll apologize to the teacher.
Be a good girl…” Yun Sheng held Yun Feng’s hand and dragged her forward, but she then threw his hand off.

“I only know that the Yun family won’t be insulted ever again.
I won’t allow anyone to take advantage of you or our father! If I did anything wrong, I would apologize.
But this time, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Yun Sheng looked at Yun Feng’s face and heaved a helpless sigh.
He cared so much about his dear sister that whenever anything happened to her, he would be as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

Yun Feng slowly grabbed Yun Sheng’s big hand and took him to a quiet corner.
Yun Sheng became solemn.
Tonight, they should talk to each other candidly as brother and sister, without hiding anything that happened in the past three years!

In a corner of the Masang School of Magic, there was a tall tree.
Nobody was around.
Occasionally, several students passed by, talking and laughing.
The night had already fallen.
Most students of the Masang School of Magic had gathered in the cafeteria.
Some had returned to their dorms, and some were still working hard in the Trial Tower.
Few were wandering around.

Yet, this empty corner wasn’t as empty as it seemed.
Yun Feng had already secluded this space from the outside world with her mental power.
Unless Commander Level experts came, they couldn’t see her and her big brother or hear their conversation at all.
Yun Feng didn’t want Qu Lanyi to eavesdrop on her again like she did earlier.
After all, this was the Yun family’s internal business.
She wouldn’t be comfortable if an outsider overheard it.

Yun Sheng keenly realized that something was wrong with the space around him.
After doing all the preparations, Yun Feng said to her big brother, “Big brother, I’ve made significant progress in the past three years.
What we’re about to say to each other won’t be heard or seen by anyone else, unless they’re as strong as myself.”

Yun Sheng looked at her sister.
“Have you reached level 9, Feng?” Yun Sheng’s heart palpitated fast.
If his sister had grown so strong, she would be a great support for the Yun family!

Yun Feng shook his head with a smile.
“I’m not in level 9.
Right now, I’m in the early stage of the Commander Level.
I’ve been there for three months.”

Yun Sheng’s pupils contracted quickly, and he held Yun Feng’s shoulders with excitement.
“Commander Level… Feng, you…” Yun Sheng was so excited that he was unable to speak a whole sentence.

Yun Feng grabbed her brother’s hand softly and said, “Big brother, I’ve been through a lot of fortuitous incidents during the last three years.
I’ll tell you all about them.
But before that, you must tell me what happened to you in the last three years with every detail!”

Yun Sheng’s face darkened.
Seeing that, Yun Feng shook his arm.
“Big brother, are you reluctant to tell me because our enemy is stronger than me?”

Yun Sheng seemed gloomy, and eventually heaved a heavy sigh.
Yun Feng realized that her big brother had finally given up resistance! Yun Sheng petted her, with worries in his eyes.
“Feng, I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to impose all of the Yun family’s burden on you.
After all, I’m the oldest son of the Yun family, and you’re my sister.
I should protect you as your older brother.
However, it seems that I’m the one who needs protection.”

Yun Feng put on a smile and grabbed her big brother’s hand more tightly.
“I’ll protect you and everyone else in the Yun family, because you’ve been taking care of me!”

Yun Sheng nodded, and finally confessed the important reason why Yun Sheng had been stuck in level 3 for three years.
Back then, when Yun Sheng was successfully admitted by the Masang School of Magic, Yun Jing was very happy.
When he went to the school, Yun Feng had already left home to travel, so Yun Sheng came to the Masang School of Magic alone.

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