Chapter 280: Weaker Than a Loser (2)

“One round it is then.
Come on!” declared Murong Ran proudly and confidently.
Some students who had keen eyes recognized her.
“She ranks tenth on the individual rank! I’ve seen her matches!”

The students who were watching all became excited.
Hearing the comments, Murong Ran was even more proud of herself.
In terms of strength, she was stronger than Yun Feng; in terms of popularity, she was tenth on the individual rank, whereas Yun Feng was just a rookie student!

Hearing all the discussions, Yun Feng curled her red lips and put a stunning smile on her beautiful face.
Some male students blushed and their hearts raced.
She held Mu Xiaojin with one hand, and extended the other in front of her, gathering a glittering ball of blue elements.

The students all held their breath.
It seemed that the battle was starting, and it would be finished in one round!

Seeing what Yun Feng was doing, Murong Ran didn’t want to be eclipsed.
She extended her arm and declared, “Earth Sword!” Heavy earth elements appeared in Murong Ran’s hand and gathered into a sharp sword, which spun in front of Murong Ran and emitted yellow brilliance.

The students who were watching all exclaimed.
The water elements in Yun Feng’s hand were flowing too, but they didn’t seem aggressive at all.
Murong Ran smiled and waved her hand abruptly!


As she roared, the Earth Sword dashed towards Yun Feng.
The two of them were very close to each other.
Murong Ran didn’t consider the safety of the watchers at all when she attacked.
When the Earth Sword flew forward, all the watchers unconsciously stepped back.
Mu Xiaojin, however, stood by Yun Feng’s side while holding her hand without retreating.
She didn’t even close her eyes.
She wasn’t scared at all, because she trusted Yun Feng!

Yun Feng smiled.
The flowing water elements in her hand emanated gentle light.
Everybody fixed their eyes upon her, wondering how she would resist the attack and counterattack for the victory!

Besides the passing students, there were also teachers who were on patrol in the Trial Tower.
They were all level 6 magic experts.
They patrolled on every floor of the Trial Tower every day to make sure that there were no accidents.
After all, every mage was a precious treasure.
On the East Continent where mages were rare, the population of mages decided the power of a country.

Although the Masang School of Magic always advocated freedom and asked the students to be responsible for themselves, there were teachers looking after them all the time.
Three teachers, who were on patrol, just returned to the second floor from the third floor, when they all changed their expressions suddenly!

The overwhelming pressure was spreading out of the corridor in the front of the second floor like ripples, which shocked all three teachers!

“Oh no.
Something is wrong!” cried the teacher in the lead.
All of them ran forward hastily and anxiously!

They had only felt such a vibe and such pressure from one person, yet that person couldn’t possibly be in the Trial Tower.
Had someone snuck into the Trial Tower and ambushed the students? There were so many students in the Trial Tower.
If anything happened to them, the Masang School of Magic would surely be blamed!

All three teachers moved in a hurry.
When they finally arrived at the battlefield, they saw a huge number of people gathered around, and the pressure was slowly spreading out from the center of the crowd, as if some sort of ultimate energy was being accumulated!

“Stop!” roared the teacher in the lead, but it was too late! The teachers saw that gentle blue slowly spread out from the center and enshroud the incoming Earth Sword like an invisible web.
After tying up the Earth Sword, the web continued moving towards Murong Ran!

“What?!” Murong Ran looked at the blue that was coming at her.
The water elements were most harmless and known for their recovery feature, yet they panicked Murong Ran at this moment.
Her level 5 Earth Sword had been completely blocked.
Was she weaker than Yun Feng!

However, it was too late for her to come to such a realization.
Murong Ran stepped back awkwardly, and almost fell on the ground.
Watching the huge blue web lunging at herself, Murong Ran cried with a palpitating heart, “No!” She screamed, devastated.
If she was tied up, she might… She would…

Yun Feng looked aside, as three streams of level 6 mental strength had suddenly covered Murong Ran’s body.
She saw three middle-aged men who looked like teachers and seemed relieved.
Yun Feng became cold.
Level 6 mental strength? Humph!

The blue web wreathed Murong Ran in the end, and disappeared suddenly.
Murong Ran couldn’t mock anyone any longer, as if she had been hit by a frost! The students who were watching didn’t know what happened.
They only saw that Murong Ran fell on her knees and shivered nonstop.
Her lips had turned purple, and her previous red face was turning blue.
They were all signs that she was being frozen!

Murong Ran trembled on her knees, feeling that her blood was flowing more and more slowly.
She could almost feel that her blood was consolidating.
Coldness arose from the depths of her bones and spread to her every cell and every pore!

Murong Ran felt that she was in the middle of an ice cave at this moment, and her body was filled with overwhelming cold.
She wanted to say something, yet her lips were trembling and she could not utter a syllable.
She wanted to move her limbs, yet they were so heavy that they were almost laden with rocks!

The students all breathed heavily when they saw that, and gazed at Yun Feng.
The two female students behind Murong Ran became pale too.
They wanted to help Murong Ran get back to her feet, but they pulled back their hands and looked at Yun Feng with fright the moment they touched her!

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