Chapter 277: Asking To Be Beaten Up (2)

Qu Lanyi stood there quietly, with her expression absolutely unchanged.
When Kasa said the sentence, she suddenly chuckled coldly and walked toward Kasa.
Kasa was one of the taller girls, but not as tall as Qu Lanyi.
Qu Lanyi lowered her head, her alluring face becoming bigger and bigger in Kasa’s eyes.
Kasa’s face turned red and her heart raced uncontrollably.

“I can get anything I want?” asked Qu Lanyi softly while staring at Kasa in her eyes.

Blushing, Kasa nodded and said with a lower and lower voice, “As long as the Karan Royal Family can offer it…”

Qu Lanyi suddenly smiled.
“What if I want you?”

Panic flashed in Kasa’s black eyes, and her head pounded.
She was facing a woman, but why was she feeling shy? How was it possible? Kasa bit her lips, as if she was in a dilemma.
Qu Lanyi seemed to be running out of patience, and stormed off.

“Wait!” Kasa suddenly called out and stopped Qu Lanyi, who turned back and looked at her with a vague smile.
Biting her lips, Kasa whispered with a reddened face, “Y-You can have me.”

Qu Lanyi suddenly burst into laughter.
She laughed so hard that she almost sounded like a man.
Kasa was dumbfounded by the laughter.
“W-Why are you laughing?”

Qu Lanyi laughed for another while and finally stopped.
She stood straight and wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes.
“Who told you that I like women? As I said, don’t consider yourself such a big deal, alright?”

Kasa’s face was half red and half pale.
So, she had misunderstood everything? Qu Lanyi didn’t like women? Then why was she so nice to Yun Feng? “What did Yun Feng give you?”

Qu Lanyi smiled.
“I asked for something from her.
Unfortunately, she didn’t give it to me…”

Hearing that, Kasa immediately said, “What do you want? The Karan Royal Family will give it to you!”

Qu Lanyi blinked her eyes and glanced at Kasa in amusement.
With a teasing smile, she said, “I asked for Fengfeng’s kiss.
Can the Karan Royal Family offer that?”

“You…” Kasa blushed again.
Qu Lanyi laughed and walked away, not talking to Kasa anymore.
Kasa finally understood that she had just been made fun of!

“Damn it!” Kasa stomped on the grass heavily.
Yun Feng’s kiss? How could she possibly offer that? Kasa was infuriated, but there was nothing she could do.
She had the idea of forcing Qu Lanyi to give up, but it was disapproved the moment she told it to her father!

The emperor of the Karan Empire yelled at her and commanded her to dismiss the idea, which confused her.
Was Qu Lanyi from a family that even the Karan Royal Family must respect?

Either way, there was nothing Kasa could do about Qu Lanyi.
When Qu Lanyi messed with her, she could only hold herself back!

“Ha…” Furious fire elements erupted from Kasa’s palm and burnt up the lawn where Kasa was standing.
Smelling the burning grass, Kasa gritted her teeth regretfully and walked away.
It seemed that the next ranking contest of societies would be interesting!


On Yun Feng’s side, she came to the Trial Tower with Mu Xiaojin.
The tower was at the center of the Masang School of Magic.
A lot of students were coming to or leaving the building with different expressions.
When Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin arrived, two teachers stopped them.
After they showed their Trial Cards, one of the teachers asked, “Which floor are you going to?”

Yun Feng pulled Mu Xiaojin’s wrist, and Mu Xiaojin said in a low voice, “I’m going to the floor that’s for level 4…”

“Me too.”

The teacher looked at Yun Feng suspiciously, but didn’t say anything.
He simply wiped their cards on a machine, and five of the thirty green dots on the cards turned red, indicating that five energy points had been paid.

“Get in there.
Come back in four days, or be prepared to bear the consequences.”

Mu Xiaojin was rather nervous to hear that.
Yun Feng, however, smiled at her and walked in with her.
After they entered the Trial Tower, they saw a sign on which the floors as well as their corresponding levels and the important notes had been written down.
It was meant to warn the students who thought too highly of themselves.
In short, the students must be responsible for whatever they did inside the tower.

Yun Feng looked at the stairs.
The first floor was for level 1 to level 3.
The two of them had to go to the second floor.
She went to the second floor with Mu Xiaojin.
They met a lot of students on the way, who seemed rather hasty.
After all, they all wanted to make the best use of the four days that they had paid for, so that they could grow stronger.

Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin’s unhurried pace was quite unfitted for the scene.
Some anxious students mumbled in dissatisfaction, “Excuse me! I’m in a rush!” Yun Feng made way for them with a good temper.
She wasn’t in a rush at all, as she had an astronomical amount of ores.
Besides, this Trial Tower wouldn’t be too useful to her.

The two of them came to the second floor, and found that very few people were going to the third floor.
Most students were gathered on the second floor.
Yun Feng discovered another directive sign on the second floor.
Apparently, the second floor was divided into three minor floors, for level 4, 5, and 6 respectively, so that the students could go to areas that were most suitable for them.
Yun Feng took Mu Xiaojin to the level 4 area.
The way was rather crowded.

On their way, they met few students in level 6, some level 5 students, and a lot of level 4 students.
People of different ages were cramming the place.
Looking at the crowded level 4 area, Yun Feng frowned.
It seemed that most mages in the Masang School of Magic had been stuck at level 4, or there wouldn’t have been so many people here.

The level 4 area was in the shape of a sector, where there were plenty of doors.
A sign was hanging on each of the doors.
Yun Feng saw names on the signs, and counted more than a hundred such doors in the area…

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