Chapter 276: Asking To Be Beaten Up (1)

“Your Highness, if she wanted to join it, she certainly could.
Why do you care about such an unimportant person?” Chu Kuangren, who had been scolded, stepped up, unwilling to give in.
He mumbled angrily.

Hearing that, Kasa slapped him right in his face.
Chu Kuangren was quite stunned.
He gazed at Kasa, wondering what he had said wrong.

“Shut up! Do you not know the trouble that you’ve caused? Get the hell out of here!” Unable to maintain her usual etiquette any longer, Kasa realized that what she had done was rather outrageous, but it was impossible to turn things around.
She was almost infuriated to death by Qu Lanyi!

“Please reconsider the matter.
I’ll talk to you later.
Don’t jump to any decision!” Kasa stared at Qu Lanyi with a softer tone.
She suddenly remembered that if Qu Lanyi regretted, then her participation would be nullified.
All she needed to do was to change Qu Lanyi’s mind and dissuade her from joining the Constellation Society!

Qu Lanyi raised her brows.
She didn’t even bother to look at Kasa.
Seeing that, Kasa blushed and walked away in fury.
The students who were watching the drama left too after seeing that the princess had left.
Soon, everybody dispersed.

Pursing his lips, Yun Sheng strode to Yun Feng and pulled her away from Qu Lanyi who had bound herself to her.
Qu Lanyi glanced at Yun Sheng and didn’t resist at all.
She smiled and was about to fall into Yun Sheng’s arms.

“Keep your distance from my big brother.” Seeing that, Yun Feng grabbed Qu Lanyi’s arm and dragged her back.
Yun Sheng was stunned for a moment.
Then, he realized that Qu Lanyi was trying to throw herself at him.
He couldn’t help but blush.
When he saw that Yun Feng was still holding Qu Lanyi’s hand, he frowned.

He was happy that his sister had friends such as Mu Xiaojin.
However, this woman was extremely weird.
Her behavior was very casual, and she didn’t care about other people’s opinions at all.
She was sort of a… slut.
Was it really appropriate for his sister to make friends with such a person?

“Xiaojin, what’s the matter?” Yun Feng saw Mu Xiaojin, who had been silent, and quickly walked to her.
Yun Sheng looked at her too, and was surprised to see the frustration in her eyes, wondering what was wrong with her.

Qu Lanyi hopped after them.
Mu Xiaojin raised her head and saw Qu Lanyi.
Then, she lowered her eyes and seemed even more upset.
Yun Feng immediately dropped a hint at Qu Lanyi, implying that she should go.

“Fengfeng, I’ve just defended you, yet you’re already driving me away.
How brutal!”

Yun Feng was of a mind to roar aloud.
How could there be such a woman as Qu Lanyi?

“You said it was your duty.
You only did what you should,” snapped Yun Feng.
With a smile, Qu Lanyi patted the hem of her dress.
“Never mind.
You’re truly a brutal woman.
I’m leaving.
Don’t come back too late!”

Qu Lanyi turned around and disappeared quickly after saying that.
What she said in the end made Yun Feng shiver.
Yun Sheng was chilled too.
He asked, “Feng, is—is she your roommate?”

Yun Feng nodded, and Yun Sheng seemed rather anxious.
“Do you want to apply for another room?”

Dazed for a moment, Yun Feng shook her head with a smile.
“It’s alright, big brother.
She’s indeed weird, but she’s not a bad person.”

Yun Sheng raised his brows suspiciously.
Not a bad person? He didn’t really see that quality.
He was worried, wondering if she was already a bad influence to his dear sister.
Meanwhile, Yun Feng grabbed Mu Xiaojin’s hand.
“What’s the matter, Xiaojin? Why are you so upset? Did anyone bully you?”

Mu Xiaojin shook her head hard, and somehow blushed.
Realizing that she wouldn’t confess, Yun Feng stopped asking.

“Feng, you and Xiaojin can go to the Trial Tower for cultivation first.
I have some other things to attend to.”

Yun Sheng petted Yun Feng and Mu Xiaojin with his big hands, making Mu Xiaojin’s face even redder.
Yun Feng nodded.
“Okay then.
I’ll go to the Trial Tower with Xiaojin first.”

“I’ll wait for you at the entrance of the Trial Tower tonight.” Yun Sheng left with a smile, and Yun Feng stared at her back.
Why wasn’t her big brother going to the Trial Tower?

She shook her head and decided to talk to her brother that night.
If he wasn’t entering the Trial Tower, she could offer him enough ores for him to turn into a level 7 expert! Thinking about that, Yun Feng was relieved, and went to the Trial Tower with Mu Xiaojin.

In a remote corner on the mountain in the rear of the Masang School of Magic, Qu Lanyi walked lazily and looked at the woman who had been waiting for her.
She asked coldly, “You want to talk to me?”

The woman turned around.
She was none other than Kasa.
Sizing Qu Lanyi up and down, she finally said, “Qu Lanyi, aren’t you never intimate with anyone? Why were you so close to Yun Feng? Were you trying to embarrass me?”

With her expression unchanged, Qu Lanyi combed her black hair and looked in another direction.
“You’re not as important as you think, you know?”

“You…” Kasa blushed with fury, and stood so awkwardly that she didn’t know what to do.
Qu Lanyi waited quietly for a few seconds and said, “Don’t waste my time if you have nothing to do.” After saying that, she was about to leave, when Kasa ran forward and grasped her sleeves.
Qu Lanyi suddenly became cold, and threw Kasa’s hand off without thinking.

“Don’t touch me!”

Kasa blushed again, and held back the sense of humiliation that filled her heart.
She stood there and whispered, “What can I do to change your mind? What do you want? Money? Power? The Karan Royal Family can give you anything you need! What can Yun Feng offer? Does she have anything that the Karan Royal Family doesn’t? The Yun family will be eliminated by the Karan Royal Family sooner or later.
Why do you have to push yourself into a fire pit? If… If you like women, the Karan Royal Family can give you the most beautiful woman possible! You can get anything you want!”

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