Chapter 275: Duty (4)

“Get the hell out of here!” Kasa’s roar dumbfounded Chu Kuangren.
She ignored her and smiled at Qu Lanyi.
“Why did you bother to intervene?”

All the students whispered to each other.
Who was this gorgeous lady? Why did the princess speak to her so courteously? Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, smiled and walked to Yun Feng.
Then, she leaned against Yun Feng as if she didn’t have any bones.
Kasa’s face turned gloomy when she saw that.

“Intervene? This is my own business.
Don’t you agree, Fengfeng?”

Qu Lanyi’s arrival complicated the supposedly simple matter.
The students who were watching the drama didn’t know who this super pretty woman was.
Nobody except Yun Feng and Kasa knew that Qu Lanyi was the famous Monster in the Masang School of Magic, who had always ranked first.

Qu Lanyi leaned against Yun Feng lazily.
She was a lot taller than Yun Feng, yet she was like a cute little bird that perched on her.
And although they were two girls and not a typical couple, they both had stunning cheeks.
The men and women who were watching the drama all gazed at them with hearts in their eyes, feeling that they were perfect fits for each other!

Kasa became completely sullen when she heard what Qu Lanyi said.
Unlike others, she knew who the woman was! Having studied in the Masang School of Magic for years, she had never ranked first! She was always the second best! Although it was also something to be proud of, Kasa, who had been a proud princess, considered it an embarrassment.
Her family had never said anything about the matter, but they were rather angry about Kasa’s second place too.

It would’ve been fine if nobody from the Karan Royal Family were studying in the Masang School of Magic.
However, Kasa was there and yet someone else was above her, which suggested that the Karan Royal Family’s descendant wasn’t the best.
Everything Kasa did and said was associated with the Karan Royal Family.
Although the students admired and even worshiped her, Kasa was never okay with her inferiority.

She had angrily worked hard for a long time, only to find that no matter how hard she tried, she could never win the personal ranking contests.
She was already a level-6 mage, yet she was still absolutely suppressed by Qu Lanyi.

Kasa had tried to approach Qu Lanyi, but neither carrots nor sticks worked on her.
If she were a man, she would’ve seduced her, but she was a woman! It’s said that every woman is unpredictable.
Kasa agreed with that, and thought that it was easier to find a needle at the bottom of an ocean than to figure out what Qu Lanyi liked.
No matter how friendly Kasa behaved, Qu Lanyi was always indifferent to her.
Kasa finally gave up after being declined again and again, because Qu Lanyi treated everybody else in the same way.
As a result, nobody except the top three of the rank knew her very well!

Kasa, however, didn’t expect to see this infuriating scene.
Qu Lanyi, who had despised everybody including her, was standing next to Yun Feng so closely! Yun Feng was a new student! How long had she been here? When did they meet each other? Why was Qu Lanyi defending her?

Kasa looked at Qu Lanyi gloomily, and gritted her teeth so hard that they clattered.
Kasa felt that her life was never smooth ever since Yun Feng showed up.
At first, Murong Yuntian lost interest in her, and even became absentminded while talking to her.
Then, there was Qu Lanyi, who was indifferent to everybody else except Yun Feng.
All of her misfortunes boiled down to one person: Yun Feng!

Kasa’s black eyes were ablaze with fury.
There was no telling the reason, but she was more and more exasperated to see how close Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng were!

Qu Lanyi leaned against Yun Feng’s back lazily, and Yun Feng glanced back at her.
She didn’t know why that woman became so close to her.
They had only known each other for one day.
If she was defending her just because they were roommates, that didn’t seem to be a decision that an adult would make.

Although Yun Feng didn’t know what was on Qu Lanyi’s mind, she was standing on her side at this moment, and it was best to accept the favor.
“Yes, you’ve joined the Constellation Society.
Of course you have to help.”

Hearing that, Qu Lanyi giggled and brushed Yun Feng’s cheeks with her fingers.
“Fengfeng, why do you talk as if we’re total strangers?”

Yun Sheng stood aside, frowning.
He didn’t feel comfortable to see the woman lean against his sister.
Mu Xiaojin watched how Yun Sheng looked at Qu Lanyi, and somehow became frustrated.
She lowered her head and seemed upset.

“Joined the Constellation Society? You’ve joined the Constellation Society?” cried Kasa in disbelief, raising the whispers of the students who were watching.
If Qu Lanyi weren’t a woman, they would make a perfect love triangle!

What’s the matter?” replied Qu Lanyi lazily.
She then glanced at Kasa.
Her tone indicated that Kasa was an unimportant person to her.
Yun Feng raised her brows curiously.
Why was this crazy woman talking in a different tone?

“Y-Y-You really don’t know what’s best for yourself!” Kasa flushed with fury.
That woman, the best on the personal rank, had joined the Constellation Society? When did it happen? If she did, what could the Fire Society do? Who could possibly beat Qu Lanyi? The Constellation Society would surely rise on the rank of societies next time!

After Kasa let out the cry in fury, Qu Lanyi’s face became a lot colder.
She continued leaning against Yun Feng, and rolled Yun Feng’s black hair around her fingers.
The mole between her eyebrows seemed even redder.

“I don’t know what’s best for myself? That sounds rather interesting.” Qu Lanyi curled her red lips, releasing an inviting vibe again.
The men and women around her all blushed.
She was too beautiful, so beautiful that nobody could refuse her smile…

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