Chapter 273: Duty (2)

Four years? Yun Feng frowned.
So, the man was only sixteen years old.
Why did he look so old and mature? “What have you been doing during these years?”

Ling Xiaoyun laughed and scratched the back of his head.
“Sleeping, eating, and studying in the Trial Tower.
But I’ve never been there since I ran out of energy points.”

Yun Feng found the man rather unbelievable.
He didn’t know what a society was after four years in the Masang School of Magic.
Maybe he had been waiting for someone to buy his Sound Transmission Jades for four years? Yun Feng shook her head helplessly, and watched Ling Xiaoyun pack the high-level ores into his pocket.
She examined him slightly, only to find that he was a level 4 mage!

“Yun Feng, be careful.
A lot of people may be greedy about the jades,” Ling Xiaoyun reminded her.
Yun Feng nodded.
That man wasn’t a bad person.
She thought of something and asked, “Are you willing to join a society? You’ve never been in one anyway.
Just give it a try.”

Ling Xiaoyun frowned and thought for a moment.
Then he waved his hand.
“I’m fine either way.
I’m going!” He walked out with a smile, and so did Yun Feng, after she transferred the three Sound Transmission Jades from the box into her bracelet.
She didn’t see Ling Xiaoyun in the corridor, so she assumed that he had already left to save energy points in his Trial Card.

Ten high-level ores should be enough for him to cultivate for years…

Yun Feng was about to leave the fair, when she thought that she should get a storage container for her big brother and Xiaojin.
It wasn’t safe to carry the Sound Transmission Jade.
A storage container would be much safer and more convenient.
Yun Feng had a lot of storage containers, including the bracelet that the ancestor gave her, and three rings, but she couldn’t give them away so easily, so she checked the stands, hoping to see if any of them were selling storage containers.

After searching for a while, Yun Feng regretfully found that storage containers weren’t available in the fair.
She could only heave a helpless sigh and leave.
She decided to give away the Sound Transmission Jades later, as they would cause trouble if anyone saw them.
Besides, her big brother was only level 3 at this moment.
He’d be like a kid running around with a golden brick in his hand if he was given the Sound Transmission Jade.
Xiaojin was only level 4 too.
Maybe, she should give the jades to them when they were stronger.

All of them were in the Masang School of Magic, and it wasn’t too hard to track them down.
Yun Feng thought for a moment and decided to keep the Sound Transmission Jades for them for now.

Leaving the fair, Yun Feng went straight to the society building.
Her big brother and Mu Xiaojin were no longer at its door, but there were other students distributing fliers.
Yun Feng walked into the building, and found that it was quite lively inside.
Countless students were waiting in line excitedly for registration.

Yun Feng glanced around, and saw plenty of rooms on each floor.
There was a sign on the door of each of the rooms, indicating which society it belonged to.
There were a lot of floors in the building, and many more societies.
Yun Feng squeezed through the crowd, and saw the people whom she was looking for.

“Big brother, Xiaojin!” Yun Feng called out to them.
Both of them turned around and looked at her.
Mu Xiaojin ran to her delightedly, while Yun Sheng seemed awkward.
Yun Feng walked to her and smiled at him.
“Big brother, I’m done asking.”

Yun Sheng nodded and petted Yun Feng with great comfort.
Yun Feng smiled.
Just because she had stopped asking didn’t mean she was unaware of the answer, or that she wouldn’t do anything about it.
She wouldn’t spare anyone who bullied a member of the Yun family, no matter the cost!

“Where should we register? I’ve got another two members for your society, big brother,” Yun Feng said with a smile.
Yun Sheng smiled too and led Yun Feng to a desk in the front.

“Are you here to register a society or to participate in a society?” asked a student in a friendly way.

“To participate in a society,” replied Yun Feng.
The student took out a book and handed it over to Yun Feng.
“This is a list of all societies and their introductions.
Pick one that you like.
I recommend the Fire Society, which has been the champion many times!”

Yun Feng sneered and pushed the book back to him.
“No, thank you.
I’d like to join the Constellation Society.”

“The Constellation Society?” The student thought for a long time, as if the name had eluded him.
At this moment, someone else whispered to him, “It’s the one founded by the water element students.
It ranks among the last every year.”

The receptionist got it, and smiled awkwardly.
“Alright, let me see.” He then searched for a long time, before he finally found a thin book that was covered in dust and gave it to Yun Feng.

“Just sign your name here.”

Yun Feng accepted the book.
Yun Sheng chuckled next to her.
Yun Feng opened the book, only to see no more than ten names on it.
She grabbed a pen and wrote down her own name.
Then, she raised her head and asked, “Can I sign up on behalf of other people?”

The receptionist nodded.
“Of course.
But you have to ask for their permission first.
Your signature will be nullified if they refuse to admit it.”

Yun Sheng nodded, and then wrote down Qu Lanyi and Ling Xiaoyun’s names.
She gave the book back to the student, and he smiled at her and put it back in a corner.
Then, he went back to his own work.
Yun Feng looked rather awful, and Yun Sheng quickly grabbed her hand and took her out.

“What a bunch of condescending guys!” snapped Yun Feng.
Mu Xiaojin nodded quickly in agreement.
Yun Sheng, on the other hand, smiled bitterly.
Yun Feng thought of something and asked, “Big brother, what’s the matter with the Constellation Society? Why does it have no more than ten members?”

With a bitter smile, Yun Sheng pulled Yun Feng aside and heaved a sigh helplessly.
“The Constellation Society was founded by the strongest water element students, and it had a lot of members, and received the attention of many students of other classes.
It had been developing well, until an internal conflict burst out and someone took most of its former members away.
The Constellation Society has been in a tailspin ever since then.”

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