med that the man was certain that she would buy them.
She chuckled and said, “Since I’m buying and you’re selling, you’d better show me your sincerity.
If you stubbornly insist on your offer, then I’ll have to say goodbye.
I think it’s safe to predict that you’ll have to keep them for a long time until you find the next buyer.”

Ling Xiaoyun’s face darkened for a moment.
Seeing Yun Feng’s lack of interest, Ling Xiaoyun wondered if he had charged too much.
“Then what’s the price you expect?”

Yun Feng’s lips curled.
She put ten high-level ores on the table, which glittered and made Ling Xiaoyun breathe heavily.
“Ten high-level ores for all of them.
That’s the best offer I can make.
If you can’t accept it, so be it.”

Ling Xiaoyun stared at the ten high-level ores on the table.
High-level ores! Ling Xiaoyun felt that his heart was pounding.
Ten high-level ores for one Sound Transmission Jade was a fair deal, but he would suffer huge losses if he sold all three of them for that!

“Well… I can sell one of the Sound Transmission Jades to you for that price.
But as for three…”

Yun Feng put on a helpless expression.
“If so, there’s nothing I can say.
Goodbye.” She was about to collect the ten high-level ores on the table, when Ling Xiaoyun roared, “Wait a moment! Let’s talk, let’s talk!”

With a hidden smile on her face, Yun Feng sat down again, and Ling Xiaoyun chuckled.
“Well, give me another five.
I’ll sell them to you if you pay another five high-level ores!”

Yun Feng, however, shook her head casually.
“No, I don’t have any more high-level ores.
This is my offer.”

Ling Xiaoyun frowned hard.
It was indeed a tough choice.
He had been selling the Sound Transmission Jades for at least three years, but those who wanted to buy them couldn’t afford them.
It wasn’t easy for him to encounter a customer who could afford them.
Ling Xiaoyun thought that it would be worth it as long as he could get rid of them even if he had to suffer a loss! That was ten high-level ores!

“Alright, I’ll just give you a discount!” Ling Xiaoyun eventually gritted his teeth and accepted the offer.
He gave his key to Yun Feng.
Yun Feng smiled.
Ten high-level ores were indeed too low a price for the jades, but she decided to return the favor later.
She pushed the ten high-level ores on the table to Ling Xiaoyun, who accepted them happily.
She then picked up the box.

“Tsk, tsk.
They’ll be enough for me to use for a long time…” Ling Xiaoyun looked at the high-level ores affectionately.
“I can do a lot of cultivation with them.

Yun Feng looked at him suspiciously.
“Are you not in a society? Have you been waiting for this deal all the time?”

Ling Xiaoyun was stunned.
“Society? What’s that?”

Yun Feng was dumbfounded.
So, were there really students in the Masang School of Magic who didn’t even know what a society was?

“If I may ask, how many years have you been in the Masang School of Magic?”

Ling Xiaoyun thought carefully for a moment.
“Well… Four years, I think…”

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