The attacking power of mutated Magic Beasts was astonishing.
The most obvious characteristic was that they didn’t have only one type of elemental force but various! Normal Magic Beasts had the power of only one element and Fire Cloud Wolves belonged to the fire element.
However, ths one in front of Yun Feng was completely different!

Apart from the fiery red faintly mixed with some darkness, which made it look a little evil and heavy, the dark red wolf was also covered with astonishing fierceness and the temperature of its fire was three to four times higher than that of a normal Fire Cloud Wolf!

Yun Feng’s heart shook slightly when she saw it.
As a person who already had perfect control of the elemental forces, she had noticed that this Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf didn’t only have the attribute of the fire element, but also the attribute of darkness!

Darkness, such a rare elemental attribute! The smile on the corners of Yun Feng’s mouths kept expanding.
She was happy with her luck.
While she was thinking what she should do next, she suddenly felt a furry touch on her legs.
Yun Feng’s face changed abruptly.
Something got close to her silently and she didn’t notice it!

Yun Feng dared not to move her body.
She immediately turned her head and looked behind her.
When she saw the thing sticking on her legs, she was completely dumbfounded.


Yun Feng blinked a few times.
That fluffy thing right next to her legs also blinked a few times.
Yun Feng’s eyebrows slightly moved several times.
When exactly did this little thing start following her? And… how did it get so close to her?

Meanwhile, the furry thing standing next to Yun Feng’s legs had a round body like a meatball.
Its entirely white fur was soft and its fluffy tail twined around Yun Feng’s ankle.
When it noticed that Yun Feng saw it, its grape-sized eyes rolled a few times and its little nose also twitched slightly several times.
Its small claws, which used to hide inside its meatball body, stretched out and moved a little, as if it was trying to please Yun Feng.


Yun Feng was a bit stunned.
What was this… Why did this little thing appear suddenly under such a situation right now? Yun Feng couldn’t move, because if she did, that Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf would certainly discover her.
And if it discovered her, she would have a much lower chance of winning!

Yun Feng didn’t know what to do.
She knew that this little thing was harmless, so she just let it be.
As long as it didn’t affect her, letting such a little thing hang on her leg wouldn’t hinder her much.

Thinking of this, Yun Feng didn’t put her attention on this meatball anymore.
She immediately started observing that Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf with all of her heart again.
In the meantime, the Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf seemed to be focusing on something.
If not, with its vigilance, it wouldn’t possibly be so inattentive and relaxed that it couldn’t even notice that someone was getting close to it.

Yun Feng waited patiently for a long time.
She was waiting for the moment when the Fire Cloud Wolf relaxed.
Even though the Fire Cloud Wolf didn’t discover her, the fire elements around its body were moving abnormally, which showed that this Magic Beast was very vigilant about the surroundings.

Yun Feng gradually noticed that the Fire Cloud Wolf was looking somewhere at the root of the tree.
Judging by the activity level of the fire elements on its body, it seemed that it was a little emotional.
The fire elements were much more active than they were before.
Perhaps… it was guarding something?

Yun Feng thought as she felt a heat wave coming towards her.
The fire elements around the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body suddenly surged in a blink! Yun Feng was startled.
She thought the Fire Cloud Wolf discovered her.
When she was about to retreat, she felt the thing hanging on her leg let go.
With a flash before her eyes, a black shadow flashed out at an extremely high speed.
Yun Feng was shocked.
She then saw that it was that meatball!


Yun Feng wanted to grab that meatball back, but she surprisingly found that its speed was so high that she couldn’t catch it at all.
She only saw a black shadow flash through the air.
The meatball was rushing straight towards the Fire Cloud Wolf!

Yun Feng was dumbfounded.
She wanted to stop this change but couldn’t.
“Roar!” The Fire Cloud Wolf suddenly roared to the sky angrily.
The dark red elemental force around its body immediately surged, as if something made it enraged.

Yun Feng knew that she couldn’t stay here any longer at the moment.
Although she didn’t understand what was wrong with the meatball, she didn’t have time to think about it.
She merged the wind elements with her mental strength.
Yun Feng’s body then spun and she was about to leave, but something she couldn’t imagine happened again!

“Swish…” A black dot flashed towards her fiercely.
Yun Feng couldn’t see clearly what it was.
She blinked tight and that black dot had already arrived before her!

“Nana!” The meatball looked at Yun Feng with its grape-like eyes and let out sounds like “na.” It was holding a crystal clear fruit with its little claws.
The fruit was unusually red and Yun Feng could see clearly that it was full of strong and pure energy of the fire element!


“Nana!” The claws of the meatball moved forward.
Its round body perched on Yun Feng’s shoulder in a blink and it rubbed against Yun Feng’s face with the white fur on its body.
Yun Feng truly had no idea how to react.
What was this little thing doing? Was it… pleasing her?

“Roar…” The furious roar of the Fire Cloud Wolf sounded.
Yun Feng’s face tightened and she instantly took dozens of steps back.
She only felt a high-temperature heat wave coming right at her face.
Then, she found that the spot she was standing at just then already had a dark red giant claw.
Yun Feng avoided it with a narrow escape.
When she lifted her head, she looked into the vicious eyes of the Fire Cloud Wolf!

Yun Feng was startled.
Those eyes weren’t flaming red, but black, pure black like ink!

The Fire Cloud Wolf saw that its claw didn’t smash anyone.
It slightly narrowed its black eyes.
After feeling the fluctuation on Yun Feng, a trace of hideousness flashed through its pure black eyes.

“A summoner?” The Fire Cloud Wolf spoke the human language.
Yun Feng was surprised.
It turned out a Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf could already speak human languages at level 6.
It even saw her identity as a summoner, so it was indeed powerful.

Summoners were probably the ones Magic Beasts hated the most.
Yun Feng immediately felt the viciousness and anger on the Fire Cloud Wolf’s body.
She had the reason to believe that this Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf really wanted to kill her.

However… Yun Feng slightly smiled.
The Fire Cloud Wolf was shocked.
It had never thought that under its fierceness, this human could still smile so indifferently and didn’t look frightened at all!

“Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf, you’re mine.” There was a confident smile on the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
Fighting was the only way for her to increase her power and give herself the most direct and substantial improvement.
She wanted to contract it and make it the first Magic Beast that belonged to her!


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