Chapter 268: Fair (1)

Yun Sheng looked even more awful after hearing that.
He was going to argue with the man, when Yun Feng said in advance, “Oh? Then which society are you from?”

Hearing that, Chu Kuangren thought that Yun Feng believed what he said.
He couldn’t help but smile proudly.
“Our society is much more renowned! It was founded by fire element students, who are the strongest in the Masang School of Magic, and is currently headed by the princess of the Karan Empire!”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
Was Kasa the leader of the society? The Karan Empire must be trying its best to attract as many mages to it as possible in the Masang School of Magic.
Kasa, as the society’s leader, ranked second in the school, and must be very appealing.
Plus, she was the princess from a royal family.
No wonder her society was so arrogant.

“The name of our society is the Fire Society.
What an awesome name, isn’t it? It will be the smartest decision if you join us! All new members of our society receive a low-level ore as reward.
How does that sound?”

Chu Kuangren had been speaking aloud, attracting the attention of many new students who were hesitating about which society to join.
The other societies were angry that he attracted all the new students, but didn’t say anything.
The reward of one low-level ore was indeed tempting.
Very soon, a dozen new students joined the Fire Society.

Chu Kuangren stood there proudly and looked at the other societies in disdain.
He said with mockery when he caught sight of Yun Sheng’s fliers, “You think you can attract anyone with your worthless paper? You’re just garbage!”

Yun Sheng clenched his fist so hard that he almost squeezed the fliers into pieces.
Mu Xiaojin looked at him worriedly, and slowly got rid of Yun Feng’s hand and walked to Yun Sheng.
“Brother Yun Sheng, I’d like to join…”

Yun Sheng put on a gentle smile at Mu Xiaojin, and petted her.
Mu Xiaojin blushed again.
Seeing that, Chu Kuangren snorted coldly, “You should have known better!”

Yun Feng laughed and looked at Chu Kuangren in the face.
The Fire Society? Headed by Kasa? “If I may ask, is everybody in the Fire Society as arrogant and shameless as you?”

Chu Kuangren’s eyes widened when he heard that.
“I beg your pardon? How dare you speak to me like that? You…”

“Cut the crap.
I know you’re from Kasa’s society, but so what? In the Masang School of Magic, the princess is nothing but a student, just like everybody else is!”

Yun Feng’s declaration raised the cheers of the other societies.
The Fire Society had been taking advantage of them because of Kasa, but they never dared to complain because they feared her identity as a royal princess!

“Good! Another reckless person! I’ll relay your exact words to Her Highness.
What’s your name? Tell me right now!”

Yun Feng smiled coldly.
“You don’t deserve to know my name.
Get the hell out of here with your lackeys!”

Chu Kuangren flushed in fury.
He suddenly plucked his wand and aimed it at Yun Feng.
Seeing that, Yun Sheng immediately pulled her behind him.
Chu Kuangren shouted with a reddened face, “Fire Arrow!”

Yun Feng waved her hand abruptly, and her copious mental strength destroyed the fire elements, dumbfounding Chu Kuangren and his lackeys.
Where was the Fire Arrow? Why was it gone before it was released?

“Are you still not leaving?” said Yun Feng coldly in a low voice.
Chu Kuangren shivered.
The more he looked at the girl behind Yun Sheng, the more panicked he became.
Without another word, he ran off with his followers, although he mumbled to himself that he would report the incident to the princess.
He didn’t believe that the girl could remain so cocky when the princess came!

After Chu Kuangren and his lackeys left, Yun Sheng finally turned around and looked at Yun Feng worriedly.
“Feng, you shouldn’t have argued with that kind of person.
It wasn’t worth it.”

Yun Feng didn’t seem relaxed yet.
She looked at her big brother stubbornly.
“He was mean to you, big brother.
There was no way that I would let him walk away!”

Yun Sheng smiled helplessly and petted Yun Feng.
Pursing her lips, Yun Feng stared at Yun Sheng’s face for a long time, before she suddenly asked, “Big brother, is there anything that you’ve been hiding from me?”

Yun Sheng shivered when he heard that.
Why would I hide anything from you?”

“Yes, there is.
If you don’t tell me, big brother, I will investigate! Whoever hurt you in the slightest way will answer for it a hundred times more harshly!” What Yun Feng said made Yun Sheng frown.
He took her to a corner, and Mu Xiaojin stood at a distance, knowing that she should give the brother and sister some privacy.

“Feng, as I said, I’m not hiding anything from you.

“Why have you only improved by one level?”

Yun Sheng was dazed for a moment.
Then, he explained, “Maybe because I didn’t work hard enough…”

“You’re not that kind of person, big brother! If you think of me as your dear sister, why would you keep it a secret from me? Just tell me!” Yun Sheng looked at Yun Feng’s anxious and nervous face, and felt a headache.
As the big brother, he should take care of his little sister.
Yet, his little sister was worried for him at this moment…

“Feng, I’m really okay,” Yun Sheng blinked his eyes and said.
Yun Feng was quite angry to hear that.
Something must’ve happened to her big brother, but why did he refuse to tell her? What was he concerned about?

“Since he’s unwilling to tell, let me,” said a voice unexpectedly.
Stunned, Yun Sheng looked around, but Yun Feng simply fixed her eyes in one direction.
Very soon, Qu Lanyi appeared in front of them.
Yun Sheng was confused, wondering where she came from.

“Is your hobby to pry into other people’sprivaciy?” Yun Feng looked at the alluring woman coldly.
The red mole between her eyes was like blood, and her fair face was glimmering like jade.
Her tall body was covered in blue clothes.
She looked like a gorgeous lady from a distance.

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