Chapter 266: Rules of Studying (2)

“Tsk! How can you not know? My roommate, who’s a senior student, told me that!”

What they said attracted more and more attention.
More and more students became interested in the rank.
“Just keep talking! Stop teasing us!” Some guys were urging the girl to talk too.

“I’m not sure if this rank is correct.
I don’t know the name of the top.
She’s nicknamed Monster.”

The others all frowned when they heard that.
Monster? Yun Feng chuckled too.
That woman was not just a monster, but a perverted one! It wouldn’t make sense if she didn’t rank the top with her Commander Level strength!

“What about the second?” asked someone.

“The second is a famous fire mage.
She comes from a powerful background.
She’s the princess of a royal family! Her name is unknown too, but everybody calls her the Princess!”

Everybody else became excited.
A princess… Some guys were even fantasizing.
Yun Feng raised her brows.
She was quite familiar with the second too.
Was that person Kasa from the level assessment meeting? She ranked second in the Masang School of Magic? Had she already reached level 9?

“Then the Princess must be very strong!”

“Yes, she must be!”

“Well… I’m not sure about that.
Now, about the third…” The student went on for a long time, describing the high-ranked students.
The top ten of them were rather famous.
Yun Feng listened and caught another familiar name, Murong Ran.
She didn’t expect her to rank tenth.

Yun Feng remembered her big brother, and frowned again.
Her big brother should’ve been stronger.
He had studied for three years in the Masang School of Magic.
How could he have been improved by only one level? Yun Sheng was only level 3 at this moment!

Something must’ve happened… Yun Feng was very confident in her big brother.
If it was truly her big brother’s own problem, her ultimate ores were still able to improve him by several levels.
While she was thinking about that, Mu Xiaojin pulled her arm, and she raised her head, only to see a teacher walking closer gravely.

“Silence!” roared the teacher, stopping the discussion of all the students.
He glanced at the hundred students that stood in front of him.
His graveness scared the students and stopped them from saying anything.

“The Masang School of Magic isn’t really a typical school that you know.
It only provides a platform for you to grow up.
It’s up to you what level you may grow into! Do you see the high tower over there?” The teacher pointed at the high tower in the distance, which had attracted Yun Feng’s attention the moment she arrived at the Masang School of Magic.

“That’s the Trial Tower, a place that can accelerate your cultivation.
The tower contains multiple layers.
One layer is for level 1 to level 3, one is for level 4 to level 6, one is for level 7 to level 9, and one is for above level 9.
You should know your capabilities very well.
Here’s a piece of advance: the elements on each layer in the tower are denser than the last one.
If you overestimate yourself and try to reach the top with one step, be prepared for the consequences!”

What he said cleared the heads of all the students, who had planned to study on layers that were above their level, so that their training would be more effective! However, the teacher’s warning rumbled in their head like thunder.

They must be prepared for the consequences if they wanted to reach the top in one step!

“Humph! What an alarmist!” snorted Mi Lingli in disdain.
Hearing that, the teacher simply sneered, “I don’t mind if any of you wants to try the risk.
There’s a couple of idiots in the Masang School of Magic every year.
I wonder if there’s any among you!”

Mi Lingli blushed and pursed her lips.
The other students of Park City chuckled after they heard that, making Mi Lingli’s face even redder.
Yun Feng glanced at the tower.
Was it the Trial Tower? According to that teacher, the elemental density there was much higher than outside, and the higher layers were even better.
So, those in higher levels could cultivate faster?

“Kid, that’s not the case,” remarked the ancestor at this moment.
“Although the density on lower layers is the lowest, training there is multiple times as effective as training outside.
It’s very easy to improve on lower levels.
The stronger you are, the harder it will be to improve your levels.”

Yun Feng nodded in agreement, and then suddenly remembered her big brother.
“Ancestor, my big brother only improved one level in the past three years.
Is there something wrong with his talent?”

The ancestor thought for a moment and then said slowly, “Yun Sheng’s talent is fine.
He should’ve improved two levels in three years if he had cultivated normally, especially in such a tower.
His level shouldn’t be so low.”

Hearing that, Yun Feng was even more bothered.
Something must’ve happened that stopped her big brother from leveling up!

“The Trial Tower is not accessible to everyone.
There are only limited resources inside the tower, so you have to pay a price to enter it,” continued the teacher.
Some students seemed rather upset, and some were relieved.
Yun Feng frowned.
Did she have to pay a ticket fee?

Seeing the students’ different expressions, the teacher chuckled.
“Money? The Masang School of Magic doesn’t need such garbage.
Each of you will have one of these cards.” The teacher took out a pile of cards and distributed them.
Yun Feng accepted her card, which was quite simple.
It had thirty green dots on it.

“This is called the Trial Card, in which the energy of a low-level ore has been filled.
The energy has been divided into thirty parts.
It’s the cost that you must pay in order to enter the Trial Tower! This card is the Masang School of Magic’s gift for you.
As to what you can do after the energy is used up, it’s up to you!”

Hearing that, the students couldn’t help but hold their card tightly.
Yun Feng, however, was amused after hearing that.
So, she had to pay with the energy of ores in order to cultivate in the Trial Tower? If so, she could already enter the tower unlimitedly…

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