Chapter 264: Have a Fight First (4)

“If you’re going to live with me, let’s have a fight first!”

Before Yun Feng even figured out who the person was, and when her eyes were just accustomed to the dazzling rays, she keenly noticed the subtle change in the flow of air.
She instinctively jumped away, and saw a girl who was even taller than her standing where she was a moment earlier.

That girl was very young, seeming to be around eighteen years old.
She had an enjoyable face, and her big eyes carried an alluring vibe.
There was a red mole between her eyebrows, which added an eccentric aura to her beautiful face.

The girl observed Yun Feng for a while before chuckling in a low voice.
“Your prettiness has passed my test.
That dodge was quite fast too.
I wonder about your expertise in magic.”

The girl’s gaze was rather rude, and made Yun Feng uncomfortable, as if her everything had been seen through.
The girl extended her finger and slowly touched her chin.
Her finger was narrow and long, just like herself.
She was a gorgeous lady that was no less attractive than Yun Feng.

“What are you doing? If you want to fight, let’s go to a better place!” said Yun Feng.
The girl chuckled when she heard that, and nodded.
“Considering the circumstances before you do anything.
You’re not a reckless person.”

Yun Feng furrowed her brows.
She had only said one sentence.
Why did she feel like she had been seen through? The girl then spoke again, “Frowning means that your heart is troubled.
You have many concerns.”

Yun Feng expressionlessly stared at the girl, infuriated.
“Do not peep into other people’s hearts without a good reason!”

The girl giggled and slowly extended her hand, where a glowing ball suddenly appeared.
The light from the ball emitted a warm and comfortable feeling.
The girl’s lips curved.
“Here’s my warm welcome, roomie!”

After the girl said that, the glowing ball in her hand suddenly darted towards Yun Feng’s face like an atomic bomb.
It smashed heavily like an iron ball, with a glittering streak of light behind it!

The girl narrowed her eyes due to the dazzling light, and when she opened her eyes again, she saw Yun Feng still standing where she had been, with her arm straightened.
Inside her hand was the light ball that the girl just threw!

Yun Feng was rather angry.
Being provoked again and again by a person who analyzed her based on her every small movement didn’t feel good.
It didn’t feel good at all!

Yun Feng coldly grasped the glittering ball.
Seeing that, the girl wasn’t infuriated at all.
She simply chuckled.
“You didn’t fight back immediately.
It seems that you have a kind heart.”

Yun Feng felt like she had been seen through again.
She squeezed and detonated the light ball in her hand.
It glowed and then turned into nothingness.
Yun Feng gazed at her coldly, “Are you done?”

The girl lowered her eyes.
“You remain so calm after being provoked, which suggests that you’re a calm and steady person who’s not easily overwhelmed by anger.”

Yun Feng was rather gloomy.
She felt that she had become naked and defenseless in front of the girl, who had completely seen through her.
The girl chuckled again, “You’ve resisted a level-8 spell so easily.
It seems that my welcome wasn’t warm enough!”

Yun Feng instantly felt that the magic elements were surging crazily in the air.
The girl raised her head again, with another light ball in her hand.
Its elemental density was ten times higher than that of the previous ball! Yun Feng stared at the light ball coldly, realizing that the girl was a Commander Level mage just like herself!

“Then let me welcome you again.
This time, I’m absolutely sincere!” The girl put on a charming smile, and the mole between her eyebrows seemed to be glittering too.
She tossed another light ball, which flew towards Yun Feng like a cannonball!

Yun Feng felt like the light ball was going to consume her with its dazzling brilliance.
She took a dozen steps back quickly, and didn’t dare to hold herself back at all.
That woman was a lunatic! Absolutely!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng roared, establishing a shield of earth elements in front of herself.
However, the light ball transformed when it was a dozen meters away! Yun Feng widened her eyes, and stepped several meters back when the Earth Shield appeared.
At the same time, the Earth Shield was penetrated by a glittering long spear!

“Chi!” The center of the Earth Shield was impaled by the glittering spear, whose tip darted into the ground!

“Bam!” The Earth Shield and the glittering spear vanished at the same time, turning into yellow and white mist.
Yun Feng stood not far from the girl and gazed at her expressionlessly.
The girl finally put on a friendly smile, and then walked forward to Yun Feng.

The girl extended her hand with a smile of appreciation on her face.
“I am Qu Lanyi, majoring in the light element in the Masang School of Magic.
Welcome, Yun Feng.”

Yun Feng was stunned for a moment.
Qu Lanyi chuckled at her again.
“Are you surprised that I’m a light majored mage?”

Yun Feng extended her hand and held the girl’s hand.
Immediately, she detected a stream of powerful vitality energy transmitting from the girl’s hand into her body.
She chuckled, “I’m Yun Feng, a rookie student.”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“You’re being too modest, aren’t you, Fengfeng?”

Yun Feng almost had goosebumps because of the way that Qu Lanyi called her.
Qu Lanyi was a rare mage who majored in light, and she was as strong as herself.
Although Qu Lanyi seemed older, she was still unbelievably gifted.

“You’re very good at making friends, right?” Yun Feng teased her.
She went to her bed and unpacked her stuff.
Qu Lanyi followed her and helped her.
Yun Feng didn’t really want her to help, but it seemed very hard to refuse her enthusiasm.

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