Chapter 263: Have a Fight First (3)

Yun Feng looked at her suspiciously and then took Mu Xiaojin out.
When the door was closed, the girl inside the dormitory patted her chest and said, “Oh my god.
She has to live with that monster.
Tsk, tsk.
She’s going to suffer a lot…”

Yun Feng dragged Mu Xiaojin all the way to the cafeteria.
There were still a lot of people in the cafeteria when they arrived.
Freedom was honored in the Masang School of Magic, and the students seemed quite unrestrained.
They had some food in the cafeteria, and then headed back.
When they came to the dormitory building, Yun Feng saw a slim and tall man standing in front of it!

Yun Feng suddenly released Mu Xiaojin’s hand, and jumped forward at an astonishing speed! “Big brother!” cried Yun Feng excitedly.
The slim and tall man suddenly turned back, and was slightly puzzled to see Yun Feng, but very soon, he recognized her.

He opened his arms and held the girl between them, before he easily raised her up with his big hands.

“Big brother, put me down!” Yun Feng blushed.
Many people around her looked at her and her brother.
Seeing that she was rather embarrassed, Yun Sheng put her down.
He examined and observed her face again and again.

“It’s been three years.
You’ve grown a lot, Feng.
I almost didn’t recognize you!”

Yun Feng grinned.
“That’s impossible! No matter how I change, you will always be able to recognize me, big brother!”

Yun Sheng smiled affectionately, with the same handsome face that he had three years earlier.
Yun Feng detected Yun Sheng’s current strength, and frowned hard.
“Big brother, you…”

Yun Sheng interrupted her, and looked at Mu Xiaojin, who stood uneasily in the distance, before he asked, “Feng, do you know her? She’s been staring at us.”

Yun Feng looked back and saw Mu Xiaojin.
She had almost forgotten her.
She quickly went to Mu Xiaojin and pulled her close.
Standing in front of Yun Sheng, Mu Xiaojin blushed so hard that her cheeks were like red apples.

“Big brother, this is my best friend, Mu Xiaojin.
A lot has happened to her.
I’ll tell you later.
All in all, she’s a sister to me, so she’s your sister too, big brother!”

Yun Sheng was stunned for a moment, and then gazed at Mu Xiaojin.
It was obvious that his sister had found him another sister over the past three years.
Looking at Mu Xiaojin’s cute face that was red and awkward, Yun Sheng smiled gently.
“Xiaojin, you may call me big brother if you don’t mind.”

Mu Xiaojin blushed again, and looked at Yun Sheng shyly.
“Brother Yun Sheng…”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Xiaojin is being shy.”

Mu Xiaojin glared at Yun Feng, and Yun Sheng smiled gently too and petted Yun Feng’s head.
“Go take a good rest.
I’ll come back for you tomorrow.”

Yun Feng looked at Yun Sheng worriedly.
There were many questions that she was dying to ask, but it wasn’t the right moment.
She’d wait until the next day.
She nodded and then said goodbye to Yun Sheng.
Mu Xiaojin stared at Yun Sheng’s back for a long time as he left.

“Xiaojin, let’s go,” said Yun Feng.
Mu Xiaojin came back to herself and blushed even harder.
She followed Yun Feng into the dormitory building.
Yun Feng sent Mu Xiaojin back to her room, only to find that Mi Lingli was there too.

Seeing Yun Feng enter the room, Mi Lingli thought that Yun Feng was her roommate too, and murmured, “How unfortunate!” Yun Feng, however, sneered and said to Mu Xiaojin, “Xiaojin, if anyone is mean to you, do tell me.
I will make them regret it.”

Mu Xiaojin nodded hard, and Mi Lingli’s face turned red.
She went away and minded her own business.
It was not until Mu Xiaojin settled down that Yun Feng finally left for the fifth floor.
It was rather upsetting that Xiaojin lived with Mi Lingli.
Yun Feng felt a headache starting and hoped that Mi Lingli would be smart.
If that woman bullied Xiaojin, she would teach her a good lesson!

On the fifth floor, Yun Feng continued walking forward.
Many people on her way looked at her with uncanny expressions, making her rather uncomfortable.
As she went deeper and deeper, the people on her way even seemed ready to enjoy a good drama.
She finally reached Room 573, which was at the end of the corridor.
She discovered that there were no rooms next to it.
Even the nearest room was a long distance away, as if it was a forbidden area.

Yun Feng frowned.
Remembering how those students looked at her on her way here, she felt that something was wrong.
However, she was ready to deal with anything.
Could there be snakes or tigers in the room? What’s there to be scared of? Yun Feng fearlessly turned the doorknob, opened Room 573, and walked into it.
When the door was closed again, the students in other rooms all peeped at the room.

“A new student has been assigned to Room 573? Why do the teachers hate her?”

“Who knows? It’s truly unlucky of her to be sent to Room 573.”

“I wonder what that monster will do to her.
The last student who left Room 573 was diagnosed with schizophrenia, right?”

The students whispered to each other, and then closed their doors.
Room 573’s door was embedded alone on the wall, with no other rooms on either side of it.
It was rather creepy.

After Yun Feng opened the door and walked in, she found that Room 573 was unlike any of the other rooms, or at least Mu Xiaojin’s.
There weren’t four beds, only two.
There was no light in the room either.
In the darkness, Yun Feng treaded carefully, and suddenly heard a voice from the dark.
“Are you the double-element mage named Yun Feng?”

Yun Feng paused and looked at a corner in the darkness, where a candle glittered and illuminated the entire room.
She was finally able to see the complete picture of the room.
There was a lot of open space in the room.
It was much bigger than she expected…

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