Chapter 259: Destruction (3)

“Humph! I have a good reason to make that statement.
What do you know?” Mi Lingli’s expression remained unchanged.
She seemed to have acquired evidence on what Yun Feng did, and looked at her provocatively.

“The only mages in Park City are the teachers from the Masang School of Magic and us.
None of the teachers are fire mages.
Some of the other students are fire mages, but they’re extremely weak.
Yun Feng, you’re the only fire mage who’s reasonably strong.
Who could’ve done that except for you?”

Yun Feng smiled casually, and the other students were deep in thought, as what Mi Lingli said did make sense.
Yun Feng asked, “Mi Lingli, do you really think I’m capable of annihilating the Huangzu family overnight?”

“Well…” Mi Lingli was speechless for a moment.
Yun Feng revealed herself as a level-6 mage during the test.
If she was a level-6 mage, then she couldn’t have destroyed the Huangzu family like that.
She had to be a level-9 expert or even stronger in order to do that!

Mi Lingli looked at Yun Feng up and down.
There was no way that she would believe that Yun Feng was a level-9 expert!

“What are you talking about?” Ted approached with a smile.
He was stunned for a moment to see Mi Lingli and Yun Feng standing together.
“Huh? Are you bonding as the only two double-element mages?”

Mi Lingli blushed, and Yun Feng smiled casually.
Some other students announced, “Bonding? Mi Lingli is slandering Yun Feng!”

Ted frowned when he heard that.
These two double-element mages didn’t seem very close, and didn’t want to become close either.
“What’s going on?” Ted came to Mi Lingli and asked in a low voice.

It’s about what happened to the Huangzu family.
I suspect that she did it,” said Mi Lingli in a low voice, with her voice lowered.
She glanced at Yun Feng, somewhat regretting her recklessness.

Ted became sullen after he heard that.
Mi, do you know what you’re doing? Same as you, Yun Feng is a distinguished first-year student of the Masang, yet you’re slandering her? Was Yun Feng really capable of doing that? In the future, think before you do or say anything!”

What Ted said made Mi Lingli even more ashamed.
The other students couldn’t help but chuckle.
Mi Lingli said “alright” in a low voice and didn’t say anything else.

Ted looked at Yun Feng.
He was actually puzzled about the incident too, but he didn’t want to intervene with what Yun Feng did.
If he were to impose traditional restraints on such a genius, she would probably resist very hard.

Someone else will be there to take care of the matter.
No need to talk about that.” Ted walked away unhurriedly after saying that.
The students whispered to each other.
Mi Lingli, naturally, turned around proudly and walked away with her head held high.
She was nearly tripped on her way, but when she looked back angrily, all the students were talking to each other and nobody bothered her.

“Humph!” Mi Lingli went away.
Most of the twenty new students this year were on Yun Feng’s side.
They didn’t feel the arrogance of a double-element mage from Yun Feng, who was modest and courteous, so they preferred to stay with her.
Mi Lingli was left alone, but she didn’t really care.

Very soon, the teachers of the Masang School of Magic arrived.
They had a brief conversation about the tragedy that befell the Huangzu family the previous night.
Then, after ensuring that none of the new students were absent, they nodded their heads.
Ted announced loudly, “Let’s go!”

Hearing that, all the students were rather excited.
They were leaving for the Masang School of Magic and embarking on a new journey of their life! All of them seemed thrilled.
Mu Xiaojin, on the other hand, stood next to Yun Feng quietly.
Yun Feng lowered her head and looked at Mu Xiaojin.
“Xiaojin, Yun Sheng, my big brother, is also in Masang.
He majors in the water element too.
You’ll meet him there.”

Mu Xiaojin raised her head in astonishment.
“Your brother majors in the water element too, Xiao Feng?”

Yun Feng nodded.
It’s been three years since I saw my big brother.
He’ll be so happy that I’ve made a new friend!”

Mu Xiaojin nodded happily and held Yun Feng’s hand again.
Yun Feng also held hers.
From this day on, she would be part of the Yun family too.

Ted and the other teachers led the students out of Park City.
After a long walk, they all stopped.
Ted took a jade amulet out of his pocket.
Yun Feng saw it and realized that it was a Sound Transmission Jade.

The jade amulet glittered for a while, and then a voice came out.
“Are they all here?”

Ted laughed.
Come here quickly and stop being so pretentious.”

The jade amulet flashed again.
Got it.
You’re as chatty as always, old guy.”

All the students pricked their ears and listened carefully.
They were surprised that Ted was called old guy.
That man was the Head of Student Affairs.
How could anyone dare to address him so arrogantly?

After Ted took out the Sound Transmission Jade, all the teachers waited for him.
The students held their breath in silence too.
A moment later, Yun Feng suddenly raised her head, and looked in one particular direction at the sky.
Mu Xiaojin pulled her arm and asked, “Xiao Feng, what’s up?”

Yun Feng stared at a distance in the sky and said casually, “A swarm of things is coming close.”

Mu Xiaojin widened her eyes quickly, but the others showed no reaction at all.
After another while, when the swarm of things became visible as tiny black spots, Ted finally chuckled.
“They’re finally here.”

Hearing what Ted said, all the students craned their heads and watched, only to see a dozen black spots swooping in their direction.
As the black spots drew near, the students finally clearly saw what they were exactly.

They were bats.
A bunch of enormous bats!

The flock of dark brown bats flew towards the students, astounding all of them.
Mi Lingli was rather surprised too.
When she saw that Yun Feng’s expression remained absolutely unchanged, she gnashed her teeth angrily.
Humph! What a pretentious woman!

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