So, Magic Beasts in the central area of the Foggy Forest could live comfortably.
They didn’t have to worry about being hunted by humans like those low-level Magic Beasts in the outermost area.
They could feel very safe here.

When a black shadow flashed through the dense forest and created rustling sounds in the leaves, some gentle Magic Beasts that were eating grass couldn’t help but look up in shock.
They looked around with a glint of fear in their big gentle eyes.
What just went past? They couldn’t see it clearly!

The few herbivorous Magic Beasts looked around alertly, then finally gave up eating and ran away.
“Rustle.” Sounds came from the trees again and the few herbivorous Magic Beasts had already disappeared.

The panic of the herbivorous Magic Beasts spread quietly in a short period of time.
Many Magic Beasts had noticed that black shadow and there was a trace of fear in the hearts of the Magic Beasts, as they could smell that there wasn’t any smell of a Magic Beast on that black shadow.
If it wasn’t a Magic Beast, then it must be a human! A human entered the central area of the Foggy Forest!

In a heartbeat, the sky above the central area of the Foggy Forest was covered by thunderclouds.
What did it mean to have a human in the central area of the Foggy Forest? It meant that this human was either a powerhouse or a summoner! Thinking that there might be a summoner, all the Magic Beasts couldn’t help but tremble.
They didn’t want to be contracted to a summoner.
They didn’t want to lose their freedom!


While the Magic Beasts in the Foggy Forest were all a little terrified, Yun Feng was flashing through the trees with a frustrated look.
The wind element truly helped her move at a speed comparable to that of a gust of wind, but she still couldn’t catch up with that fire-element Magic Beast with this speed.
Even if she sped up with all her power, she could only maintain a constant distance with it.
This made her frustrated and excited at the same time.
If she couldn’t catch up with that Magic Beast, it meant that the beast was very impressive.
A powerful Magic Beast was something Yun Feng needed!


Her body moved even faster and she turned into a black line that flashed through the greens, feeling the fire element constantly.
Yun Feng dared not to slow down at all.

“Hm? It stopped?” Yun Feng felt that the fire element didn’t move anymore and she was slightly confused.
The ancestor’s anxious words also made Yun Feng realize immediately that Magic Beasts weren’t less intelligent than humans.
Magic Beasts were even more cunning.
Perhaps… She had been discovered!?

Thinking of this possibility, Yun Feng instantly restrained her mental strength, but still spread a little out to detect the position of the Magic Beast.
She didn’t move forward quickly anymore and couldn’t make any sound.
Now that the Magic Beast had already stopped and didn’t seem like it was moving, what she could do right now was to sneak up on it!

She moved as lightly as a cat.
Her body strengthened by the mysterious energy played a powerful role at this moment.
Yun Feng found that her body was strong not only in a way that her energy was powerful, but more importantly, her control of the energy had already reached a meticulous level.
For example, a warrior could break a giant rock with a punch, but could also hold a feather steadily, alternating between gentle and strong freely.

Yun Feng felt the subtlety of this energy now.
Her body was unusually light and didn’t even make a sound when she walked.
This also made Yun Feng a bit relieved.
The hearing of Magic Beasts was too sensitive.
Even the sound of wind and grass was enough to alert them.
When summoners wanted to contract with a Magic Beast of the same level, it was impossible for them to go head to head with it.
The most effective way was a sneak attack!

Yun Feng slowly moved forward.
She met a few gentle Magic Beasts eating grass on her way.
The herbivorous Magic Beasts didn’t notice Yun Feng at all.
This made Yun Feng relieved.
She walked slowly like that for a long distance and got closer and closer to the fire element.

Luckily, the fire-element Magic Beast really didn’t move anymore, but just stayed right there.

Yun Feng soon felt the raging fluctuation of the fire element.
She could identify the Magic Beast’s location without using her mental strength.
Feeling the rage of the fire element, Yun Feng felt extremely thrilled.
This Magic Beast was very powerful!

“You have pretty good luck, kid… With such an elemental fluctuation, this Magic Beast should be the most powerful one at this level.”

What the ancestor said delighted Yun Feng.
If she wanted to contract with a Magic Beast, she definitely had to find the most powerful one, or the contract would be totally meaningless! In Yun Feng’s heart, she didn’t really want to replace the Magic Beast.
Once she successfully contracted with one Magic Beast, that Magic Beast would belong to her after all.
Even if the Magic Beasts didn’t have any good impressions on humans, they would certainly develop feelings for each other after getting along for a long time.

Yun Feng slowly got closer.
When she could finally see the Magic Beast clearly, she stopped and quietly hid somewhere behind the dense tall grass to observe it carefully.

If she wanted to make a sneak attack, she had to observe the Magic Beast carefully and find its weaknesses.
Without adequate preparation, attacking it would undoubtedly be the same as committing suicide.

When the Magic Beast entered Yun Feng’s eyes, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes slightly.
The Magic Beast in front of her had an entirely dark red wolf body.
It was a Fire Cloud Wolf!

The Fire Cloud Wolves weren’t a rare breed among the Magic Beasts.
Due to the fierceness and small number of fire-element Magic Beasts, the Fire Cloud Wolves were still a bit special, but it wasn’t rare.
Even if there wasn’t even one in a hundred Magic Beasts, there were dozens of them in a thousand.
However, the Fire Cloud Wolf in front of Yun Feng was different from the ones she had seen before.
She even fought directly with a Fire Cloud Wolf earlier.
That fiery red body was bright and shiny as a fire.
Yun Feng wouldn’t remember it wrong.
However, the one before her right now…

“Kid, this isn’t a normal Fire Cloud Wolf.
Your luck is truly extraordinary.
This Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf is a very rare breed.
There might not even be one out of ten thousand Fire Cloud Wolves.”

Yun Feng was shocked.
A Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf! She encountered a mutated Magic Beast! She was indeed extremely lucky!

There were also mutated breeds among Magic Beasts, but they were as rare as summoners in humans.
It wasn’t that a person would be able to become one whenever he wanted to.
Mutated Magic Beasts were the same.
The rarity and preciousness of mutated breeds made summoners fascinated.
It would be a great achievement if a summoner could contract a mutated Magic Beast! Not only because of the power of the mutated Magic Beasts, but also because of their dignity and pride among the other Magic Beasts!

However, how would a mutated Magic Beast let a summoner put shackles on it so easily? Up till now, apart from several legendary, powerful summoners on the continent, no one else had ever contracted mutated Magic Beasts successfully.


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