Chapter 256: A Fight Between Powerhouses (4)

Yun Feng was familiar with these few young people.
They were the arrogant disciples, who were at the city gate with Huangzu Yelian.
One of them said with viciousness on his face, “This time, Yun Feng and that bitch will definitely die!”

“That’s right.
The powerhouse Uncle found will definitely make them regret.
Who gave her the guts to kill people of the Huangzu family?”

“That bitch deserves to die, and that bastard, isn’t he dead now?”

“He died real quick.
I really wanted to knock him to death by myself! Yun Feng and that girl should be sold to the brothel to be tortured!”

Hearing this, Yun Feng already looked very sullen.
The few boys talked loudly like there was no one else and burst out in wild laughter from time to time, as if nobody could do anything to them!

Yun Feng’s body suddenly appeared in the sky and she walked over.
The few kids immediately screamed when they saw Yun Feng! “How… How… How did you get in here? Someone, someone!” The young boys instantly widened their eyes when they saw Yun Feng.
They gathered together right away with glitters of fear in their eyes, totally unlike the arrogance they had just now.

“Weren’t you having a lively discussion just now? Carry on!” Yun Feng curled up her lips and sneered as she glanced over everyone with her black eyes.
The few young people all felt a bit breathless.

“Don’t… Don’t be so shameless.
How dare you listen to us talk!” A young man shouted as he stared at Yun Feng firmly with his eyes while his body trembled constantly.

“That’s right.
Your parents aren’t good people either.
They raised someone like you!”

“Clap!” A hand slapped the person who spoke directly on his cheek, making a loud and clear sound.
That young man was knocked down on the ground by Yun Feng and he didn’t get up again.

The other few young people were all dumbfounded.
Their legs kept shaking.
“You… You… You killed…”

“If you say anything that insults my parents again, I’ll beat each of you up!” Her eyes were like a sharp sword that stabbed these few young men and they had no power to fight back at all.
They immediately shut their mouths in fear, then shook their heads again and again in panic.

“What’s wrong?” A few people ran in.
When they saw the scene in front of their eyes, they couldn’t help but yell furiously, “Who are you? How dare you break into the house of the Huangzu family?”

Yun Feng snickered as she waved her hand.
The man who spoke instantly stopped talking and his body fell on the ground like jelly.
The others shook abruptly after seeing this.
What tactic was that? The… The teenage girl in front of them was…

“Whoever speaks again will end up like this person.” Yun Feng glanced at the man lying on the ground.
Some people couldn’t help talking.
Yun Feng immediately raised her hand as another few people fell on the ground silently again.

The few young men had lost the strength to hold on a long time ago.
Their limp bodies sat on the ground.
One of them was so frightened that he peed his pants and a pungent smell came.
Yun Feng glanced at him sarcastically.

People kept rushing over and Yun Feng kept killing some of them right there.
There were more and more people lying in the yard.
The few young men were completely lost.
They felt that they offended the God of Plague, whom they shouldn’t provoke.

A huge number of members of the Huangzu family were dead in such a weird environment.
The lips of the remaining ones were shaking.
They didn’t even have the courage to send out a message and were just crouching there as they trembled, watching Yun Feng kill people with such a powerful tactic one after another.

Finally, an enraged man came in.
When he saw Yun Feng, he couldn’t help feeling startled and he also realized something afterwards.
He immediately growled furiously out of embarrassment, “You’re still alive?”

Yun Feng curled up her lips and smiled, which made that man furious.
“Master Huangzu, you’re not dead yet, so I certainly have to be alive.”

Huangzu Fu looked at the scene in the yard with coldness in his eyes.
There were people all over the ground, as if most of the people in the yard of the Huangzu family were lying here.
When Huangzu Fu saw the few young people standing next to Yun Feng, his expression completely changed.
Those were the children of the younger generations of the Huangzu family.
If something happened to them, the root of the Huangzu family would be broken!

They could give up everything and let someone destroy anything, but the root of their bloodline couldn’t be broken.
People with their bloodline couldn’t die! If they died, the Huangzu family would really disappear completely from this world!

“Yun Feng, what exactly do you want? Did Master Baili not give you enough of a lesson?” Huangzu Fu said coldly.
In Huangzu Fu’s mind, Master Baili was an absolute powerhouse.
If he said he would give Yun Feng a lesson, he would certainly do so and would definitely not go back on his words.
After being punished by such a powerhouse, Yun Feng still dared to provoke him.
She truly had nothing else to do!

Yun Feng burst into laughter.
“Master Huangzu, Master Baili is your last trump card?”

Huangzu Fu’s expression changed.
Did things change? Did Master Baili not do anything at all? Huangzu Fu glanced at Yun Feng with his eyes and his heart raced when he found that Yun Feng wasn’t injured at all.

“You should be afraid.
Master Baili isn’t someone you can provoke!” Huangzu Fu repressed the panic in his mind, while Yun Feng laughed even happier.
Her laughter made the hearts of everyone in the Huangzu family pound and they completely lost confidence.

“And yet, that Senior also said that the matters of the Huangzu family will have nothing to do with him from now on.” Yun Feng suddenly reached her hand out and grabbed one of the few young people next to her.
This young boy immediately whimpered.
Yun Feng’s slender fingers were stuck on his throat precisely.
The boy’s face turned from pale to red.
It seemed as if he was suffocating.

“Let him go! If you dare to lay a hand on them, that little girl will end up like the person who died before!” Huangzu Fu narrowed his eyes fiercely and shouted furiously with a cold voice.
He certainly wasn’t an idiot.
Before he noticed something was wrong in the Huangzu family, he had already sent five masters to attack that girl.
Once he got that girl in his hands, Yun Feng would surely become his as well.

After hearing that, the flames in Yun Feng’s heart immediately rose.
This group of despicable, shameless people didn’t learn their lesson and even thought about laying a hand on Mu Xiaojin!

Yun Feng exerted her power with her hand.
“Crack.” The head of the young boy that she was seizing by his throat tilted as he lost his breath and his body became soft, hanging from Yun Feng’s hand.
Yun Feng threw this dead young boy directly in front of Huangzu Fu.

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